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Maximize the power of Facebook Ads – the greatest ROAS social media channel with Mega Digital – our strategic partner.


Why You Should
Advertise On Facebook In 2023?

Huge Market Share for Facebook Ads

Huge Market Share

With 2.69 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is the third most visited website, only after Google and YouTube. All this makes it incredibly worth for your business to run Facebook Ads to expand your global customer reach, convert leads and get more sales.

Strong Targeting Techniques

Strong Targeting Techniques

Facebook follows its users all across the internet, apart from its own website. Basically, Facebook receives data from all websites, apps, pixels, cookies, and even physical locations. This data enables Facebook’s targeting algorithm to bring the highest performance of your ads on the platform.

Decrease in Facebook Organic Reach

Decrease in Organic Reach

While content was a key component of Facebook marketing a few years ago, things all change when Facebook amended how it distributes posts. So now Facebook only allows your fanpage to reach a small share of 2.2% of all your followers. Thus, it’s of great importance to incorporate both unpaid and paid content on this platform.



Reliable Facebook ads accounts

Reliable & High-Quality Accounts

Everyone dreads the possibility of their ad account being suspended while running their campaigns. That’s why we only employ reputable accounts to carry out your ad campaigns, offering the greatest Facebook advertising experience.

Unrestricted Facebook Advertising Budget

Unrestricted Advertising Budget

With Mega Digital service, your ad accounts can manage an unlimited and sizable ad budget on Facebook, which not all accounts offer. Thus, we can easily help you scale your business via Facebook advertising, regardless of your budget and company size.

Seasoned Facebook advertising team

Seasoned Advertising Team

Since Facebook first made advertising capabilities available, our partner team has monitored and managed an infinite number of projects. We are proud to have a thorough understanding of Facebook advertising and are delighted to provide you with the greatest guidance and most effective campaigns.

The process

Execute your Facebook advertising successfully with us in 3 steps

Step 1: Conduct market research and analysis

We start by trying to understand the market you're working on and how your competitors are doing.

Step 2: Draw up your ideal strategy

Based on our thorough market research and analysis, as well as your own business' resources and goals, we will craft the best advertising plan for you that meets all your needs.

Step 3: Launch your Facebook advertising campaign

Finally, we will give you extensive consultation so that you could produce appealing and goal-oriented content and media for each advertisement. And that’s how you get your first Facebook ad campaign launched successfully and effectively at Mega Digital.

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