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10 Winning TikTok Ads Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Amazing TikTok Ads examples

Creative ideas and high performance are two key elements while running and elevating your TikTok Ads campaign from good to great. If you aim to win over other big competitors, taking a close view of incredible TikTok Ads examples will help you get the whole picture.

In this article, we’ve compiled all the best campaigns ever for you, let’s learn from them and take some precious experiences. Keep reading and you will definitely be surprised about what other brands have achieved!


When it comes to a TikTok In-Feed Ads example, Hawkers, a Spanish sunglasses brand, should be on top. In order to increase sales performance, Hawkers chose In-Feed Ads to meet its business goal: a minimum ROAS of 2x.

Hawkers – Source: TikTok

The results received were overwhelming and Hawkers’ campaign definitely achieved all the main objectives. The overall ROAS increased to 6.46, the cost per acquisition dropped by 77% and the conversion rate increased from 0.38% to 3.68%.


ASOS (AsSeenOnScreen) is known as a British e-commerce retailer in the world in menswear and womenswear. Carrying 850+ brands alongside its own line of clothing and accessories, ASOS aimed to increase engagement and raise awareness about brands in a global way. 

ASOS created #AySauceChallenge that encouraged TikTokers to enjoy the ASOS vibe by showing off their three best outfits with a series of outfit changes over the course of three weeks in the U.K. and U.S.


3 sauce looks…which is your fave? A, B or C? 🔥🔥 @asos #AySauceChallenge #ASOS #Ad

♬ Ay Sauce – Cashino

In just a few days, the campaign has outperformed all expectations with significant results:

  • 1.2 billion video views (488,000 videos created and 167,400 participants)
  • 15,79% increase in engagement rate
  • 25% increase in brand awareness
  • 10% increase in brand association
  • 50% increase in Ad recall


Let’s move to the next wonderful TikTok Ad example! Known as a digital and multichannel platform for buying and selling in Brazil, Magalu chose Brand Takeover TikTok Ads to create an explosive Black Friday Sale. Magalu aimed to generate mass awareness and increase traffic to its signature annual event. 

To achieve all the main objectives, Magalu used two branding TikTok solutions Top View Ads and Brand Takeover in a week-long campaign. The common point between the two formats is that the content appears immediately when users open the TikTok app. 

Magalu – Source: TikTok

With the captivating design and catchy song, in a limited time, Magalu is a wonderful TikTok Ads example due to the impressive results:

  • 200 million video views at an average click-through rate of 19.60%
  • ⅘ accesses via TikTok were Magalu’s new users

VIRAGE London 

Dedicated to revolutionizing the jewelry industry, VIRAGE London now become the leader in the world. This brand aims to create unique jewelry that has the power to elevate the individual style and also the personal statement. 

In order to spread their own story, VIRAGE London chose TikTok as the main marketing platform and TikTok didn’t make them disappointed. They ran an In-Feed advertising video to raise brand awareness and drive more sales. 


So we pride ourselves here at Virage London on creating the best jewellery available. Here we put our Cuban chain to the test! Watch to see how it did 😎 #virageLondon #jewellery #durability #test #viral

♬ CAP – Burrell

By using this type of TikTok Ad, they created content to engage and entertain their target audience that focused on men of all ages in the UK. The campaign went live in June and received amazing results. 

Thanks to TikTok In-Feed Ads, VIRAGE London has truly succeeded to achieve their marketing goals and surpassed the KPIs:

  • 1.6 Million impressions
  • An increase of 3,650% in the audience reached compared with the previous campaign


Founded in 2013, Off-White™ is totally dedicated to an iconoclastic and conceptual fashion that reaches a global audience. With the aim to celebrate Virgil Abloh’s vision,  Off-White™ organized an exclusive FW22 & haute couture “HIGH FASHION” collection show in Paris. And TikTok Ad is chosen as the first marketing channel to raise mass awareness. 


This is an Off-White™ “TikTok”

♬ original sound – off____white

Being partner with TikTok’s Creative Lab, this brand has launched a Branded TikTok Live to stream the event and capture the attention of the community. With the famous DJs from London, Paris to Tokyo, Off-White™ has unlocked the magic and also encouraged viewers to discover the behind-the-scenes all the way through to the live catwalk. 

TikTok Live is such a powerful tool to interact with audiences in real-time and create authentic and engaging content. Apart from TikTok Live, this famous brand also ran a suite of In-Feed Ads and Top View Ads to drive more audience to the streaming event. 


Cupio is a popular Romanian beauty and cosmetics well known for its great manicure, make-up and skin care products. Launched in 2012, this brand has already owned its community with a lot of inspirational activities on social media platforms.

@corinaionescumuane invata cum sa obtinem efectul #FoxyEyes cu un singur produs. 🦊👁️ #cupio#machiaj#machiaje#machiajeromania#foxyeyes

♬ original sound – Cupio

However, considering the quick rise of many beauty brands, Cupio aims to increase interest and engage new audiences through TikTok campaigns – a key part of their global marketing strategy. It was all about gaining more followers, profile visits, and brand interaction through organic, paid media, and partnerships with beauty micro-influencers.

When you see the final effect.. 😱 @andreea.pruneanu #cupio #nails #glitternails #glitternailart #glitternails

♬ original sound – Cupio

To achieve Cupio’s must-meet goals, they created a wide range of In-Feed Ads and Spark Ads to spread the message of Fearless Beauty. These formats were really helpful for their target audience: women aged 18-30 who showed interest in beauty, self-makeup, nail art, and skin care.

By leveraging In-Feed Ads and Spark Ads videos, Cupio has succeeded to expand its TikTok audience to over 100k engaged followers with 15M impressions. 

The Farmer’s Dog 

The Farmer’s Dog is an e-commerce business that provides fresh and healthy food to dogs by using quality, safety and unique standards in the industry. Recognizing the power of TikTok, they hope to reach new potential customers that will convert into subscribers at a lower cost per acquisition through this shoppertainment platform. 

The Farmer’s Dog – Source: TikTok

Focus on adults 25 and older in the US who were passionate about the pets category, this brand wanted to spread the message of being the most convenient choice for dogs. The Farmer’s Dog team chose Spark Ads – a feature that is dedicated to creating a deeper and more authentic brand image. 

Thanks to creative content and the right ad format, they have achieved lower CPAs at scale and increased the conversion rate by 5% in two months.  


eBay is a leading online marketplace that specializes in consumer-to-consumer sales. They chose TikTok as their priority platform to promote their campaign #StrongerAsOne to young audiences in the UK.

After deeply researching its target community, eBay decided to make a TikTok TopView Ad. This video was displayed on the For you page immediately after users open the app with an automatical sound-on. 

eBay – Source: TikTok

They also included a “Learn More” button that drove viewers to a landing page with detailed information about the campaign. A call to action is truly helpful in a marketing campaign by encouraging viewers to take the desired action. 

Despite the short duration, the eBay #StrongerAsOne TopView campaign would make you all surprised with its outstanding performance.

  • 17.8M impressions
  • An engagement rate of 17.72%
  • A click-through rate of 17.31%


Starting with the big idea about how banking could be better for young Australians, Up is a dreamer of reinventing the global banking industry. As a developing company, Up definitely didn’t miss TikTok – a perfect platform to introduce its new brand platform, Easy Money, and increase the number of apps installed. 

Targeting gen Z and Millennial Aussies, Up followed a unique path in their strategy: gamification – a powerful technique to attract customers and drive brand love. They decided to launch a gamified Branded Effect on TikTok that filled up with a coin catch. This video encouraged TikTokers to enjoy the app by catching and munching flying coins. A winner was randomly chosen to win $1000 in cash. 

Up Easy Money – Source: TikTok

Not only Branded Effect, but Up also produced a Top View Ad while collaborating with big and small TikTok creators. Mastering two TikTok Ads formats at the same time helped Up to receive the greatest results ever!

  • 25M views thanks to the viral hashtag  #UpEasyMoney
  • 250+ User-generated content video
  • An increase of 7.6% in ad recall and 29% in brand preference

e.l.f. Cosmetics 

Do you know e.l.f Cosmetics – a professional quality affordable makeup and skincare? This beauty brand is an excellent TikTok Ad example that you will want to copy. e.l.f used a mixture of In-Feed Ads and Dynamic Showcase Ads to generate conversions, drive massive awareness. 

e.l.f Cosmetics – Source: TikTok

They also had a winning chance to promote products from their catalog to viewers, so increasing sales was no longer a serious problem. Concentrating on TikTok Ad formats as key elements, e.l.f Cosmetics has created a high-performing campaign

  • 56% CPA Reduction
  • 1.9x Conversion CTR over Benchmark
  • 49% Conversion CPC below Benchmark

Start running your successful TikTok Ads campaign 

How do you find these TikTok Ads examples mentioned? Really amazing, right? Now it’s your turn, let’s make your own successful TikTok Ad campaign after discovering all the high-performing ones!

If you are a beginner in this highly competitive like TikTok, our team are always here to give you a hand. Our product NestAds – TikTok Advertising Management Software will bring the most effective TikTok Ads solution for your business. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our experts for more advice or try NestAds for the best campaign ever!   


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