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TikTok Collection Ads: Amazing TikTok Feature for E-commerce

TikTok Collection Ads

Being TikTok’s latest ad format, TikTok Collection Ads is still a perfect playground for your brand to discover and invest your marketing budget. The community (TikTok users and also other businesses) is hungry to see what amazing videos you’re going to make and how you can harness the potential of TikTok Collection Ads.

There’s no better way to increase your brand performance, and become a trendsetter than using TikTok Collection Ads. We bet you’ve seen at least one famous brand that leverages this ad format and achieves huge success.  

This ultimate TikTok Collection Ads guide is made for all types of businesses, even a small business or large company will find this useful for their TikTok marketing strategy.

What are TikTok Collection Ads?

Collection Ads is a TikTok ad format that allows users to discover and browse products in a full-screen mobile experience. By creating your Collection Ads, you have a chance to drive more traffic to an Instant Gallery Page – a place for TikTok users to discover a collection of your products without leaving the app. 

Your Instant Gallery Page appears immediately when TikTokers taps any of the interactive elements in your ads. From there, they can choose their desired products in the brand’s catalog and then head to the website to continue their purchase journey. 

Otherwise, Collection Ads is one of the TikTok Ad formats that is totally dedicated to e-commerce business. However, please note that Collection Ads is recently testing and is not available for all users. 

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Collection Ads combine a TikTok ad with a fast-loading shoppable gallery! 🛍️ Link in bio to learn more #AdTok

♬ original sound – TikTok For Business – TikTok For Business

Pros of TikTok Collection Ads

Product exploration on mobile application 

Created for e-commerce business, TikTok Collection Ads, with all the unique attributes of TikTok Ads (full-screen, vertical, and sound on), makes the buying process easier than ever for customers and also for brands. 

Thanks to a well-designed Instant Gallery Page, users can quickly find and discover the relevant products they are interested in. All the detailed information is clearly organized with beautifully illustrated images, so even a low-tech customer can explore the favored products. Otherwise, an outstanding Gallery Page will keep your audience immersing themselves in your brand’s product. 


Product exploration on mobile application 
Source: TikTok

Unique experience for each user 

TikTok Collection Ads is a feature that strikes at personalized product recommendations. Each TikTok user will see different products in the brand’s Instant Gallery Page depending on how relevant they are for each visitor. This specific point ensures the right customer will discover the right product at the right time. It’s extremely helpful to boost purchasing ability and therefore generate more revenue. 

Apart from customized product recommendations, TikTok Collection Ads offer amazing buying experiences for customers. Since the entry point is also in-feed video advertising, they don’t have to wait for a landing page to load. Really useful, this experience can successfully drive action by making the visitors feel agreeable and engaged much more effectively than other ad formats. 

Unique experience for each user 

Cons of TikTok Collection Ads

Despite all the unique benefits given by TikTok Collection Ads, you should consider its drawback before deciding to invest your money. Using this type of TikTok Ad, you are not able to take advantage of the User-generated content (UGC) – content about a brand that its users create, rather than the brand itself. This signature has the power to make a winning video on TikTok by creating a higher engagement and delivering a message more effectively. 

On the flip side, TikTok Collection Ads also lack audience interaction – a key element that cannot be ignored in marketing strategy. If you aim to create a campaign to gain more viewers and comments, TikTok Collection Ads is definitely not a perfect choice. 

TikTok Collection Ads Specs

Before digging into this type of TikTok Advertising, you should note TikTok Collection Ads Specs to make sure your video work well:

  • Maximum TikTok video length: 5-16 seconds
  • Aspect Ratio of In-Feed video: 9:16
  • Recommended Resolution: 720 x 1280 px, 640 x 640 px or 1280 x 720 px
  • File Size: <500 MB
  • File Types: .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, or .avi

How to create TikTok Collection Ads on TikTok Ads Manager

In general, to create a successful Collection Ads, you need to complete three essential steps including:

  1. Set up your Catalog: While creating a Catalog on TikTok Ads Manager, you can automatically import your product information to your gallery. It is an optional choice but highly recommended. 
  2. Create Collection Ads: In this step, you will go through the process of publishing the campaign and building your Instant Gallery Page. 
  3. Publish Collection Ads and ad review: After creating your Collection Ads, you need to publish them and wait for an ad review.

Step 1: Set up your catalog

Before starting to invest in TikTok Collection Ads, don’t forget to create a TikTok Business Account to have access to TikTok Ads Manager. 

A catalog is a wonderful place to upload and manage major information about your products, including product descriptions, images, videos, links, sizes and more. 

If you still wonder about how to create a catalog on TikTok, here are five main steps:

  • Create a Catalog 
  • Upload Products 
  • Manage a Catalog 
  • Connect Event Sources 
  • Generate Video Packages
Create a catalog
Create a catalog

After creating your catalog and uploading all the product details, you are ready to move to the following step: create Collection Ads. 

Step 2: Create Collection Ads

Set up the campaign

The process of setting up your campaign can be broken down into eight simple steps. 

  1. Login to TikTok Ads Manager and create a new campaign. 

2. Set up the Advertising Objective for your Collection Ads: you need to select between Traffic or Conversions

Set Advertising objective
  1. For the Ad Group, choose Website as the Promotion Type, then select a pixel and an Optimization Event
Choose Promotion type
Choose Promotion type

And then elect the same collection as your catalog Targeting Location under Targeting and Demographics.

Select targeting mode
Select targeting mode
  1. Complete the remaining options for your Ad Group.

5. Create your TikTok Collection Ads in the next step.

6. Finally, in the Ad Setup section, select Use Recommended Combination as the Ad Format and select Collection Ads as the Attachment Experience.

Select Collection Ads
Select Collection Ads

  1. Fill your Ad Details with your video, display name text, and profile image. 
Fill your Ad Details
Fill your Ad Details

  1. Click Create Instant Experience to open the Instant Gallery Page Editor and configure your Instant Gallery Page.
Attach experience
Attach experience

An Instant Gallery Page is an important part of TikTok Collection Ads that present your marketing strategy by presenting a list of your products. The only step in creating your gallery is to add your product. You can complete this step in two simple ways. Keep in mind that both ways require at least 4 deliverable products and more.  

  • Select products from your catalog:

From the Instant Gallery Page Editor, you need to: 

  1. For the Product Import Method under Product Information, choose Select From Catalog.
Select From Catalog
Select From Catalog

2. Select the Product Catalog you want to include on your Instant Gallery Page. In case there are not any Product Sets in your catalog, choose All Products. 

3. Choose your catalog’s Targeting Location same as the Targeting Location for the Ad Group.

4. Choose your desired product order between 

  • Dynamic Order: This order will show your products based on their relevance to the visitor. You need to add at least 4 products to enable this function. If not, your gallery page will display exactly as it is in the preview. 
  • Specific Order: You are allowed to set up the display order for your products. 
Choose your desired product order
Choose your desired product order
  1. Enter the Button URL for your Instant Gallery Page’s call to action button. This will drive your audience to a page where they can explore the products displayed on your gallery page. 
Enter the Button URL
Enter the Button URL
  1. Click Complete to finish your Instant Gallery Page.
  • Manually add products to a gallery

From the Instant Gallery Page Editor, you need to:

  1. For the Product Import Method under Product Information, choose Manually Add Products.
Manually add products
Manually add products

2. Choose a Default Currency for your product price.

Choose a default currency
Choose a default currency

3. Choose your catalog’s Targeting Location same as the Targeting Location for the Ad Group. If you want to change the location after adding products, the information about existing products can’t be saved.

Choose your targeting location
Choose your targeting location
  1. Under the Product List, click +Add Product and update the following information for each product:
  • Image: Upload an image presenting your product. Do note that the image size is >600 x 600 pixels (quare aspect ratio), the image format is JPG, PNG, or JPEG with the recommended file size <5MB.
  • Name 
  • Price
  • URL: Keep in mind to enter the URL of the website where visitors can buy the item. 
Update the product information
Update the product information
  1. Arrange the desired order of your products.

6. Enter the Button URL for your Instant Gallery Page’s call to action button. This will drive your audience to a page where they can explore the products displayed on your gallery page. 

Enter the Button URL
Enter the Button URL

7. Click Complete to finish the configuration of your Instant Gallery Page.

One tip for all marketers is to leverage the display card safe zone to build the in-feed ads creatives for Collection Ads. 

TikTok Collection Ads safe zone
TikTok Collection Ads safe zone – Source: TikTok

Step 3: Publish Collection Ads and ad review

The next step after creating your Instant Gallery Page is publishing your ads by clicking Submit on the Ad module. Your Collection Ads will go through a review process. A little bit different from other types of TikTok Ads, each product in your gallery, or in your catalog that does not pass the ad review will not be displayed in your Collection Ads or on your Instant Gallery Page. 

3 winning TikTok Collection Ads examples to steal


JACK & JONES was developed as a jeanswear brand in Denmark. Until now, they have become the largest business unit in the BESTSELLER A/S group with their 800+ stores, through and thousands of wholesale partners across the world.

TikTok Collection Ads are one of the top elements that spread brand awareness and generate more revenue. With a well-designed interface and clear information in an Instant Gallery Page, all the fashion police couldn’t take their eyes off JACK & JONES products and didn’t hesitate to buy more clothes. 

JACK & JONES TikTok Collection Ads

ELF brand

ELF Cosmetics is an international cosmetics brand that aims to create innovative makeup for the eyes, lips and face. All the products are guaranteed high quality and affordable prices. 

To spread ELF products all over the world, the brand decided to invest the budget into TikTok Collection Ads. By using this ad, they have successfully created a winning video where their products are at center stage. Thanks to TikTok Collection Ads, viewers discovered all the products. Any cosmetic lover couldn’t pass up their lip gloss, face primer, eyeliner and much more.


Reply to @evruiz3 If you listen enough times, it actually does kinda slap 🥵

♬ original sound – elfyeah


MAKE UP FOR EVER is a collective of makeup artists co-creating high-performance products and services. They started to make professional-quality products in 1984 and their products have convinced all types of consumers.  

MAKE UP FOR EVER decided to launch a campaign to raise brand awareness and introduce their products to new potential customers. To attain these two objectives, the brand has chosen TikTok In-feed Ads and Collection Ads which give them a promising chance to create shoppable content for their audience without leaving the app. 

Collection Ads created by MAKE UP FOR EVER – Source: TikTok

After three weeks, MAKE UP FOR EVER received a 94% increase in conversion rate and a 51% decrease in cost-per-action. TikTok Collection Ads played a major role in the campaign’s success. 

Start running your first TikTok Collection Ads

TikTok Collection Ads is a great tool to increase conversion rate and attract more new potential customers. Its benefits will satisfy all the brand strategies and even the most difficult customer. Despite all the fantastic advantages, this ad format is really easy to use, so don’t worry if you don’t have extensive knowledge in the area of technology. 

It’s time for you to create your best TikTok Collection Ads ever! In case you need more guidance about how to maximize its performance, feel free to contact our experts or try out our new product NestAds – TikTok Advertising Management Software. 


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