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TikTok Search Ads Toggle: A Solution to Target the Right Audience

TikTok search ads toggle

TikTok was once viewed as a fun social media platform, but it has transformed into a powerful search experience. Users now rely on TikTok to discover more information, from fashion tips to product reviews. Recognizing this trend, TikTok introduced its new feature: TikTok Search Ads Toggle.

This update allows brands to harness the power of TikTok’s search results, creating a wider range of placements for businesses to optimize their performance. With the right approach, this feature can be a game-changer for businesses that are joining this platform.

So, are you ready to explore the new TikTok Search Ads Toggle? We’ve got everything prepared for you: from the first glimpse of what this new feature is, how to enable it, and some great examples of businesses that have successfully tested it out. Buckle up, stay focused, and let’s learn about TikTok Search Ads Toggle together in this blog.

What is the TikTok search ads toggle?

The TikTok Search Ads Toggle is a newly updated feature in TikTok Ads Manager that lets you decide if you want your ads to pop up in TikTok’s search results. When you flip this search toggle, your in-feed ad will also appear on the search results page if it matches the keywords users are searching for. These ads are tagged as “Sponsored” content and show up right next to the regular search results.

what is TikTok search ads toggle

Let’s say you’re promoting your perfume products on TikTok using TikTok ads. However, you want to ensure your ads work better and reach the right folks. That’s when you flick on the Search ads Toggle. So, when TikTok figures that a searched keyword matches your ad, like “best women’s perfume” or “perfume scents,” they’ll slot your ad into those search results. This boosts your chances of getting in touch with potential customers.

How to use TikTok search ads toggle

Now, let’s look at all the steps you need to take to enable this amazing feature for your ads. But before jumping into practice, So, if you’ve determined the right objectives, it’s time to dive right into how to use 

How to turn on and off the TikTok search ads toggle?

First, you’ll want to start by creating a new ad campaign. To do this, click on Create an Ad in your main dashboard. 

Create new ad

Then, select your Advertising objective from the campaign space. Please note that the search ads toggle is only available if your objectives are Web conversions, Lead generation, Traffic, or App Promotion. Once you’ve made your selection, click on Continue.

choose advertising objective

In the Placements section, you will see a toggle that allows you to include your ads in search results. By default, this toggle will be turned on when you create a campaign. If you don’t want your ads to appear in search results, simply turn off the toggle.

switch tiktok search ads toggle

After turning on the TikTok Search ads toggle, creating a complete ad is straightforward. You follow the same process as you would for an in-feed ad, providing the necessary information for Audience targeting, Budget & Schedule, and Bidding & Optimization. It’s important to note that even with the search ads toggle enabled, your ad’s buying type will still be Auction

Features and reporting 

To effectively enhance your search ads’ performance, TikTok Ads Manager generates reports that provide insights into important metrics of the popular search terms that are relevant to your ads like cost, impressions, and clicks. These insights can be leveraged to enhance the strength and efficiency of your ads.

  • In your campaign management dashboard, select the campaign you want to review. 
  • Next, click View data
  • Click on Search to access insights related to search terms related to your business.
reporting search terms
Source: TikTok Business Help Center

You can also ensure your brand’s safety from undesirable search results by importing a list of Negative keywords into your reporting. These negative keywords are the ones you don’t want to appear in search results when users search for them.

Negative keywords
Source: TikTok Business Help Center

To distinguish and compare the performance of your ads in different placements, such as in-feed and search result pages, you can create a Custom report. Follow these steps: 

  • Go to Analytics and select Custom Report
  • Then, click Create to generate a new custom report. 
  • Lastly, in the Targeting section under Dimensions, choose Ad type.

Now, you can view metrics separately for search and in-feed ads. Please note that not all metrics are supported in Search Ads Toggle reporting, and those unsupported metrics will be greyed out.

Want to see how this TikTok search ads toggle works in action? We got you covered! Here is a quick and easy-to-follow guideline for beginners who aim to maximize ad visibility with this new feature.

How can TikTok search ads toggle support business performance?

The Search Ads Toggle is another fantastic solution provided by TikTok to help you expand your reach and connect with highly interested potential customers. According to TikTok’s studies, when businesses test out the Search Ads Toggle, a significant 70% of them experience improved ad performance and higher conversions in searches compared to not using this feature.

Curious to see how brands have harnessed this feature for success? Let us walk you through two success stories from brands that have tested it out.

DIBS Beauty

Picture this: it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you’re a business on TikTok. You decide to use the Search Ads Toggle, and boom, magic happens! Just like DIBS Beauty did, you get your cool video front and center when people are actively searching for your stuff. 

DIBS beauty example

The result? A bunch more people buy your products (8% more to be exact), your conversion rate goes through the roof (six times higher than before), and you’re spending way less to get each new customer (that’s 22% less moolah). In a nutshell, using the Search Ads Toggle during big shopping events is like getting a VIP pass to shoppers who are already interested in your goods, and that’s a recipe for ad success! 

Clinique UK

Take a look at Clinique UK. The brand switched on TikTok Search Ads and saw a significant boost in their brand’s performance. According to TikTok’s report, they experienced a whopping 441% increase in purchases and a cool 51% more clicks on their ads. What’s more, their ads became more memorable, with a 7.4% increase in recall.

clinique UK example

The campaign, with this feature activated, highlighted the importance of targeting the right audience. By showing their ads to people genuinely interested in their products, the brand significantly increased its chances of making sales to TikTok users.

Enjoy the power of TikTok targeting ads 

You now have all you need to run the best ads, effectively reaching your desired audience using TikTok Search Ads Toggle. This small step can optimize your ad results, increasing your brand’s visibility on the platform and driving real sales.
To complete your TikTok targeted ads journey, we recommend combining this feature with the right TikTok ads targeting options. Trust us, this combo will lead you to the most success on this platform. So don’t hesitate; start your journey now!


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