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8 International Women’s Day Marketing Ideas for E-commerce

International Women's Day Marketing Campaign Example

International Women’s Day is always a great opportunity for brands to showcase their support for gender parity. If you are looking for some inspiration to celebrate this special day, look no further! In this blog, we’ve put together some fantastic International Women’s Day marketing campaign ideas.

From collaborating with female-led businesses to highlighting female staff, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. This blog will help you celebrate women in your community.

So, get ready to be inspired and start planning your Women’s Day campaign today!

Why E-commerce should plan for International Women’s Day?

E-commerce businesses can greatly benefit from participating in International Women’s Day, impacting not only their brand image but also their sales and customer interaction. Omnisend’s data shows that this day is particularly lucrative, with businesses seeing the highest profits in the first week of March 2023. Specifically, on March 8th, sales were 26% higher than on an average day in March. It’s also noted that people tend to purchase items for themselves during Women’s Day, presenting a prime opportunity to boost sales and profitability.

Daily orders in the first week of March, From 2021 to 2023

Hence, by enhancing your marketing strategies around International Women’s Day, you can heighten audience engagement, attract numerous potential customers ready to purchase, and significantly increase your chances of sales conversion. As such, it’s crucial to meticulously plan your marketing approach for this day to maximize its potential benefits for your business.

8 ideas for International Women’s Day marketing campaigns

International Women’s Day for businesses is an excellent opportunity to show support for these causes while engaging with customers in meaningful ways. Here are 8 marketing ideas to help your business celebrate International Women’s Day.

Collaborate with female-led businesses 

Collaborating with a female-led business is a great way to show your support for women on this special day. By partnering with a female-owned business, you can help to promote their work and give them the recognition they deserve. 

There are a few ways to collaborate with a female-led business. One way is to offer them an advertisement deal or to donate money to their cause. As a result, you can help to raise awareness about their business and their mission. 

International Women's Day Marketing

You could also help them promote their work by sharing their website or social media posts on your own accounts. This will help to get more people interested in what they’re doing. Which could lead to more sales for both of you. 

If you and the female-led business have a shared audience, you can try giving coupons as part of your partnership deal. This is a great way to advertise for both parties and encourage customers to try out both of your products or services. 

Collaborating with a female-led business is not only a great way to show your support for women, but it can also be a smart TikTok marketing strategy. By working together, you can reach new audiences and grow your businesses together.

Promote female empowerment through social media campaigns

Social media is a powerful tool that can help businesses reach a wide audience and inspire their community. By sharing stories and quotes that resonate with your audience, you can help to promote female empowerment and motivate others to pursue their dreams. 

As a business owner, you can also share your own story as a woman in business. This could include how you started out as an entrepreneur and the challenges you’ve faced along the way. And you can also inspire others and offer valuable advice to women who are looking to overcome the same obstacles. 

While it’s important to celebrate the successes of women, it’s equally important to talk about the obstacles they face. By discussing the challenges and obstacles that women face, we can motivate ourselves and others to keep pushing forward and making progress.

Host a giveaway

This is a fantastic way to engage with your audience, promote your brand, and celebrate women. A well-executed giveaway can generate interest and excitement for your brand. It can also create positive associations with your business in the minds of your customers.


$1000 giveaway! 🚨 Happy Womens day 🤍 tag 3 women below & text GIVEAWAY to 310-564-0065! Love y’all🤍 #fyp #womensday #businesswomanlife #blackwomen

♬ original sound – Ellie ✨ Money & Business Coach

Giveaways encourage user-generated content and promote brand awareness on social media platforms. This is because the entrants are often required to tag friends, follow your brand’s social media accounts, and share the post to enter. As a result, it not only helps increase brand awareness but also builds engagement with your audience.

It’s important to choose a prize that is relevant to your brand and audience. Also, try to make the entry process as simple as possible. Additionally, make sure to thank everyone who entered the contest, regardless of whether or not they won. 

Hosting a Women’s Day giveaway can also provide a platform for your followers to celebrate the women in their lives. By encouraging them to nominate women who inspire them, you’re creating a space for your customers to share stories and create a sense of community around your brand.

Highlight female staff in your organization 

While it’s important to recognize the contributions of all employees year-round, Women’s Day is a perfect opportunity to publicly show appreciation for the women in your organization.

International Women's Day Marketing

Featuring a Women’s Day story or announcement on your eCommerce site is an excellent way to introduce your female staff to your customers. This not only gives your customers a behind-the-scenes look into your business, but it also helps your female employees feel valued and appreciated. 

Sharing stories of the women in your organization can also inspire your customers and followers. By showcasing the hard work and achievements of your female staff, you may encourage other women to pursue their own goals and aspirations. 

Furthermore, introducing your customers to the women behind the scenes can create a more personal connection between your brand and your audience. This can also create a relatable and human brand identity, which can help build customer loyalty and trust.

Create limited-edition products or services

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to create unique products or services that will only be available for a limited time. This will give customers a sense of exclusivity and excitement.


Unboxing vivo’s limited edition Women’s Day Gift Box, what’s inside the box? #unboxing #vivoV23e5G #bestcameraphone #aesthetic

♬ Forever Roses – Auracle

Your limited edition products can be anything from clothing, accessories, or even a special service that celebrates women. You can create new product designs that reflect the empowerment and strength of women. Or you can simply add a Women’s Day twist to your existing products. 

You can combine this idea with “team up with female-led businesses” to create collaborative limited edition products or services. This way, you can support other women while also creating something special for your customers. 

Offering discounts or freebies with your limited edition products or services is another great way to attract and reward customers. You can offer free shipping, a special gift with purchase, or even a discount on limited edition products. 

This will encourage customers to take advantage of the limited-time offer and make a purchase. Which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Don’t forget an exclusive email marketing campaign

If you want to boost your conversion rates, guiding your subscribers through the first week of March with engaging email marketing is an excellent approach. By integrating International Women’s Day into your email campaigns, you create a personalized way to connect with your audience and enhance your message. Here are some of our top email campaign ideas that are sure to yield positive results during International Women’s Day:

  • Exclusive deals for subscribers: Launch an email campaign offering exclusive discounts or special deals to honor International Women’s Day. Use these offers to express your appreciation for the women customers who have supported your brand over time.
  • Countdown emails: Generate excitement with a series of emails counting down to International Women’s Day. Each email can spotlight different facets of the celebration or various promotions you’re planning to offer.
  • Thank you notes: Dispatch a sincere thank you message to your female subscribers, recognizing their contribution to your business’s success and their importance in the wider community.

To enhance your email marketing campaign’s effectiveness, we recommend personalizing your emails based on your customers’ details, like their names and items in their abandoned carts. This personalized touch not only makes customers feel valued but also helps recapture their lost interest, especially during special occasions.

Worried that it sounds complicated and time-consuming? Don’t be. Email automation tools, such as NestSend, are here to streamline the process for you. NestSend offers comprehensive solutions to keep your customers engaged, including automated email flows, web forms, and various customization options—all on a single platform. This approach is an excellent way to optimize your resources, save time, and reduce costs during peak periods.

Host a women-oriented event

There are many different types of events you could organize, such as volunteering at a women’s shelter, hosting a panel of successful businesswomen, or collaborating with another business to create an event together. You could also ask your customers what they would be interested in and tailor your event to their preferences. 

International Women's Day Event

By organizing an event, you can create a sense of community among your customers and get to know them better. This can help improve customer loyalty and brand awareness. 

Attending local women’s day events can also be a great way to gain exposure for your business. By promoting these events on social media, you can increase brand awareness and show your support for gender equality. 

If you have an online store, hosting an event related to your niche can be a great way to create value for your community while also increasing brand awareness. You could tailor your event towards experienced professionals or followers who are interested in e-commerce.

Create a viral video or hashtag campaign

Creating a TikTok viral video or TikTok hashtag campaign can help raise awareness about the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. 

The #choosetochallenge theme for International Women’s Day 2021 encourages everyone to call out gender bias and inequality while celebrating women’s achievements globally. 

By creating a campaign focused on raising the voices of underrepresented women, TikTok inspires change and highlights the amazing talent of female creators.


Happy International Women’s Day! On this IWD, I #choosetochallenge us to reflect on the non-physical characteristics that make each of us beautiful💜

♬ original sound – Demi-Leigh Tebow

Women are using TikTok to express themselves creatively and professionally, connect with others, and promote wellness and mental health. This makes International Women’s Day a key moment for celebration and brand growth, as it provides an opportunity to elevate authentic voices and promote inclusivity. 

If you want to further leverage the performance of your TikTok campaign, TikTok Ads is a powerful tool to add to your arsenal. Running a well-crafted ad campaign can lead to impressive results and help your brand stand out in a crowded market. 

But it can be complicated to manage and track all the videos that you produced during the campaign, that’s why we’re here to help! 

With NestAds, a simple yet powerful TikTok ads management app, you can dominate the TikTok game. Contact our expert or just simply click the button below to make the most out of your IWD campaign!

Let’s create an equitable world this International Women’s Day!

As we gear up to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, it is important to remember that true gender equity requires more than just equal opportunities. This year’s theme of #EmbraceEquity encourages everyone to challenge gender stereotypes and actively seek out inclusion.

As a brand, there are plenty of ways to get involved, from collaborating with female-led businesses to highlighting the women in your organization, hosting a giveaway, or creating limited edition products. 

By taking the time to create a meaningful campaign that resonates with your audience, you can help to empower women in your community and make a positive impact. So, get inspired and start planning your Women’s Day campaign today!



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