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4 Amazing TikTok Ads Examples for E-commerce You Should Know

Amazing TikTok Ads examples

Have you ever seen a TikTok Ad video while scrolling through your For You Feed and were surprised by its creativity? With the right approach, TikTok Ads will make all businesses bloom by reaching their target audience and driving brand awareness. Various companies have invested and won the best inspiring TikTok Ads examples. 

If you’re concerned about creating and running TikTok Ads but still struggle with diverse types, this post is definitely for you. Let’s discover some awesome TikTok Ads examples below. 

4 Types of TikTok Ads for branding you should know

1. In-feed Ads

As the name reflects, In-Feed Ads are the video ads that appear between user videos when they scroll through their For You Page. Those videos can blend naturally in with the native content feed. To put it simply, In-Feed Ads are similar to the ads you see while tapping through Instagram Story. You can upload videos up to 60 seconds, however, a 9 to 15 seconds video is highly recommended in this type of TikTok Ads. 

In-Feed TikTok Ads
Source: TikTok

Including a call-to-action button that links to a landing page or other desired destinations is a good way to drive more traffic. Using this ad, users can interact with your videos by liking, commenting, sharing or using the music to create their own content. On the downside, In-Feed Ads is skippable and difficult to boost your customer retention.  

2. Brand Takeover

Compared to In-Feed Ads, Brand Takeover Ads is a full-screen mode that displays as soon as users open TikTok. This format enables brands to embed a three-second image or a three to five-second video and drive traffic to your choice of destination (internal & external links).

Created for delivering mass awareness, Brand Takeover Ads guarantee high reach and outstanding performance with 100% share of voice for the day they are featured. Only one specific brand can take over a category each day due to the ad space limited to different categories each day. This is why Brand Takeover Ads are less competitive but also demand a high price. 

Brand Takeover TikTok Ads
Source: TikTok

3. Branded Hashtag challenge

Have you ever taken part in a TikTok challenge and never gotten tired? Branded Hashtag challenge definitely doesn’t miss the huge effect created by challenge and hashtag – the powerful tool of TikTok

It’s a perfect way to encourage content co-creation and generate millions of views. This format is suitable for companies with well-known hashtags or brands focused on raising awareness and increasing engagement. 

Here’s the way that Branded Hashtag challenge work:

  • TikTokers click on the branded hashtag challenge at the top of For You Page (FYP).
  • A Brand Challenge page with the challenge description (rules, sponsoring brands and a link to their website) is there for users to discover.
  • TikTokers create their own content based on the challenge. 

Branded Hashtag challenge has the power to grab attention and more importantly: turn your target audience to active participants, co-creators, followers or buyers. Otherwise, brands can easily boost massive engagement and also gain organic visibility. 

4. Branded Effect

Different from these three mentioned TikTok Ads, with Branded Effect, users can create sharable stickers, filters and also effects on TikTok for brand promotion. This type is usually integrated with other TikTok Ads (especially Branded Hashtag challenge) in order to create a wonderful experience. 

If you are a creative person with strong working knowledge of software tools, don’t forget Branded Effect! It’s a powerful advertising tool to promote your brand identity on TikTok. 

4 Types of TikTok Ads for e-commerce should be noticed

1. TikTok Collection Ads 

Created for e-commerce, TikTok Collection Ads enables users to discover and browse products in a full-screen mode without leaving the TikTok app. This format leads your customers to an Instant Gallery Page and lets them freely search for the products of their choice.  

Unique benefits of Collection Ads

TikTok Collection Ads give chance to e-commerce marketers to develop their business:

  • Easier for customers to select the products that they have a keen interest in.
  • Promote products in a flexible way with personalized product recommendations (Each TikToker will see diverse products on your Instant Gallery Page).
  • Ideal to satisfy customers with immersive experience.

Easy way to create Collection Ads

There are 2 main steps to build your Collection Ads, including:

  • Set up the campaign
  • Build an Instant Gallery Page

Keep in mind that all the products that are setten up in your gallery will go through a review process. Any products that don’t pass this review can’t be displayed in your Collection Ads. You can check the result in their catalog or in the Instant Gallery Page Editor.

2. TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSAs)

Similarly to Dynamic Product Ads, TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads are customized video ads that are created in real-time and based on an advertising template. This template contains relevant product information that is automatically updated regularly. Until now, this type of social advertising is presently testing in a few markets and is yet available for all users. 

Unique benefits of Dynamic Showcase Ads

Many enterprises choose this format to promote their identity and increase sales due to these undeniable benefits:

  • Advertise a large and personalized product portfolio at scale.
  • Save the cost, time management and effort due to the automatic work.
  • High chance to target customers who interested in products via platforms and devices.

Easy way to create Dynamic Showcase Ads

If you want to run your Dynamic Showcase Ads in the fastest and most efficient way, then make sure that you keep your product feed up to date. It’s considered the key with a major role in Dynamic Showcase Ads. You can create the final ad by using the ad template provided by TikTok with all the product information. 

3. Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads is an advanced three-in-one solution that allows brands to satisfy all steps during the customer buying process. This format included 3 types: Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads and Live Shopping Ads which are suitable for diverse demands. 

Video Shopping Ads

Thanks to Video Shopping Ads, advertisers can create and display on the For You Page (FYP). This ad type is built based on the features and strong points of 2 existing TikTok: Collection Ads and Dynamic Showcase Ads. Video Shopping Ads are a great way to boost sales because TikTokers can browse your products by tapping the Product card. 

Catalog Listing Ads

Compared to Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads features allow you to increase engagement through product catalogs across the app. Instead of video, Catalog Listing Ads advertise products via photos which will be shown in Branded content on the For You Page. However, Catalog Listing Ads are only being tested in the U.S market.

Catalog Listing TikTok Ads
Source: TikTok

Live Shopping Ads

Only available in the UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, Live Shopping Ads are the ad type that promotes live shopping streams. This ad type enables brands to show their products in real time via streaming events.

Unique benefits of Shopping Ads

Designed specifically for e-merchants, Shopping Ads are an effective technique to improve your business scale: 

  • Simplify the customer buying process, spark demand and boost sales for your business
  • Provide different ways to present your product and then attract new customers

Easy way to create Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads is still in the testing process, therefore you need to contact any TikTok marketing partner agency in order to discover and get access to this format. 

4. Carousel Ads

Last but not least, Carousel Ads is now a trending TikTok ads solution for e-commerce businesses. Via this TikTok ad, you can upload up to 10 images which will be displayed from left to right with unique captions and a simple URL. Otherwise, Carousel Ads give you a chance to increase your creativity by determining the photo order. However, running images can lead to a breakdown in communication lacking visual aid. 

TikTok Carousel Ads
Source: TikTok

Unique benefits of Carousel Ads

Being one of the most effective ads for e-merchants, Carousel Ads is an awesome tool for:

  • Tell brand stories by using images and captions
  • Feature products as a virtual catalog
  • Focus on important product details

Easy way to create Carousel Ads

If you have the intention to take advantage of Carousel Ads, you must determine your ad level in order to meet all the requirements: at the Campaign Level, at the Ad Group, at the Ad Level. Moreover, all the images and captions in a Carousel Ad must be censored in the TikTok Ad review. If one element does not pass this process, your entire carousel will be rejected. 

Winning TikTok Ads examples to inspire your next campaign

1.  Hawkers (In-Feed Ads)

When it comes to a TikTok In-Feed Ads example, Hawkers, a Spanish sunglasses brand, should be on top. In order to increase sales performance, Hawkers chose In-Feed Ads to run a performance campaign, with the main objective being to achieve a minimum ROAS of 2x.

The results received were overwhelming and Hawkers’ campaign definitely achieved all the main objectives. The overall ROAS increased to 6.46, the cost per acquisition dropped by 77% and the conversion rate increased from 0.38% to 3.68%.

Source: TikTok

2. ASOS (Brand Hashtag Challenge)

ASOS (AsSeenOnScreen) is known as a British e-commerce retailer in the world of menswear and womenswear. Carrying 850+ brands alongside its own line of clothing and accessories, ASOS aimed to increase engagement and raise awareness about brands in a global way. 

ASOS created #AySauceChallenge that encouraged TikTokers to enjoy the ASOS vibe by showing off their three best outfits with a series of outfit changes over the course of three weeks in the U.K. and U.S.

In just a few days, the campaign has outperformed all expectations with significant results:

  • 1.2 billion video views (488,000 videos created and 167,400 participants)
  •  15,79% increase in engagement rate
  • 25% increase in brand awareness
  • 10% increase in brand association
  • 50% increase in Ad recall

3 sauce looks…which is your fave? A, B or C? 🔥🔥 @asos #AySauceChallenge #ASOS #Ad

♬ Ay Sauce – Cashino

3. Magalu (Brand Takeover)

Known as a digital and multichannel platform for buying and selling in Brazil, Magalu chose Brand Takeover TikTok Ads to create an “explosive” Black Friday Sale. Magalu aimed to generate mass awareness and increase traffic to its signature annual event. 

To achieve the main objectives, Magalu used two branding TikTok solutions Top View Ads and Brand Takeover in a week-long campaign. The common point between the two formats is that the content appears immediately when users open the TikTok app. 

With the captivating design and catchy song, in a limited time, Magalu is considered as a wonderful TikTok Ads example due to the impressive results:

  • 200 million video views at an average click-through rate of 19.60%
  • ⅘ accesses via TikTok were Magalu’s new users
Source: TikTok

4. Shopee (Branded Effects)

Originated in Singapore in 2015, Shopee has become a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia that is favored by both major retailers and local merchants. As a developing online shopping channel, Shopee definitely didn’t miss The Mega Sales season – a perfect time to boost product sales and enhance chances to convert one-time customers into loyal customers. 

During the 12.12 Mega Sales Day on TikTok, targeting the Philippines community, Shopee wanted to broaden customers’ engagement and make them spread the joy of shopping. To achieve these goals, Shopee focused on the advantages of Brand Hashtag Challenge and Branded Effects. 

Shopee made TikTokers crazy about buying gifts with the hashtag “MyShopeeWish” and a customized Branded Effect. Concentrating on entertainment as a content strategy, Shopee is a TikTok Ad example with huge access:

  • More than 3 million page views
  • 9 million engagements
  • 60 million impressions, 35 million video views and 23,000 video creations for the Branded Effect

Start running your successful TikTok Ads campaign 

Running TikTok Ads gives you the potential to develop your business scale and get deeper engagements with your customers. It’s time to create your best TikTok Ads ever. We hope that this article covers all the inspirational TikTok Ads examples to help you get more ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Our product NestAds will bring you the most effective TikTok Ads solution for your business. Feel free to contact our experts to get more information or try NestAds for free now.


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