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TikTok Branded Effect 101 & Best Examples to Inspire Your Business

TikTok Branded Effect

TikTok is undoubtedly taking over the advertising industry with various creative features allowing brands to showcase their product and drive engagement. To diversify the way brands approach their audience, TikTok has continuously added more effective tools that meet the brand’s needs.

It might seem new to some businesses but TikTok Branded Effect is on trending and absolutely attention-grabbing. With the promising strategy and the right timing, brands can make a major hit by taking advantage of TikTok Branded Effect.

No more waiting, let’s uncover the creative potential of TikTok Branded Effect.

What is a Branded Effect on TikTok?

Branded Effect is a unique creative solution that brings your brand closer to your audience via virtual simulation. With animation, filters, and augmented reality (AR) effects that users can shoot, play, and interact with, Brand Effect enables brands to emphasize their brand names, products, and ad campaigns.

As a result, Branded effects are sponsored by brands as a part of their TikTok ad campaigns. In order to meet the needs of each particular campaign, these effects are carefully personalized with brand logos and other branding elements.

Branded Effect allows brands to engage with their audience in a more meaningful and natural way through entertaining, engaging, and relevant effects. Videos made with Branded Effects display natively on the For You Page, offering the chance for any brand to be discovered.


Join us for the #MBStarChallenge and show us how you let our star shine! #MercedesBenz @Laurie Elle

♬ Shape like a shining star – Mercedes

3 Different types of TikTok Branded Effects

To let brands spark their creativity in specific ways, TikTok categorizes the Branded Effects into three types:

  • 2D
  • 2D Pro
  • 3D

2D Branded Effects

2D is a flat filter that simulates 2D images or animations. 2D Branded Effect is simple to create and easy to use with various applications such as:

  • Two-dimensional masks follow head movements 
  • Fixed or partially animated foregrounds and backgrounds
  • Face and hand gestures effect

This type of Branded Effect is tailor-made for any brand that wants to discover AR on TikTok with the aim of brand recall and brand engagement.


ร้อนขนาดนี้ออกมาเต้นมันส์ซ่าๆ กันเถอะ!! #จิ้มเคี้ยวดูด #แฟนต้าท้าsnack

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – sordorstyle – sordorstyle

2D Pro Branded Effects

2D Pro is similar to 2D Effect but it offers more advanced augmentations related to appearance like face modifications, hair color adjustment, iris color change or make-ups, etc. The Beauty and Personal care vertical is the best practice for this type of branded effect.


잇츠스킨 #립쁌틴트챌린지 참여하고 드로우틴트 미니백팩 키링과 틴트 받아가세요! sponsored

♬ Pew Pew! – Official Sound Studio

3D Branded Effects

Brands can use the 3D Branded Effect in three ways:

  • Create 3D masks with 3D animated elements/characters: With dimensional and realistic-looking items and products, this effect encourages deeper engagement and interactivity with a user’s facial expressions or environment.
  • Add 3D Special Effects: With green screen, cloning (duplication), etc., 3D Special Effects bring the user’s engagement to the next level.
  • Leverage 3D Gamified (GBE): Thanks to the highest level of detail and interactivity along with the most complex textures and realistic immersion, GBE is definitely ideal for any brand to enhance users’ excitement and involvement in the brand. 

Why should you use the TikTok Branded Effect?

As TikTok Branded Effect creates an immersive experience for brands and their products, embracing this feature is what brands should put into practice. Here’re more reasons for you to consider using Branded Effect in your next ad campaign:

  • Supercharged engagement: With the help of AR technology, the creative barrier is lowered enabling users to shoot video and make the impossible possible.
  • Scalable product try-on is available by using virtual simulations.
  • Better way to enhance brand messages.

What would you do with $1000? We’re making saving for our dream home easier with @upbanking #UpEasyMoney #upbanking #ad

♬ original sound – Chantel Mila

Thanks to TikTok Branded Effect, you will:

Simple guide for TikTok Branded Effect specs

Creation panel and For You Page specs

Sponsor mark picture and text

  • Sponsor mark picture and text are mandatory in some locations and optional in other regions. The text can be up to 30 English characters and emojis and special symbols are not supported.
  • Image specs:
    • Format: png
    • Height (fixed): 40px 
    • Length: from 40px to 96px 
    • Size: < 200K

Hint text

  • The text that describes trigger movements must be provided precisely. When people click on an effect in the panel, the Hint text appears and describes how to use the effect.
  • Characters are limited to 48 English characters. For optimal display, the effect name should be under 24 English characters.
  • Emojis and special symbols including # are not supported.
branded effect specs 1
Source: TikTok

Branded Effect page specs

Effect name

  • Characters are limited to 30 English characters. For optimal display, the effect name should be under 18 English characters.
  • Emojis and special symbols including # are not supported.

Effect icon

  • Use your own icon or the TikTok icon provided. Keep your icon image relevant to your Branded Effect.
  • Format: PNG 
  • Safe area: 144x144px 
  • Export size: 162x162px 
  • Size: < 60KB 
branded effect specs 2
Source: TikTok

Sponsored display/Disclaimer

  • Provide your User ID for sponsored display, then your brand name will be preceded by an ad icon above the Branded Effect description. People can access your TikTok profile by clicking the ad icon.
  • If you don’t have a TikTok account, your brand name will be displayed as “Sponsored by: brand name” in the disclaimer box below the Branded Effect description.
branded effect specs 3
Source: TikTok

Effect description

  • No character limit.
  • Emojis may be included.
  • Special symbols including &, <, >, “”, or URLs can’t be used.

External link

  • Only one external link can be added.
  • The text of the external link is customizable with limited characters (up to 30 English characters without emojis and special symbols; if exceeded, the text will be cut off)
  • The text of the landing page title can be modified with limited characters (up to 20 English characters without emojis and special symbols; if exceeded, the text will be cut off)
branded effect specs 4
Source: TikTok

3 TikTok Branded Effect examples to get precious lessons

JD and Nike virtual sneaker try-on

JD Sports is the UK’s leading retailer in sneaker & sports fashion with many limited editions and exclusive shoe designs from all-time famous footwear brands such as Nike, adidas Jordan, and many more. In 2021, the sports retailer JD in partnership with Nike launched a campaign using the 3D AR Branded Effect on TikTok to promote the new Nike Air VaporMax in the UK market.

Together, JD and Nike collaborated to develop an exclusive music track to go along with the challenge’s visual components. Users are encouraged to dance in the AR shoes while using the hashtag #JDVaporMaxShuffle, and they also have the chance to win a year’s worth of Nike sneakers as an added incentive.

Kia Rio X Style brand awareness campaign

One of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, Kia is renowned for its innovative designs and top-notch quality. In 2021, the company wanted to advertise the brand new Kia Rio X Style, a modern and sporty hatchback version of its well-known Rio line. 

By using TikTok and its creative branded solutions, Kia wanted to raise awareness of and encourage engagement with the Kia X Style among Russian digital natives. From that, Kia executed a brand challenge based on a Branded Effect that required TikTok users to do a series of gestures. Each gesture represented the key design feature of the car and at the same time, TikTok users could perform the best moves.


Кто тут самый-самый? 🔥 Покажи свой стиль в челлендже KIA встилеRIO!

♬ встилеRIO – KiaMotorsRussia

With the collaboration from popular Russian TikTok creators, the campaign achieved incredible results including over 1.2 billion video views, 1.3 million videos submitted, and a 13.7% engagement rate. So, it went without saying that Branded Effect was strongly effective to drive enormous awareness.

VinFast E-Scooter virtual test drive

VinFast E-Scooter is a new e-scooter brand in Vietnam that was prepared to promote two models of electric scooters well-designed to suit the Vietnamese physique. 

To reach a large number of audiences and users, in 2020, VinFast E-Scooter implemented an ad campaign on TikTok with the #Phieucungxechat Hashtag Challenge along with a virtual test drive using TikTok Branded Effect. TikTok users only had to “sit” in the front seat of VinFast e-scooters while dancing to the original branded track, all done on TikTok without leaving home.

During the period from May 22 to May 27, there were over 101,000 video submissions for the campaign, gaining 200 million video views in total. In terms of the Brand Takeovers, 60 million impressions were generated and this was a remarkable number that drove the campaign’s awareness.

Time to create your best TikTok Branded Effect ever

After digging into the introduction and successful examples below, how do you find the power of TikTok Branded Effect? Really impressive and amazing, right?  So why don’t you start your own Branded Effect and leverage your ad campaign?

If you want to build a TikTok campaign with Branded Effect that creates booming engagement but still struggle to find the best optimization, you can rely on our experts at NestAds. Feel free to connect with us to bring out the most effective advertising solution for your brand.


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