NestDesk customer service software

Turn exceptional
customer service
into powerful sales channel

Centralize all conversations, deliver personal responses, and generate sales within one inbox.

Support and sell in real time

Happy agents make happier customers

Empower yourself and your team

Summarize long conversations and pass internal information with private notes. Assign tickets to the right agent, at the right time.
Assign ticket and use private note with NestDesk
Improve customer service response time with macro

Help more customers in less time

Communicate faster with prospects and help customers quickly with saved response shortcuts. Automate common responses to spend more time where it counts.

Keep track of your support metrics

Measure, revenues brought in by your customer service team. Track performance of each store, agent, and communication channel in different time periods with a smart filter.
Measure revenue brought by customer service

Align customer service and sales now. It‘s easy, and it’s essential.