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TikTok Ads Not Delivering: Why It Happened & How to Fix (in 2023)

TikTok ad not delivering

Have you ever felt confused when your TikTok Ads are still active but don’t get any impressions or engagement? If yes, you have found yourself in a situation called TikTok Ads not delivering.

However, don’t be so worried, we got your back! It is a normal problem that every business owners encounter when starting to run ads on TikTok. In this article, we will lead you through all the common reasons and solutions for TikTok Ads not delivering. Keep reading for more interesting information!

What is TikTok Ads not delivering

Before deeply looking at all the common reasons and solutions, what is TikTok Ads not delivering? No delivery refers to the fact that active ads are not being shown to your target audience, consequently, they’re not generating any impressions. 

TikTok Ads not delivering vs. TikTok Ads not spending: what is the difference?  

With the delivery challenges, while running TikTok Ads, you can come across these two scenarios:

  • Under-delivery (TikTok Ads not spending): Under-delivery means that your ads are not spending the daily budget.
  • No delivery (TikTok Ads not delivering): No delivery means that your ads don’t get any impressions.
TikTok Ads not delivering

Why are my TikTok ads not delivering? (4 common reasons & solutions) 

When it comes to TikTok Ads not delivering, what are all the main mistakes that you can make? In general, there are 4 common reasons that can cause TikTok Ads not to deliver:

  • Zero balance in ad account 
  • TikTok Ads in review or rejected
  • Campaign or ad group out of budget 
  • Ad scheduling mistake

Zero balance in TikTok Ads account

If you are choosing Manual Payment as your payment method, zero balance in your TikTok Ads account can lead to ads not delivering. 

A little bit different from Automatic Payment, with Manual Payment, TikTok will require a balance before officially delivering your ads. It will automatically deduct the charge once your ads run. When your account balance runs out, your ads will stop displaying and don’t get any impressions.

Best solution for you:

In this case, the only thing you need to do is top up your account balance. Let’s follow our three steps below to easily add balance to your account:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account, access the account settings section and select Payment.
Select Payment in Account settings
  • Step 2: Click Add balance.
Click Add Balance

After that, enter and confirm the amount you want.

Add balance to your account
  • Step 3: Choose the payment method and enter your payment detailed information.

Finally, you just need to wait to complete the payment and check your account balance. 

TikTok Ads in review or rejected status

Apart from lacking balance in your account, ads in review is one of the main reasons for TikTok Ads not delivering. The TikTok team has an ad review checklist to make sure your ad is eligible to publish. 

Please do note the 4 main parts in this checklist to ensure a smoother review process for your ads:

  • Landing page: Contain valid information, be mobile friendly, no prohibited products and sensitive information. 
  • Ad messaging: Promote product matching with the one on your landing page, ad text aligns with what is displayed in your videos or images, the display name is consistent with the landing page’s branding name. 
  • Ad language: Correspond with the accepted languages in your target location.
  • Ad quality: Include background audio that is clear and coherent, satisfy TikTok image and video specifications. 

Best solution for you:

This reviewing process often takes up to 24 hours so don’t be so worried! Closely follow TikTok checklist to meet all these requirements, your ads will be quickly approved and get delivered. 

Campaign or ad group out of budget

Have you ever heard about TikTok campaigns or ad groups out of budget? It means that there is insufficient budget for your campaign and ad group. Once you don’t allocate enough funds, TikTok won’t deliver your ads. That’s why it will be difficult for your brand to gain any impressions. 

Best solution for you:

If you encounter this problem, we highly recommend carefully checking your daily total cost and daily budget. If your campaign or ad group reached its limited daily budget, try to increase your budget and you will see your ads delivered.

Ad scheduling mistakes

Last but not least, a lot of business owners have made some small ad scheduling mistakes:

  • Select the period that doesn’t match your campaign or ad group run dates: While tracking ad performance, if you choose the wrong period with your ad running dates, you definitely can’t see any results.
  • Schedule your ad groups to run in the future: Remember to check your ad schedule times. If you set the time range in the future, how can you see the ad group get delivered since it hasn’t started running yet?

Best solution for you:

The solution for ad scheduling mistakes is very simple than anything you can expect. You just need to check whether the start time is set in the future or not and also your time zone. 

Want to see how to fix TikTok Ads not delivering in action? Let’s discover our new video in the TikTok Ads tips & tricks playlist, you will get the whole picture about this issue!

TikTok Ads not delivering: Common reasons and solutions

TikTok Ads not delivering: let’s solve your problem in minutes! 

After reading all these common mistakes and solutions, have you found the best way to get your ads delivered? We hope that our article covers everything you need to know to gain more & more impressions and also skyrocket your sales with TikTok Ads.

If you are still struggling with showing your ads in front of your target audience and maximizing ad results, we are always here to help! Contact us or try our new product NestAds – TikTok Advertising Management Software to create high-converting ads with ease. 


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