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TikTok advertising service

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Bring together TikTok ads management software and whitelisted TikTok agency ads account to help your brand grow with TikTok


Whitelisted agency ad account from Mega Digital

TikTok Leading Social Media Platform

The World’s Leading Social Media Platform

With a billion monthly active users and over 50% of its audience aged between 18 and 24, TikTok has grown to stand among the most popular and ideal social media platforms for brands to empower their online presence.

Engaged community commerce

Engaged Community Commerce

TikTok knows how to encourage its users to explore 
brand-new products and take actions through inspiring and creative content. Just take the stellar hashtag challenge #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, with over 4.6 billion views and a huge boost in sales for brands.

Flexible TikTok Advertising spend

Flexible Advertising Spend

Like Facebook and Google, TikTok offers advertising, yet at a more budget-friendly pricing thanks to its relatively new development.

What our partner do?

Being on the top 10 TikTok Partners of Vietnam and getting extensive training from TikTok, our partner make it easy for you to produce profitable ad creatives and campaigns on this platform. Mega Digital is confident to bring you great and tremendous results from TikTok advertising

Increase Traffic with TikTokl ads

Increase Traffic

Boost Conversions with TikTok ads

Boost Conversions

Grow App Installs with TikTok ads

Grow App Installs

Boost Engagment with TikTok ads

Boost Engagment

Rocket Video Views with TikTok ads

Rocket Video Views

Enhance lead generation with TikTok ads

Enhance lead generation


TikTok Advertising Solutions

Mega Digital can provide you with unlimited access to all kinds of TikTok ads. We also help you build a highly customized advertising strategy, thereby expanding your customer reach and maximizing your profits.

Auction TikTok ads

Auction Ads

In-feed Ads, Collection Ads, Video Shopping Ads, Dynamic Showcase, Livestream Shopping Ads

Reservation TikTok Ads​

Reservation Ads

Top View, Branded Hashtag Challenge, Branded Effect

The process

Grow your brand presence on TikTok in 4 steps

1. Apply to TikTok advertising service from our partner

Simply apply to TikTok advertising service. We will carefully review all your business information, including your websites, products, and creatives (if any) to make sure they abide by TikTok Community Guidelines & Advertising policies.

2. Discuss your advertising goals with us

Once your business eligibility is verified, we will contact you instantly and have a quick chat about your business model, your advertising targets, and discuss how we can help you make them into reality.

3. Wait for your winning TikTok advertising strategy

We will start building your first highly personalized and successful TikTok advertising strategy with the extra assistance from our TikTok colleagues. All you need to do is to review this thorough strategy and get ready to commence your TikTok commerce journey.

4. Go live TikTok Ads campaign

Now it is time for you to launch your effective ad campaign on TikTok! Be assured that our team will be always here, supporting you adjust goals and spending to get the best out of platform.


What customers say about the service?

I was introduced to the company by a collaborator they have that I use a lot and I also love 🙂 I had nothing but fast service from Sienna is support and my ads have been running with no trouble since I started with them! 100% recommend



It's a good experience working with Mega Digital. You'll get dedicated person who will help you with everything you need like topping up your balance or helping you with suspended accounts. I recommend them 100% 🙂



Martin Vartovník

The agency helped me set up what was needed in an extremely timely manner despite it being the end of the year. I couldn't more highly recommend working with them for your TikTok advertising needs!



Donny Kimball


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