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TikTok Ads Not Delivering or Spending: Causes & Solutions

TikTok ad not delivering

Have your TikTok ad still active but doesn’t get any engagements? If it has, don’t worry, we will walk you through the top 9 common mistakes in setting up your ad. More importantly, we also come up with solutions to solve your business problem in why your ads are not delivering or spending. Let’s dive in! 

How to recognize TikTok ads not delivering?

The phrase “TikTok ads are not delivering” refers to the fact that active ads are not being shown to your target audience, consequently, they’re not generating any impressions.

When does TikTok reject your ads?

Intellectual Property Violation

TikTok respects other people’s intellectual property rights, and we demand the same from our advertisers. On both your advertisement and landing page, you should refrain from employing any elements without the necessary authorization.

Brands, hashtags, copyrighted media, imitations, and copies fall under this category. Upload your authorization documents in the Account Settings’ Business Verification section if you have the required authority.

Ad Creative Inconsistency

TikTok requires that your caption, text, images, videos, and call-to-actions are consistent with the good or service you are promoting in order to guarantee a positive user experience. This includes ensuring sure the prices are the same on the website being promoted.

For instance, if you highlight product A in your creative but highlight product B on your website, or if you claim a discount of “up to 50% off” but your website only advertises a discount of “up to 30% off,” your ad will be rejected.

Misleading and Inconsistent Information

We demand that ads not make an overstated promise or performance in order to ensure that the content on our platform is accurate, true, and not deceptive.

Images might sometimes be the subject of exaggerated allegations. Your ad creative cannot include invalid button gestures, statements that depict an unsupported capability, or URLs that make malicious comparisons to competing brands.

9 common mistakes why your TikTok ads are not delivering 

Outdated content

TikTok is the world of trends as more and more people are heading to this platform to catch up with what’s hot on various topics such as food, fashion, etc. Thus, if your video’s out of date, TikTok’s algorithm won’t support it being shown on For You page.  

For instance, Christmas is around the corner. Hence, your business should kick off teasing content for this TikTok holiday shopping season nearly 1 month ahead of time to target more ideal customers. Specifically, your TikTok video will work effectively from November 25 to January 10. 

Duplicate ad content from other social channels 

Should we use the same content for all social platforms? Of course, we should not. So, this requires marketers to produce specific content to meet different users’ tastes. Thus, you can not use Youtube shorts or Instagram Reels ideas for the TikTok platform.

In fact, most of TikTok’s virtual hits are organic and authentic, rooted in their mission of creating content that truly speaks to users. Let’s make TikTok Ad creative you can take away to grow your following on this platform.

Prohibited content

What you want to show in front of TikTok users must adhere to local laws and their Ads Policy. Your ads must avoid including drugs, weapons, ammunition, explosives, smoking, and tobacco products.

Moreover political, military, and discriminatory information must not be mentioned in the ad.  

Unmatching currency with your target country

If your ad doesn’t get desired engagement, the problem might lie in the currency setup when you create TikTok ad targeting. You should notice that the currency must be appropriate for your target nation. For instance, if you’re advertising your products in the US, the currency will be USD. It is just a small detail but it’s easily overlooked. 

mismatch currency
Mismatch currency

We suggest your business set TikTok ads targeting a particular country in an ad group. This increases the chance of approaching your targeted customers as each country has different TikTok ads requirement.

Moreover, you can test your ad in different countries to see where your ad performs best. 

Low bidding cost 

Bidding strategy is referred to as a determining factor to get desired results for your ad performance. Thus, you should keep your bid and budget high enough to give the algorithm time to optimize your ads. If your bid is higher than your competitors, obviously your ads will be shown in a better place to win in the TikTok ads campaign. 

TikTok will suggest which type of bid to optimize your ad based on your marketing objectives. If your goal is to collect leads to grow your potential customers, the optimal bidding strategy would be cost cap or lowest cap. 

Bidding and optimization
Bidding and optimization

Audience overlapping 

Audience overlap occurs when you use the same targeting settings for different Ad Groups, which leads to the poor delivery of your ad sets. Specifically, the TikTok algorithm system will have trouble displaying your ad to the right audiences.  

Narrow audience targeting

You might want to target a specific group of users to find out your ideal customers easily. However, narrowing down the number of users seeing your ad will restrict its ads delivering process because of the TikTok algorithm

Name error displaying

One of the most important things to improve your ad delivery and win more placements is consistency in the information on the ad and the landing page. In particular, the display name must align with the brand name. Then, the audience finds easily recognizes and is familiar with your brand.

Incorrect size video 

When you film a TikTok ad, you must follow video ad specifications. In particular, TikTok video dimensions are 1080×1920

And the aspect ratio of TikTok ads video must be: 

  • Vertical (9:16)
  • ​Square (1:1)
  • Horizontal (16:9)

Keep in mind that you can use any color for the background, exclusively black, and white. 

3 amazing solutions to troubleshoot this problem 

Choose the suitable bidding strategies

There is a wide range of bidding strategies available from TikTok Ads Manager with their own benefits such as Cost Cap, Bid Cap, and Lowest Cost. You will select the most suitable one depending on your business type and marketing goal.

However, if you’re a newcomer to this platform, it would be best solution to choose the lowest-cost option. It will use the available ad group budget to create as many results as possible at the lowest cost. 

With the Lowest Cost, your job just needs to set a total campaign budget. Then, the system will adjust TikTok’s auction ads to get the sheer volume of conversions. Additionally, this bid will help your budget spend quicker than the others. 

Broaden your audience 

Expanding your target audience will increase the possibility to identify more who are interested in your business. Here is some way you can make use of the TikTok Ads Manager to enrich your audience: 

  • Add more behaviors and interests
  • Edit your geographical restrictions
  • Add more users to your customer list
  • Allow TikTok Pixel to collect more data before you launch retargeting campaigns
  • Use Lookalike Audiences to help TikTok use audience data (email list, site visitors, etc.) to find similar aspects depending on demographic and interests.

However, broad audience targeting will have a side effect when it can approach someone who has no interest in your ad and in the worst case, they can report your ad. This disrupts your ad delivery to the right audience. 

Focus on content 

One of the effective ways to streamline the ad delivery process is to concentrate on producing high-quality and trendy content. You can refresh your post every day to appeal to users as something new will trigger their curiosity and interest. 

So, how do make your TikTok ads video stay top of mind? The fastest way is to make use of trends from songs, challenges, and holiday seasons. etc to deliver the most impactful and engaging content within the community.

Specifically, when the holiday season arrives, try to create a series of creative holiday ideas at least 1 month in advance to get more users immersed in the holiday spirit. 

In addition, TikTok always prioritizes users’ experiences so this platform restricts some kinds of sensitive content to safeguard users’ security. You can visit here to avoid creating ad content. 

It’s time to fix your not delivering TikTok Ads 

In fact, these mistakes are easily neglected by any marketers so don’t worry if you’re one of them. You can check and fix them at once as almost these problems are simple and easy to recognize. 

We hope this article covers everything you need to know to finish your ad in the fastest and most effective way. In case necessary, feel free to contact our experts or try our new product NestAds to make your TikTok Ads more effective. 


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