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International Women’s Day Emails: Creative Ideas & Examples

International women's day emails

International Women’s Day is around the corner, so now is a perfect time for you to start planning your marketing campaign. Sending out International Women’s Day emails can be a great way to raise awareness about gender equity and celebrate the achievements of women in your community. 

In this blog, we’ll help inspire you with email tips and ideas to send to your clients and employees. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

Why do you need to send International Women’s Day emails?

The goal of sending emails on International Women’s Day is to spread awareness about the importance of gender equity and to encourage people to embrace it fully. In line with the 2024 theme of #EmbraceEquity, the aim is to go beyond just providing equal opportunities to women. 

Another goal of these emails is to celebrate the achievements of women and recognize their contributions in various fields. This can help to build a sense of community and empower women to continue making positive changes in their lives and the world around them. 

The emails can also serve as a way to celebrate the achievements of women and highlight the challenges that they face. By doing so, they can help to encourage people to stand up for women’s rights and work towards a more equal world. 

Lastly, these emails can be used to show appreciation for the women in our lives, whether they are colleagues, friends, family, or mentors. By recognizing their contributions and expressing gratitude, we can build stronger relationships and support one another on our journeys toward gender equity.

5 tips for creating effective International Women’s Day emails

Creating an effective International Women’s Day email can be challenging. You want to strike the right tone, capture your audience’s attention, and encourage them to take action towards gender equity. To help you create a compelling and impactful email, we’ve put together some useful tips: 

Align your message with the theme

Make sure that your email message aligns with the #EmbraceEquity theme of International Women’s Day. Focus on promoting gender equity and challenging gender stereotypes, discrimination, and bias in your email. 

Keep it simple and concise

Crafting a concise and comprehensible message is crucial. To achieve this, it is recommended to use simple language and steer clear of convoluted sentences. Moreover, it is best to keep your email brief and focused, prioritizing the most important points. 

This approach helps ensure that your message is conveyed clearly and concisely, without overwhelming the customers with unnecessary details.

Use images and videos

Include images and videos in your email to make it more engaging and impactful. Visuals can help to convey your message in a more compelling way. 

Personalize your message

Personalize your email message by addressing your recipients by name and including specific details about their interests or experiences. This can help to build a stronger connection with your audience and make your message more relevant. 

Provide actionable steps

Include actionable steps in your email that encourage your audience to take action toward promoting gender equity. This could include participating in events, donating to organizations, or sharing resources on social media. 

By following these tips, you can create an effective International Women’s Day email that aligns with the 2024 theme of #EmbraceEquity. Your email can help to raise awareness, promote gender equity, and inspire positive change toward a more inclusive and equitable world.

International Women’s Day email campaign examples make you go wow

Now that you’ve learned how to craft an effective email campaign, let’s dive into some real-life examples that are sure to impress you at first glance. These examples highlight the impact of successful email marketing and illustrate how brands can commemorate this significant day in a manner that truly engages their audience.

International Women’s Day emails for customers

Let’s focus on crafting emails specifically for your customers. These emails aren’t just about celebration; they’re about building a deeper connection with your audience, showing them you value not only their business but also the broader social causes they care about.



GLAMGLOW is a cosmetics brand. When you check out GLAMGLOW’s email, the first thing that’ll grab your attention is the catchy headline. It’s so simple, but it’s perfect for the occasion. And it’s also a great example of how a business can make its products match the event. 

This email is all about self-care for strong women. And each product has a short and sweet description that tells you all you need to know before you add it to your cart. Plus, it’s smart that they tell you how much everything costs right in the email. This means no guesswork is needed for the customer. 

And at the bottom of the email, they give you all the details you need to know about the offer. They’re all about making sure their readers know exactly what’s up.

The email also totally fits with GLAMGLOW’s vibe. You can see it in the colors they used, the way they write about the products, and the pictures they included. 


As a skincare brand, one effective way to show support for a cause is by highlighting the actions you’re taking to make a difference. Tula has followed this approach in their recent email.

TULA Email Marketing

The main content of the email features personal testimonials and photographs from team members. By doing so, Tula aims to create a sense of personal connection with their audience. 

The design of this email is also worth mentioning. The clever use of white space prevents the email from being visually overwhelming despite having significant content. They also use the brand’s color scheme to establish its identity.

The products are showcased through clear, high-resolution images, and the email also includes their prices and user ratings, demonstrating transparency. 


REVOLVE is a next-gen fashion retailer for Millennials and Gen Z. Their recent email provides a great example of showcasing a business’s offerings. Each product category in the email includes a concise yet stylish description and multiple visual representations that give readers a clear understanding of what the category entails. 


Rather than solely describing their products, REVOLVE smartly opted to showcase them through stunning visuals, making the email more engaging for its readers. To emphasize the visuals, the email has minimal text, conveying only the essential information. 

The email also prioritizes the customer experience, with the inclusion of two links in the footer. The first link enables subscribers to specify their preferred frequency of receiving emails. The second link invites customers to provide feedback on the email’s content. 

ROVOLVE Email Strategy

International Women’s Day emails for employees

International Women’s Day is not only about women customers but also about the women who work for the business. The email can be a way to show gratitude, recognize their accomplishments, and highlight their potential.

Doing this also helps build a sense of community within the organization. By fostering a culture of appreciation, businesses can create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and included.

Here are some email ideas for your employees for International Women’s Day:

A message from the CEO

Sending a CEO message in honor of International Women’s Day is an excellent way to recognize and celebrate women’s contributions to the workforce. The upper managers can use email to show their appreciation for the achievements of women in the company and industry as a whole, inspiring and motivating women employees to keep up their fantastic work. 

CEO Message to employees

The message can also highlight the company’s commitment to gender equality, outlining the steps they’re taking to promote diversity and inclusion. This type of message helps to build a culture of respect, and it can go a long way in attracting and retaining talented women in the workplace.

Inspiring stories from the women in the company

Sharing inspiring stories and achievements of women in the company can be a great idea, as it is a way of celebrating the occasion by highlighting the hard work and successes of women within the company. 

Such stories can help to inspire and motivate other women in the company to achieve their goals and feel valued and appreciated for their contributions. 

Inspiring stories from the women in the company

Additionally, it can help to create a positive and supportive work environment. It can also break down stereotypes and prejudices that may exist toward women in the workplace, by highlighting the diversity of women’s experiences and achievements.

Let’s boost your International Women’s Day email performance!

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