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TikTok Clothing Ads: How to Create & Boost TikTok Ad Creative

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Fashion trends have always come and gone. They still come and go these days, of course, but the pace of them is much different than it used to be. Particularly among the Gen-Z crowd, one component that could be attributed to this behavior is none other than the social media platform TikTok. For that reason, TikTok clothing ads can be great chances for apparel brands to grab the opportunity this time.

In this article, we provide essential tips and creative insights directly from TikTok, ensuring your business stands out on this popular social media platform. If you’re new to TikTok and eager to maximize your brand’s visibility, then this article is absolutely all you need to enhance your TikTok clothing ad strategy. Let’s discover the must-follow guidelines for TikTok clothing ads and unlock the secrets to creating impactful TikTok clothing ads right now!

TikTok clothing ads essential guidelines

Before you begin, it is critical to understand the essentials. TikTok has observed that by following these crucial practices, performance advertisers can greatly enhance the effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of their ad spending. By following these practices, you will substantially increase your chances of improving average ads performance.

  • The length: the video should always last more than 10s.
  • Video quality: the quality of the ads should not be below 720P.
  • Vertically formatted: A vertical video is made in portrait mode and has a 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • Soundtrack: you always include audio, no matter what.
TikTok clothing ads essential guidelines
Source: TikTok

TikTok clothing ads: The best recipe for success campaigns 

For TikTok clothing ads, you need to be unique and outstanding from the competitors to boost your brand image or sales. Of course “being unique” can be challenging and intimidating if you are not familiar with the TikTok platform. That’s where these insights can step in to help. To be more precise, these insights can be divided into 3 parts: 

  • Video formats
  • Visual and audio elements
  • Creative script 

Diverse video formats and ideas

Graphic & Text

Here are 3 important parts to deliver your brand stories in a simple and effective way:

  • Winning video hook: Highlight pricing & promotion information in the first 3 seconds.
  • Memorable key message: Show a wide variety of SKUs (Stock keeping units) through a series of product images.
  • Amazing outro: Include a CTA and brand logo.

Introducing… 🎀 The Pure Vigilance 2.0 🤯 Get The EXCLUSIVE Styles B4 They’re Gone 4Ever❕

♬ –
Example of Graphic & Text ad

However, if you’re new to TikTok, it’s advisable to hold off on adopting this technique for now. Instead, focus on consistently showcasing your unique selling point (USP) and cultivating a dedicated community. While this creative pattern is popular among direct-to-consumer brands, it’s not recommended for early-stage TikTok presentations. Instead, prioritize delivering your USP and building a loyal following.

To increase your visibility on the For You Page and attract more users, take advantage of trending audio and effects. If your brand offers a wide range of products, this creative pattern can be particularly beneficial. We’ve observed its effectiveness when you have a lot to showcase. Additionally, for your TikTok clothing ads, consider incorporating banners or stickers to highlight essential information and capture attention with your creativity. For further inspiration, explore the “Special Effects” creative pattern.

Product Showcase

Before buying, most customers want a clear picture of what your product looks like and, more importantly, how it can solve their problems. How will that shirt really look on a live person who is moving and sitting? How can I use that app to find the best service provider and quickly schedule an appointment? 

That’s why a good introduction is an effective way to show the unique point of your product and can increase conversions. Here are some amazing ideas to create a product showcase to captivate buyers.  

How about focusing on a single product? It’s highly recommended to introduce your product in the first 3-6 seconds and its selling point or design details and insert CTA and logo brand at the end.

The second option is to show multiple products. It is the Same recipe above but with a little twist: Describe the collection’s concept first so viewers know what to expect.

Moreover, the concept of unboxing/opening packages will walk viewers through the enjoyable process of opening a package while displaying the items and their aesthetic appeal. Suggest caption: “[your brand name] haul”, “What I got from [your brand name]”, etc.


Look at what I just got from Nununu!

♬ Promoted Music – Nununu

Whatever options you choose to apply in your ad, you should always add CTA and your brand logo at the end.

Community engagement

Content creators and their experiences are the central themes of this practice.

The product comparison concept is about creators displaying the products and their benefits in real situations and comparing them to similar products from other brands. The key detail is pointing out how the product outperforms competitors.

The second option is to solve a problem. At first, creators will show the problems and then the solution with your products while adding a personal story to build trust with viewers. Within the opening 3-6 seconds, they should emphasize an issue or difficulty.

Tapping into communities is a great way for the target audiences from specific TikTok communities that you know will need your products. You should show them how your products connect with the traits of that community. You can find a suitable community for your products through hashtags such as #fashiontok, #runners (for sports clothes), #y2k, #ootd, etc.

Additionally, the endorsement method brings up how reliable examples represent the items or how the products are connected to something significant that can draw people in and increase credibility.

The step-by-step guides will help you break down how the products were made and what audience benefits from your products.

Example of “Step by step” ad

A variety of viewpoints can be the highlight of your ads, so giving perspectives will demonstrate that the brand has solid support from many people. Observing the product in various circumstances helps users understand how and when to use it.

Try it on

Implementing TikTok clothing ads provides a creative and compelling strategy to swiftly showcase product launches, ideas, or advice. While illustrating the product in an appealing manner, this type of storytelling enables the creators to approach their viewers directly.

Many people find it difficult to mix and match some specific fashion items so the “Style an item” option can be very helpful and approachable. You need to introduce one item and the concept or situation that viewers might be in. This tactic will highlight how versatile your products are.


Not a want, A NEED! 😍🔥 find the baggy drawtie pant online & instore now #factoriefitcheck #factoriehaul

♬ original sound – Factorie
Example of “style an item” ad

The “Create a lookbook” option is a great way to showcase your entire collection. In order to apply this tactic, you should create a story in a quick and relatable way, for example: “How I dress at the wedding”, “My outfit for the first day back to school”, “What I wear in the Holiday week”, etc.

Want to go back to the good old way? Video has the concept “Before vs. After” is the classic answer to distract and highlight the strength of your product.


#SKIMS Shapewear before & after, as seen on @isabelladuder

♬ BRRRRR (CALL UP) – Trevor Bietz
Example of “Before vs. After” ad

If you want to personalize your goods by showing how they appear in real life which allows consumers to picture themselves wearing the product, you should try out the “Virtual vs. Real” concept. It may be recognized on your website thanks to the digital image. You can add other sizes, colors, or shapes of the item to encourage customers to check them out.

Creative storytelling

Behind the scenes: Behind the scenes method about the genuine “story” behind a company is frequently what the TikTok community finds most exciting. Use this chance to explain your brand’s narrative, promote its true personality and values, and create a community of fans. Remember to keep it transparent, authentic, and exciting!

Example of a BTS ad

The skits option is performed by content creators of your brand. Their individual self-expression through various skits and settings can give your business a memorable touch that will draw in more customers.
To be more creative and consider many viewpoints, try to insert unexpected perspectives when telling your narrative to an audience. Even if the topic or standpoint you choose for your video is unexpected, it should perform as a natural way to deliver your main message. They can be about experiences with the products, documentaries, or even interviews with strangers on the street.


JBalvin’s charisma and charm inspire his 2022 #MetGala look with RalphLauren.

♬ original sound – Ralph Lauren

Visual and audio elements

There are many ways you can create visuals and audio for your ad. For the visuals, special effects from TikTok can be a lifesaver. In the TikTok Video Editor, you can find various features such as transitions, stickers, animation, text, etc. Besides these features in-app, the image that you put should be considered and planned. For example, if you want to run a holiday campaign, the shoot setting should follow a consistent theme around that holiday.

Example of Visual for Fashion Ad

In terms of the audio, make use of the TikTok Creative Center to find soundtracks that are popular on TikTok. Grab your audience’s curiosity and give them the finest TikTok experience possible by tapping on what’s already popular and trending. For instance, you can use the lyrics from songs that relate to your products in some ways to emphasize the key message of your ads. People might find your video through sound when you insert trendy tunes in your content. Use trending songs to increase discoverability and your chances of being recognized.

Example of Audio for Fashion Ad

Creative script for TikTok Fashion Ads

Always remember to write with your audience in mind while writing your video content. Consider the following questions: 

  • How do they need to be handled? 
  • What appeals to them? 

Keep it interesting and enjoyable for clothes advertising by inserting appropriate humor, mood, and attitude.

Script structure

A script may be divided into three sections in terms of flow: the beginning, the middle, and the end. Each component should have a distinct function and contain information that fits the overall video.

TikTok clothing ads script structure
Source: TikTok
  • Beginning: The first 3-6 seconds of your advertisement are extremely important. Make the most of this opportunity by capturing your viewers with a strong, attention-grabbing hook that tempts them to continue watching.
  • Middle: Following the hook, offer your key message to your potential customers in a clear, simple, and memorable approach. It’s also essential that your key message be naturally and consistently linked to your product.
  • CTA: Finish with a short and straightforward CTA that they should be able to complete as a next step right after seeing your content.

Creative tips for script-writing

  • Content hooks: an intriguing title (for example, “TikTok made me buy this!”) or a unique visual in thumbnails can be considered successful content hooks.
  • Key message: The key message of your ads should include one of these options: Product information/Selling point, Social proof, Promotional info, and Unique service.
  • CTA: You should utilize one of these effective CTA that is suggested by TikTok: Solution + CTA, Promotion + CTA, Clear guidance + CTA, Product efficacy + CTA, High sales volume + CTA

5 tips for boosting TikTok clothing ads quality and performance

To elevate the quality and performance of your TikTok clothing ads, consider implementing the following strategies:

Focusing on creative quantity

To optimize TikTok clothing ads, emphasize creative quantity by distributing content across multiple ad groups, each featuring 3-5 distinct creatives. This approach not only facilitates experimentation with diverse concepts but also assists TikTok’s algorithm in discerning and adapting to your audience’s preferences. By presenting a variety of creatives, you enhance the chances of discovering the most resonant content that captures your audience’s attention and boosts overall ad performance.

Boosting creative diversity

Enhance the effectiveness of your clothing ads on TikTok by regularly infusing creative diversity into your campaigns. Refresh your content with new materials at intervals to sustain viewer interest and elevate the chances of discovering a standout ad that resonates with your audience. Embracing variety in your creative approach not only captivates viewers but also ensures a dynamic and engaging presence on TikTok, contributing to sustained interest and potential campaign success.

Implementing and configuring the TikTok pixel

Elevate your website’s performance by implementing and configuring the TikTok pixel. This essential step not only attracts new visitors but also ensures seamless data synchronization with the advertising portal for refined targeting.

Implementing and configuring the TikTok pixel

The TikTok pixel provides advanced data tracking, offering valuable insights into user engagement on your site. This data facilitates precise conversion measurement, streamlined ad campaign optimization, and a deeper understanding of your audience. Additionally, the ability to create custom audience segments and retarget users enhances the overall effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Collaborating with influencers

Unlock the full potential of TikTok clothing ads by strategically collaborating with influencers. This partnership brings numerous advantages, leveraging the influencer’s engaged audience, utilizing user-generated content for building customer trust and enhancing brand awareness through authentic and targeted promotions. Collaborative avenues include influencer brand ambassadorships, product promotion through affiliate links, and sponsored content partnerships. To ensure success, careful selection of influencers aligned with the brand’s subculture and values is paramount, maximizing the potential for increased conversion rates and overall campaign success.

Creating User-Generated Content

Harness the vibrant creativity of the TikTok community by actively encouraging users to generate and share content showcasing your clothing products. User-generated content on TikTok is a potent tool for fashion brands, offering a cost-effective means to boost brand awareness, drive sales, and foster trust and loyalty among customers. As users eagerly engage with fresh and exciting content, the ripple effect of user-generated posts becomes a dynamic force in expanding the reach and solidifying a positive brand connection within the TikTok ecosystem.

3 successful examples of TikTok clothing ads


One of successful TikTok clothing ads examples is Murci –  the UK-based luxury fashion brand. Murci’s case study objectives centered on enhancing its digital presence and driving sales through TikTok advertising. Focused on attracting a target audience of women aged 18 to 35 interested in fashion, the objectives included improving conversions, increasing sales from both new and existing audiences and capitalizing on TikTok’s dynamic platform for robust marketing results.


Our cowl neck floral maxi is perfect for summer nights #murci #maxidress

♬ original sound – Murci
Murci – TikTok clothing ads example

Murci’s solution involved leveraging TikTok’s advertising tools, specifically Spark Ads and Video Shopping Ads for Catalog. Tailored for its target audience, the strategy included retargeting campaigns and showcasing new collection footage to boost engagement and conversions.

The results:

  • Achieved a remarkable 13.78 ROAS from conversion campaigns and 16.15 ROAS from prospecting campaigns
  • Decreased CPA from £4.88 to £4.23
  • Raise conversion rate from 7.18% to an impressive 9.20%.

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters embarked on a TikTok clothing ad campaign in 2023 with the overarching objective of amplifying brand visibility and boosting online sales. As a renowned portfolio of distinctive, beloved, and enduring brands, their focus extended to showcasing high-quality, on-trend apparel, intimates, activewear, accessories, and personal care products to engage and captivate the TikTok audience.


Fellas what’s cooler than being cool? 🥶🧊 Which ‘fit was your fave?

♬ Dj Hendaklah Cari Penganti Remix Viral Tik Tok – Dj Rizal
American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters addressed its TikTok fashion ads objectives through a multifaceted solution. Collaborating with TikTok creators under the hashtag #AExME, the brand encouraged user-generated content, fostering inclusivity and diversity. 

The results:

  • Garnered 1.2 billion views for the video, showcasing extensive reach.
  • Soared online sales by 25%, a testament to campaign efficacy.
  • Gained positive feedback commended brand inclusivity and diversity

Dippin’ Daisy’s

Dippin’ Daisy’s, a women-owned swimwear company known for well-fitting, sustainable, and high-quality products, sought to enhance its digital presence and boost sales through TikTok advertising. The brand, established in 2012, aimed to increase conversion events per week, elevate brand awareness on TikTok, and maintain a steady CPA of $25-$30 with a minimum 3x ROAS, showcasing a strategic approach to both visibility and profitability on the platform.

Dippin’ Daisy’s

Dippin’ Daisy’s implemented a comprehensive solution leveraging TikTok’s native ad format, Spark Ads. This approach seamlessly integrated organic content into advertising, enhancing brand recognition and running conversion campaigns under the brand’s organic account handle. Emphasizing engaging and organic UGC, Dippin’ Daisy’s collaborated with relevant creators, deviating from content repurposing strategies.

The results:

  • Increased overall ROAS from 3.5x to an impressive 8x on average.
  • Generated over 6,000 purchases, showcasing the substantial impact on sales.
  • Maintained a steady CPA within the ideal margins of $25-$30.
  • Heightened brand recognition and increased sales on the platform.

Why wait? Try these creative practices on your TikTok clothing ads now!

Now that you have acquired all the essential tricks and skills, you are ready to create high-converting TikTok creatives for your fashion ad campaigns. By following the essential guidelines and incorporating creative strategies, you can captivate your target audience and drive engagement with your fashion brand. 

If you’re new to TikTok ads or struggle to manage and track the effectiveness of your creatives in conjunction with your ads, decipher customer resonance, and pinpoint areas for enhancement., NestAds has your back! NestAds offers a revolutionary solution, providing in-depth creative analytics that goes beyond platform limitations. Gain valuable insights into the performance of your creatives from multiple platforms, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for future developments. Elevate your advertising game with NestAds – where creativity meets comprehensive analysis.


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