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TikTok Ads Structure: Vital Notes for Beginners

TikTok ads structure

Thinking about using TikTok Ads for your brand or business?

If someone does not know what TikTok is, then they must be living under a rock. Every company is now considering how to benefit from TikTok ads given their exponential growth. Don’t worry, TikTok ads structure is here to speed things up!

In this article, let’s learn everything you need to know about TikTok Ads Structure and discuss if it’s worth applying for your ad campaigns!

A brief look at TikTok ads structure

Just like Facebook and other advertising platforms, you must follow TikTok Ads structu to guarantee the success of your campaigns. There are 3 levels you need in a standard TikTok Ad Structure: ad campaign level, ad group level and ad level. 

standard TikTok ads structure
3 levels in a standard TikTok ads structure

Understanding how your campaigns are structured helps you to target the right audience and allocate your budget smartly. You need to closely look at this structure to expand your reach, improve your ad performance and drive more traffic. It’s a must no matter what marketing level you are!

Let’s take a quick look at those levels:

Ad Campaign level

This is the most important level, where you define your TikTok advertising objective. Creating TikTok ad campaign is also the first step when you run ad on TikTok. Here are three basic steps to create your campaign:

  • Choose the campaign objective
  • Determine budget
  • Star setting up your ad group.

At the campaign level, you need to determine your campaign goals which means the final objectives that you want to achieve. TikTok allows you to choose from various objectives and prioritize the topmost one.

For example, if your business goal is to attract new people to visit your website, creating campaigns with an awareness objective is the best way.

Campaign level
Campaign level in a standard TikTok ads structure

Not only advertising objectives, but you also can set the budget for your campaign between daily and lifetime budget.

Within each campaign, TikTok allows users to create multiple ad groups to easily manage their ads and maximize ad effectiveness.

Ad Group level

After choosing your TikTok advertising goals, let’s move to the next step: setting up your ad group. You have the power to create a single ad or multiple ads, it’s all based on your TikTok marketing strategy.

If you aim to organize your ad group in a better way, here are some basic steps for all the newbies:

TikTok ads
TikTok ads – source: TikTok

One or more ads may appear in each ad group, allowing you to compare how well various ads are delivered and adjust your campaigns accordingly. 

Please note that the ad group level is important to determine how your ads will run, and what kind of audiences your ads display in front of. Otherwise, you need to set budget at this level in a smart way to make sure your ads run effectively. You definitely don’t want to face some TikTok Ads budget problems like TikTok Ads not delivering or ad group out of budget.

To make sure that you create ad groups successfully, here are some amazing tips for getting started:

  • We highly recommend avoiding copying a large number of ad groups at once, particularly for accounts that have performed poorly during the learning phase.
  • It is important to maintain a balance between ad groups in the learning phase and those that have completed the learning phase in a single account. We don’t recommend having too many ad groups in the learning phase.
  • It is not recommended to duplicate a newly created ad group in bulk as it will not help it pass the learning phase more quickly and could negatively impact its performance.
  • Generally, you shouldn’t duplicate ad groups. Instead, it is suggested to create and run a variety of ad groups simultaneously in one account.

If you want to optimize your ad groups, let’s check out our following tips below:

  • How about varying the targeting, OS, and creatives used in different ad groups? This way encourages exploration and helps the platform identify the best performing combinations.
  • If the performance of an ad group begins to decline (e.g., a drop in traffic or an increase in CPA), let’s adjust the targeting, bid, or creative instead of creating a new ad group.
  • If an ad group is struggling to pass the learning phase, consider optimizing the creative or expanding the targeting. Increasing the bid to improve its performance is also a great way.

Ad level

This is the most concrete part where you ultimately present to the target audience, deciding what they will see on their mobile TikTok apps. So, don’t miss out on any of the following content: 

  • ​Setting your Ads’ Name
  • ​Choosing an Ad Format
  • ​Putting in your ad details: your media/creative, your display name and profile image, text, copy and call-to-action buttons

Moreover, he ad level is the place where you can spread your TikTok Ads creativity. Try your best to make the greatest video ever, remember to make TikToks, and do not make ads! For example, instead of using the same ad formats for all your ad, how about leveraging different TikTok Ads formats?

TikTok ads
TikTok ads – source: TikTok

Why do all businesses need to follow TikTok Ads Structure?

Better target-audience setup

One of the main advantages of social ads over other types of advertising is the ability to laser-target your audience. Following TikTok Ad Structure can help you reach the people who are most likely to be interested in your brand.

TikTok ads better target your audience
TikTok ads better target your audience

Better designed materials

The TikTok Ads Structure makes it simpler to create amazing, expert marketing materials that are in line with your campaign goals. Depending on different industries, you can discover various creative tips and tricks. For example, there are special TikTok Ad creative best practices for fashion brands that are different from F&B brands.

Thus, you can grow your business with them or make a business out of them.

More efficient budgeting

Regardless of how much money you spend, the key to a successful ads campaign is making sure you get the most out of every dollar. Following TikTok Ads Structure brings you a clear vision to execute every single ad, which can help you earn the highest return from TikTok ads spend. 

Everyone wants to gain money from TikTok with the lowest budget ever so concentrating on TikTok Ads structure is the first step.

3 Awesome tips for brilliant TikTok Ads account structure

Here are some tips for the Ads Set Level and Campaign Level that you may find effective:

Stay focused on your goals

On defining your Campaign objectives, don’t forget to choose the way that’s easiest for you to identify and manage your campaigns. Do you know one thing special? Having goals keeps you focused, productive and also enhances your ad effectiveness. Clear advertising objectives will lead you to success so create achievable goals and concentrate on them!

Keep a good ad group balance

As we said before, try to maintain a balance between groups running during the TikTok learning phase and groups running after the learning phase in one account. It is not recommended to have the majority of ad groups in the learning phase. If you don’t keep a good ad group balance, your ad performance will not be guaranteed.

During the learning phase, TikTok’s algorithm is still testing different targeting options and ad creatives to identify the most effective combination for the campaign. Running too many ad groups in the learning phase can lead to increased ad spend and decreased overall campaign performance.

Avoid duplicating ad groups

Rather than duplicating an ad group, which is typically not advised, we suggest creating and running a number of concurrent ad groups in one account.

If you continue to duplicate ad groups, you will come across a lot of problems. It can lead to ad fatigue and reduced performance. Ad fatigue occurs when users repeatedly see the same ad, causing them to lose interest or become less responsive to it.

Instead of duplicating ad groups, we recommend creating and testing different ad creatives, targeting options, and bid strategies within a single ad group. This allows advertisers to identify the most effective combinations and optimize their campaigns for better performance.

Master TikTok Ads structure today for a better campaign!

Since TikTok is a relative newcomer to the major players in the social media industry, there is still much to learn about it. By now, you should have a clear understanding of TikTok Ads Structure. Once you see how easy and powerful TikTok Advertising Structure can be, it’s time for you to quickly apply it to your marketing plan!

We hope that our article is helpful for your successful campaign. And do you want more information? Feel free to contact our experts via live chat or try our NestAds app. NestAds is an advertising platform that helps marketers simplify their TikTok ad setup, reach out to the right audience and maximize conversion. 



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