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TikTok Ad Objectives: Amazing Path for Your Business Success

Choose the right TikTok ad objectives

Have you ever been confused about TikTok ad objectives you need to choose when setting your campaign? It’s the first step but also the most challenging part to make a successful ad video on TikTok.

Advertising objectives will determine what actions you optimize for, how much you have to pay and even what type of video you make. Many brands have failed on TikTok due to the wrong goal. Understanding all these things, we provide an ultimate guide about the right TikTok ads objective for your business. Keep reading for more interesting information!

How to choose the right objective on TikTok Ads Manager

Advertising objectives refer to a specific goal or intention of an advertisement. For example, through TikTok Ads, you can create content like a pro without a high editing level, gain new customers and increase sales.

Knowing the important role of the objectives while running ads, TikTok Ads Manager allows you to choose between three categories:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
Advertising objectives on TikTok Ads Manager
Advertising objectives on TikTok Ads Manager


Brand awareness is how memorable and recognizable a brand is to its target audience. Raising brand awareness is really powerful for building trust, remember that the more recognition our brand has, the more successful your brand or business will be.

Awareness objective
Awareness objective

Let’s choose the Awareness objectives when you aim to expand awareness about your brand, and your product and also reach the maximum number of users possible – people who are most likely to view your ad and remember it.

However, here are 3 main factors you need to consider before creating a campaign with a reach objective:

  • Main goal of marketing: Your must-meet goal needs to align with the campaign objectives. 
  • Ad frequency: It’s always better to manage exposure to your message. Let’s think about how often you want your audiences to see your ad. 
  • Budget for impressions: If you choose the reach objective for your campaign, the bidding method will be CPM. It means the price you are willing to pay for one thousand impressions.


Consideration is the second stage of the customer buying journey. It’s an important stage where your customers consider if your product or service is a good option for their problem. 

The consideration objective in TikTok is suitable when you aim to make the viewer remember your brand and request more information. Here are the 4 different goals to know if you select consideration as your campaign objectives:

  • Traffic
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Community interaction 
Consideration objective
Consideration objective


If you want to increase traffic to your desired destination such as a website, landing page, etc., this marketing goal is definitely for you! It’s designed to drive people to a desired place. Before choosing it, please consider two important things:

  • The place where you want to drive more traffic
  • Target audience

Video views

Video views goal is dedicated to getting more views by displaying your videos to the audience who are most likely to engage with them. However, you need to think carefully about the budget you are willing to pay for a video view with the CPV bidding method.

Lead generation

It’s all about leveraging customizable TikTok instant forms to generate more leads. Apart from collecting information, thanks to this objective, you can also:

  • Create a higher conversion rate with incredible instant forms including pre-populating fields.
  • Tailor your messages uniquely to your audience with your own messaging and layout.
  • Drive more traffic to your website.
  • Automate the next steps. 

Lead Generation is an objective that you can use at any step of your marketing funnel. In case you aim to raise awareness about a new product or gain new customers and also collect interesting insights from the audiences, Lead Generation can handle all of this and meet your demands. 

Moreover, this marketing goal is suitable no matter what type of business you are running. For example, if you manage a retail and e-commerce brand, you can gather contact and shipping information to give away samples to TikTok users. And don’t forget to give people who share their information a special offer. 

Community interaction

The community interaction objective aims to get more users to engage with your TikTok account. It will help brands to increase traffic by driving more followers to your profile page. 

Here are some tips to optimize your campaign if you intend to choose the community interaction objective.

  • Use a TikTok Business Account: This account gives you access to advanced features and also analytics tools.
  • Leverage both organic and paid best practices for big business results.
  • Focus to increase the number of followers: More followers means more impact on TikTok. Brand accounts with 1M followers or more show a 15% higher average engagement rate than usual.
  • Gain experience from the testing period: It’s necessary to know your performance and check on your expectations.
  • Boost your creativity: Try many different creative methods to create the best content. Remember to make TikToks, don’t make ads. 


The Conversion objectives are dedicated to brands that want to encourage people to perform an action. You can choose between website conversions and app promotion.

Conversion objective
Conversion objective

Website conversions

If you focus on making people complete a real action on your website, we highly recommend following the Website conversions objective. You can easily increase sales if TikTok users download your app, sign up for your website, add items to their cart or purchase your product. 

Many brands in the world have talked a lot about this goal thanks to its huge benefits:

  • Drive more traffic to your website or TikTok Instant Page.
  • Optimize ad delivery-based conversion, “on-site” events, clicks, and value. 
  • Use analytic tools to verify ad performance.

App promotion

In case you want to promote your app on TikTok, this platform has the App promotion solution. This TikTok Ads objective will help you to get more app installs and get people to take specific actions with your apps. 

For example, it will be really beneficial to your brand to acquiring new users with App promotion objectives if your team created or launched a new management application. 

You are able to choose between two types including App installs (gain new users for your app) and App retargeting (target existing users with special offers and do not support IOS 14.5+ devices).

App promotion type
App promotion type

If you choose App installs, the TikTok algorithm will try its best to send users to your app’s download page in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Based on your marketing goals, you can determine the way that TikTok improves ad delivery:

  • Click: TikTok users tap yo your ad’s call to action button.
  • Install: TikTok users install your app from the App or Play store.
  • In-app event (AEO): TikTok users take a specific in-app event such as completing a purchase or registering their app. 
  • Install with in-app events: TikTok users install your app and complete a specific in-app event.
  • Value: TikTok will discover the audiences that show the highest value and generate the best return on ad spend.

A little bit different from App installs, with App retargeting, TikTok will display your ad to people who have already experienced your app and encourage them to take other desired actions. You can also choose how the TikTok system optimizes your ad delivery: 

  • In-app event (AEO): TikTok users take a specific in-app event.
  • Install with in-app event: TikTok users install your app and perform a specific in-app event.
  • Value: TikTok will find people that show the highest value and generate the best return on ad spend.

However, it might be a little bit confusing if you are a newbie on TikTok – a platform with many big brands in many industries. So in case you still don’t know the best TikTok Ads objectives for your brand, why don’t you try the TRR funnel from NestAds – our TikTok Advertising Management Software? 

Smooth TikTok ad ever with TRR funnel from NestAds

Advertising on TikTok will be definitely different from advertising on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. That’s why we built NestAds – TikTok Advertising Management Software to help e-commerce businesses to make money from their campaign.

In NestAds, we have three types of advertising campaigns that totally align with the customer journey and also the e-commerce sales funnel including

  • Targeting campaign: The first campaign is all about acquiring new audiences who are likely to show an interest in your products. 
  • Retargeting campaign: Passing to the next step of the TRR funnel, the Retargeting campaign aims to generate more leads who are interested in your products or service and convert them into paying customers. If you want to run targeted ads to the audience who visited your website but didn’t complete a conversion, this one’s for you!
  • Retention campaign: It’s designed to target existing customers with new special offers. It will increase your repeat purchase rate, customer lifetime value and also maintain real customer loyalty. 
TRR funnel from NestAds
TRR funnel from NestAds

One thing that makes NestAds outstanding from its competitors is all about how to choose the right TikTok Ads objectives. With all three campaigns from the TRR funnel, we have the same three objectives for users.

Campaign objectives for NestAds
Campaign objectives for NestAds

3 Advertising objectives offered by NestAds

As we have mentioned before, even if you run different types of advertising campaigns, based on your TikTok marketing strategy, you can choose any objectives you want between Reach, Traffic and Conversions

If you select Reach, NestAds will try its best to maximize the number of people who saw your ad video. Reach objective is created due to the need to want to raise brand awareness and create a memorable image from the audience’s perspective. However, you need to closely set the right target audience, you won’t get great results if you target a too large audience. 

For Traffic objective, it’s all about boosting traffic to your chosen destination and especially your brand’s website. People often follow Traffic objective when their goal is to send their target audience to a destination outside of TikTok. For example, you can link your video to your website, landing page, blog post, etc.  

The last one but the most interesting objective is Conversions. Conversions objective is used to get the audiences to take a specific action like purchasing your product or service. This TikTok ad objective is the last destination for all businesses from big to small brands. Every single ad video serves one last goal: gain new customers and encourage people to make a purchase. 

The real secret behind the same ad objectives

You all definitely realize the difference between ad objectives from TikTok Ads Manager and the ones provided by NestAds. We offer the same objectives in different campaigns but TikTok doesn’t do the same thing. 

For three campaigns (Awareness, Consideration and Conversion), TikTok sets unique objectives to choose from. For example, if you want to increase traffic, you have to choose the Consideration campaign.

So why does NestAds create the same advertising goal? We recognize that there is no clear limit between all these objectives. They complete each other and you can achieve the second goal while choosing another one as the main goal. 

Same ad objectives with NestAds
Same ad objectives with NestAds

With NestAds, no matter what type of campaign you are running, you can choose the objectives you want. You can even stay focused on the conversion objective at your first targeting campaign to highly increase sales. It is not worth the money if the campaign is all about reaching the maximum number of TikTok users possible. 

Otherwise, how about earning money and increasing reaching audience in only one campaign? It’s a better way, especially for small brands to manage advertising budgets and drive big business results. 

Choose the right TikTok ads objective for every campaign

Objective is always one of the most important parts of TikTok advertising. Concentrating on the right one that aligns with your ultimate goal will bring amazing effects to your campaign. Don’t forget to have a strategy in mind before setting your TikTok ad objective!

NestAds will be a good partner that will support you to find the most profitable goal for your TikTok ad video. Contact our experts for more interesting advice or try NestAds for free!


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