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TikTok Marketing in Q5: Plan your Strategies for 2024 Success

tiktok marketing Q5

The end of the year is always busy on TikTok, and businesses have to work extra hard during this hectic time. After this period ends, many just want a short time to relax. However, don’t let your guard down because soon you’ll need to prepare your new plan for even more success in the upcoming year. TikTok refers to this as doing Q5 marketing.

So, what exactly do you need to do during this time? What strategies should you use to make the most of this period and prepare for the upcoming year? In this blog, we will uncover everything you need to thrive in your business.

What is Q5? 

Q5 on TikTok is a short period right after Christmas for businesses, running from December 26th to mid-January. During this time, TikTok users are enjoying their winter holidays and are open to fun activities and shopping. This presents a great opportunity for businesses, to maximize holiday sales. It’s a chance to achieve end-of-year goals cost-effectively. Additionally, it’s a valuable time to start planning tactics for the upcoming Q1 of 2024.

what is tiktok q5

Why business should do Q5 marketing on TikTok?

The holiday season will down as Q4 of 2023 comes to an end. Despite this, TikTok users are expected to remain active even after the new year begins. According to TikTok, 81% of its users plan to spend the same or even more time using the platform during Q5. Additionally, 79% of TikTok users express a willingness to continue shopping in Q5, with 51% intending to treat themselves post-holidays and 50% looking to take advantage of sales lingering after the holiday rush.

why business should do q5 marketing on tiktok

In light of these insights, it becomes crucial for businesses to engage in TikTok marketing during Q5. This approach enables them to seize opportunities and increase their sales potential after the holiday season concludes.

5 TikTok marketing strategies for businesses during Q5

Q5 is a bridge between the busy holiday season in Q4 of 2023 and the fresh start of Q1 in 2024—a crucial time for businesses to maximize and prepare. During this period, focus on two main goals: Maximizing last year’s achievements and Preparing data for the upcoming year. To leverage the marketing potential of TikTok, businesses can adopt these 5 strategies. Let’s explore these approaches to achieve your goals efficiently.

Boost your sales with TikTok conversion ads

Customers continue to look for great products even after the holiday season ends. Therefore, actively showcasing your products before your customers’ eyes. Therefore, ads aligned with conversion goals, such as Video shopping ads, Live shopping, or Catalog listing ads are the best choices during this period.

tiktok shopping ads

According to TikTok, businesses using Video shopping ads can gain a 15% higher conversion rate and a 14% decrease in CPA compared to non-shopping ad campaigns. Seize this opportunity and experience the effectiveness of TikTok conversion ads.

Optimize your ad with TikTok creative

Q5 is an excellent opportunity to boost sales that you shouldn’t miss. The festive shopping vibe is still in the air, and people might have gift cards from your store even after the holidays. This is the perfect time to increase sales by offering the best post-holiday deals and redeeming the sales from the gift cards and vouchers you distributed during the holiday season.

And you know what? You can increase the chances of your customers using the deals you’ve given them by optimizing your TikTok ads with interactive features provided by TikTok. Here are some suggestions we recommend, supported by real TikTok data:

Add interactive Add-ons

Featuring your deals prominently by using interactive add-ons like Gift Code Stickers, Countdown stickers, and Voting stickers. These interactive elements will add a special touch to your ads, enhancing the audience’s engagement and experience. Let’s look at some remarkable results you can achieve with these Interactive Add-ons.

Use spark ads 

TikTok users appreciate authenticity. So, to make your ads more genuine, consider combining Spark ads along with those other conversion ads. This involves using content from your previous customers to create engaging ads that boost the image of your products. TikTok has found that using Spark ads can increase the conversion rate by 43%. So, give it a shot—use user-generated content and try out spark ads.

spark ads

Utilize the hashtag

Using hashtags is a classic way to bring your content closer to your target audience and increase the chances of it getting purchased. Try a mix of popular hashtags that consistently get views and stay at the top, like #hauls, #unboxings and #fyp, to ensure your content reaches the top of the For You Page (FYP) for TikTok users.

Don’t forget to research keywords related to your products to capture the attention of users interested in buying similar items. You can find more keyword ideas by entering the TikTok Creative Center and exploring the most viral keywords in your industry. This ensures your content reaches the right audience and increases the likelihood of converting viewers into customers.

Enhance your ads performance

To improve conversions, consider combining the methods mentioned earlier with ad performance optimization options like App Event Optimization (AEO) and Value-based Optimization (VBO). AEO helps you focus on a specific conversion action for your app, concentrating on promoting it effectively. Meanwhile, VBO targets an audience more likely to spend money on your products or services. 

These options are the best to identify the most suitable and profitable audience for your app or website. By using AEO and VBO, you can enhance your return on ad spend (ROAS) and user lifetime value (LTV). TikTok said that by using AEO, you can increase your deep conversion by up to 20%, while VBO can raise your ROAS by 60%.

Frequent tracking and measuring

It’s not just about launching; you also need to closely track your metrics during the Q5 campaign. These insights are incredibly valuable for starting fresh in Q1/2024. 

Continuously track your TikTok ads reports to see how your ads perform in terms of impressions, engagement, and clicks. Compare them to identify which tactics are bringing the most awareness from the TikTok audience. Then, you can make data-driven decisions to ensure a more solid result for your marketing strategy.

Some measuring methods for assessing which actions work for your business include:

  • Multi-touch attribution analytics: This method is gaining popularity among advertisers for cost-saving and data-driven decision-making. It provides data on the customer journey before taking a conversion action, helping you understand the effectiveness of each touchpoint. TikTok has also transitioned its users to Self-Attribution Network (SAN) to give you a better vision of TikTok’s true contribution to app performance and campaign outcome. 
  • Conversion lift study: Building on multi-touch attribution analytics, this study allows you to experiment and measure the incremental conversion resulting from your campaign.
  • Post-purchase survey: Although objective data is crucial, you can gain deeper insight by asking your customers through a post-purchase survey about the channels that influenced their purchasing decisions. This provides information on where your customers come from, and the time they took to convert, and assesses channel effectiveness.

For conducting complex data analysis, you’ll need to use a software tool for tracking and analysis. If possible, manage all your analysis on one platform in your stores. You can check out NestAds – our marketing attribution models and TikTok advertising solution that can streamline all marketing activities on TikTok and make your journey much more seamless.

nestads for TikTok Q5 marketing

Test and experiment to find the best tactic

Q5 is an excellent opportunity to test different types of TikTok ads and find what suits your marketing goals and business objectives best. Consider experimenting with normal bidding ads (In-feeds and Spark Ads) and reservation ads (like Topview or Branded Takeover), to determine which option works better for you. If boosting brand awareness is a key focus, reservation ads can be particularly effective, so make sure to give them a try during this period.

We also recommend using the split test feature for your ads. This helps identify which combination of message, targeting, or content is most effective. These real insights will be valuable for optimizing your campaign when Q1 arrives, providing a strong foundation for the new year. Don’t miss out on the chance to gather valuable data during this period.

split test

Case studies of TikTok Q5 marketing strategies

These five TikTok strategies have demonstrated effectiveness for businesses when implemented and followed up. Many have achieved impressive results, meeting their goals to enhance outcomes and gather valuable insights for future campaigns. Let’s delve into two case studies to see how they’ve done their work:


Murci, a UK-based brand, emerged to offer the most stylish products at an affordable price. Operating under the TikTok handle @murciuk, the fashion business actively engages with its audience. Now, Murci is seeking to enhance its conversions and boost sales, targeting both new and existing customers.

Their solution:

They opted for a smart strategy by combining Spark ads and Video Shopping ads. This decision proves to be excellent because there’s no requirement to set up TikTok Shopping. Instead, the ads efficiently utilize a catalog to showcase their products.

Additionally, Murci concentrated on retargeting campaigns to reach specific audiences. This involves women who visited the website within the last two weeks, clicked on an item in the last week, watched their videos up to 50% in the past two weeks, and so forth.

Tiktok case study murci

Their result: 

  • 13.78 ROAS
  • 13.3% decrease in CPA 
  • 9.2% conversion rate 


As one of the world’s most beloved coffee chains, Starbucks aimed to demonstrate how effortless it is for customers to order a personalized drink. Moreover, the goal was to integrate Starbucks seamlessly into the lives and ongoing conversations of its fans.

Their solution:

Starbucks had a smart strategy. They used Spark Ads along with offline activities to create a viral moment in and out of their stores. Seeing the community’s interest in making custom Starbucks drinks, they went further. Starbucks launched two limited-edition beverages, called ‘inspired by TikTok,’ on the regular menu for two weeks. They also Spark Ads to promote popular Creator videos featuring the drinks. 

tiktok case study starbucks

Their results: 

  • 11.5M+ impressions
  • 31.5K+ new followers
  • 220K+ likes

Bonus tips on Q5 TikTok marketing for you

Now, it’s time to put your plan into action. But before diving into the real deal, consider these three bonus notes to boost your chances of success: 

Don’t neglect repurposing

You’ve been super busy with holiday marketing, and it’s tough to keep up the creative energy for the coming year. But here’s a trick – repurpose your content for Q5 TikTok marketing. TikTok’s report says it can be more beneficial than you think, as 79% of TikTok viewers find brands more credible when they reuse their creativity.

Now, let’s make your repurposed content awesome:

  • Duet and stitch on TikTok: With TikTok Duet and TikTok Stitch, you can edit right on your old video with minimal effort. These features also help you create authentic videos by updating your old content or interacting with your audience’s content.
  • Capcut editing: Capcut is an all-in-one editor that updates your video in just a minute. Drag and drop your creative into a library of trending ad templates, including sound, screen, and the latest TikTok trends.
  • Smart Creative: TikTok’s Smart Creative is a next-gen automated solution. Advertisers can quickly combine creative assets and drive performance with anti-creative fatigue strategies. Enjoy efficient cost per result and extend the lifespan of your ad group.

By following these steps, you’ll keep your marketing game strong without burning out your creativity.

The TikTok audience is always up-to-date with the latest trends, so it’s crucial to stay in sync with these trends for the best results. Fortunately, TikTok offers advertisers various resources to dive into the most popular trends on the platform. A recommended method is to regularly check the TikTok Creative Center. There, you can find trends related to popular hashtags, songs, and creators in your industry, which you can incorporate into your ads. 

Another effective way is to update your content daily by swiping through your FYP (For You Page) – it’s a great source to discover the latest happenings on TikTok. By staying connected with trends, your marketing efforts can align with what’s currently popular on the platform.

Look at the big picture of other marketing channels

To succeed in Q5 and the coming year, think of TikTok marketing as just one part of your overall strategy. Keep a close eye on other channels and find the best conversion path that will lead your business to success. With thorough preparation, you can set the stage for a successful marketing year ahead.

Embark on your journey with NestAds by your side. Our multichannel tracking and reporting system provides a big picture of what you need to improve across all your channels. Identify successful tactics, focus on testing, and expand the path that has the most impact on your business. Try it now to achieve your Q5 goals!


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