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5 Most Profitable Products to Sell on TikTok You Shouldn’t Skip

trending products to sell on tiktok

There used to be a platform called, known as a “Dancing app.” So far it has changed its name to TikTok and transformed into a product recommendation engine that promotes e-commerce.

By 2022, there were 16 billion views on TikTok with #TikTokMadeMeBuylt pinned to every video. If you click on this #, you will see similar recommended videos and products from shared creators. So, not having a presence on TikTok is becoming a miss for brands.

In this article, let’s discover some of the most profitable products to offer on TikTok and grab this money-making opportunity.

Why use TikTok to sell products?

Broadcasting to a wide demographic of potential shoppers

Currently, TikTok has developed into a platform for all ages, mostly Gen Z. According to statistics, 43.7% of people aged 18-24 using TikTok. However, this shoppertainement platform is chosen by all ages:

  • 419.7 million users aged 18 to 24 (43.3% of TikTok’s ad audience aged 18+)
  • 312.0 million users aged 25 to 34 (32.2% of TikTok’s ad audience aged 18+)
  • 133.5 million users aged 35 to 44 (13.8% of TikTok’s ad audience aged 18+)
  • 67.4 million users aged 45 to 54 (6.9% of TikTok’s ad audience aged 18+)
  • 41.7 million users aged 55+ (4.3% of TikTok’s ad audience aged 18+)

Many businesses want to have a foothold on this platform. Still, they are hesitant because this platform has too many young people. They can now rest assured that all ages use the platform daily.

Hearing from trusted creators instead of companies 

Why TikTok is now a powerful platform for selling products on social networks? That’s because the platform lets users get recommendations directly from creators, not companies.

A KOL review of a beauty product that makes skin better. This is more like a recommendation from a friend than a brand advertisement. 73% of survey respondents said that KOLs and content creators made them want to experience new products.

Not only in the beauty field, but also food, plants, and space are content that many people care about and follow. From these, TikTok will help recommend suitable products for each person.

Seeing creative positioning of products 

Content creators showcase products by using them directly, rather than just seeing images online without knowing how the product will work.

Videos on TikTok give viewers a real-world look at how a product works. For example, you can see cosmetic review videos from famous KOLs; how the product works and the effectiveness of the product will be evaluated by the KOLs and given the final results.

This gives the viewers a sense of authenticity and makes your product more appealing to purchase. From then, your TikTok videos can convert more consumers.

Benefitting from the virality effect

The most powerful part of social commerce is “social.” On all social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, posts, memes, and video clips always go viral. They will create ongoing discussions about an issue. On the TikTok platform, content creators will generate many different videos, starting conversations and going viral quickly.

In short, these factors drive everyone to buy on TikTok and lead to the platform growing faster than we thought. They also create an excellent opportunity for businesses to sell more on TikTok.

3 tips to sell your products on TikTok 

Create real content

The first step is to develop authentic content. This is especially crucial on TikTok, where users are accustomed to watching more casual and down-to-earth videos than on Instagram.

You don’t have to be concerned about having good lighting or sound for your videos. Focus on producing valuable content that your target audience will value.

To truly stand out on TikTok, you should develop unexpected and distinct content from what viewers are accustomed to seeing from brands. This might be as simple as filming a product demonstration in an odd place or performing a TikTok parody. 

Start challenges

You can sell and promote your products on TikTok by participating or creating a challenge. This is a great way to expose your product to more people and generate more sales.

TikTok is particularly popular for dancing and entertainment challenges, but you could also build a branded challenge centered on your product. With a branded challenge, TikTok users can create their own content and you can take advantage of this UGC to promote your product. Maybe your video will become a hot trend, and your product will be famous from there.

Use your bio

You want to drive more traffic to your online store as a store owner. However, setting up a TikTok business account alone can not translate into website traffic. You need to put a link in your account bio to achieve greater results. In this way, your followers can easily find more information about your business and what you have on offer. It is a simple and highly effective way to turn followers into buying customers and increase your store sales. 

Cosmetic products

With the hashtag #Makeup, it has received 230 billion views on the TikTok app. It is undeniable that makeup is one of the most talked about topics on TikTok. Cosmetic products used in million-view makeup clips on TikTok mostly come from big brands, or even from established brands with the intention of promoting their products.

Makeup enthusiasts will always hope to buy a bottle and be the first user once the product is on the market.

Let’s take a look at this example. Refy Beauty is a cosmetic brand in the UK, founded by Jessica Hunt. With a campaign to use TikTok as an online sales platform, Refy Beauty has reached over 2 million users on TikTok with an engagement rate of 2%. They found this campaign very effective as new visitors to the site increased by 101% and revenue by 750%.

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Im a huge fan of the lip sculpt from @refybeauty 😍 #refy10hourliptest AD

♬ Crush – HËXĖ

LED Strip Light

LED Strip lights make a fantastic backdrop for Gen Z’s hot dancing videos and have become.

Example: The Govee LED strip light is the best TikTok light you’ll find today. The Govee LED will give you 100ft of strip light with 900 bulbs. Best of all, Govee’s app lets you choose from 16 million color options and can even be activated by voice. Currently, TikTok with #GoveeLED has reached 3.2 million views and the sales that Govee has skyrocketed after using TikTok.

If you want to sell some excellent lighting, there’s no shortage of places to promote it. LED strip lights sell well in today’s digital landscape, and now is the time to get your foot in the door!

Kitchen Appliances

If you need anything, go to TikTok. The place gathers everything that you need and is very practical, even the appliances in the kitchen.

After going through the Covid-19 pandemic, people are also used to cooking at home, so businesses have exploited this area very well regarding healthy food, drinks, and home appliances convenient kitchen.

Example: Philip’s – the world’s famous home appliances brand – created a Branded hashtag challenge that reached 3.18 billion video rides and 1.54 million videos created. Additionally, the campaign resulted in a 3.2% increase in ad visits.


Reply to @angeleyez51969 I linked it in my Amazon store 😀 #kitchenappliances #microwavedrawer #potfiller @Delta Faucet

♬ original sound – Shannon McNitt


Have you ever thought that “stationery will be sold online?”

But now, the TikTok channel of @rainydaylibrary has reached 3.1 million likes and 140 thousand followers because the account is about stationery for those who love perfection.


(Not sponsored! Although a girl can wish) let’s try and keep things organized this year😵‍💫 #ikea #organization #rainydayslibrary #ikeapegboard #fyp #foryou #bookmarks #bookish #booktok #desksetup

♬ Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Just one simple reason, because everyone needs it. So this may be the potential of stationery products. If you’re interested, this niche might be for you.

Cleaning products

With 312 million views on #thepinkstuff on TikTok, we can see that TikTok has provided The Pink Stuff with many people and helped them sell off their cleaning products.

You might be surprised at the frequency with which cleaning products are discussed on TikTok, simply things a family needs, but this product is too hot.

This has created a wave, making viewers curious and want to verify that the product is as magical as it claims.

Start to sell on TikTok

You finally know how the list of products took the #FYPs (For Your Page) of many by storm. It’s time to get to work!

Be creative and produce content that is unique to your brand or product. Growing an audience on TikTok is much easier than you may think. You have to step out of your comfort zone and do it!

If you’re preparing to sell something on TikTok and want to leverage your business with TikTok ads, good news: we have your back! Let’s try NestAds for free now with the TRR Funnel feature makes the advertising strategy more effective for those who do not know, know, and have purchased. Feel free to contact our experts and start making profits today!


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