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6 Small Business TikTok Success Stories to Get Inspired

small business TikTok success stories

Social media is a wonderful channel for many small businesses to make their dream come true and TikTok is no exception. TikTok gives you the space to spread your creativity and scale your business into something sustainable.

Lessons learned from other small business TikTok success stories can give you a whole new picture if your business is still in the idea phase or has been just operating. Let’s dig into some interesting stories to find inspiration and spark creativity!

Why TikTok is suitable for small businesses?

Known as a game changer in the social media marketing space, TikTok is an ideal place for small businesses to show their potential. Regarding the algorithm, TikTok is a recommendation system that determines the videos on your For You Page based on your viewing preferences. It gives you the ability to go viral and gain a million views even when you were an unrecognized brand. 

Otherwise, instead of being a “trendy dance app”, TikTok has transformed into a platform for creativity that supports e-commerce. It means that you have a chance to find your target audience and reach future customers by using TikTok shopping features for business. For example, TikTok has recently collaborated with Shopify to create TikTok Shopping which allows Shopify merchants to set up a Shopping tab on their profile.

To raise more brand awareness, you can also take advantage of various TikTok Ads depending on your budget, your customer segments, etc. A lot of small brands harnessed the potential of TikTok to make their business boom. 

4 tips to make your business go viral on TikTok

When it comes to TikTok, all the latest trends always stay on top of mind. A TikTok trend is a viral short video created by a lot of users with popular features, sounds, hashtags, dances or challenges. Using a TikTok trend is an awesome content strategy to connect with your target audience. 

TikTok hashtag is a tool to categorize and allow your content to appear in front of TikTokers who aren’t already following your brand. When you use them exactly, you can extend your reach beyond your followers and attract more potential customers. 

Interact with your followers and other TikTokers

TikTok is all about connecting with others, so to expand your exposure, don’t forget to interact with your followers or other TikTok creators. By replying to comments you receive on your videos, you can create a sense of community and increase deeper engagement with your audience.

Collaborate with other content creators

Apart from posting videos and interacting with other TikTokers, another way to make your brand viral is to coordinate with famous TikTok content creators. A win-win situation for both is helpful to improve your follower count and increase content visibility. 

6 Inspiring small business TikTok success stories

Enchanted Scrunch by Dasha Derkach

When it comes to small business TikTok success stories, Enchanted Scrunch by Dasha Derkach stays in the first place. After initially promoting through Instagram, Dasha Derkarch – a young 14-year-old teenage girl decided to choose TikTok as her marketing channel of priority.

Known as a platform that supports e-commerce, TikTok did not disappoint her and helped Dasha Derkarch to achieve her goals. Thanks to TikTok, she has gained approximately 90% of her overall sales compared to 10% coming from Instagram and Pinterest.

Posting regular videos and answering all the user’s questions, Dasha’s scrunchie brand is now so successful with over 170K followers and almost 500 orders a week. Before TikTok, she only got around 2 orders a week. It’s really inspiring to other young boys and girls to start their businesses. 

Lala Hijabs by Sana and Will Saleh

The story of Sana and Will Sale is also about a small business that finds success on TikTok. During the pandemic, a lot of people from small to big businesses have found their homes on TikTok, Sana and Will Saled were no exception. They started to share their designs of unique tie-dyed hijabs just for fun and the reaction from their followers surprised them. 

After one night with one viral TikTok video, the couple gained 100,000 followers and reached a lot of users who have interest in their product. They have begun to launch Lala Hijabs relying heavily on TikTok as their primary marketing medium. 

To grow their brand awareness, Sana and Will Saleh chose to create behind-the-scenes content, hijab tutorials and product launches. In the first stage, all of the traffic to their website was organic from TikTok and until now, they received over 144K followers and 4.2 million likes with 60% of sales coming from this platform. 

Candy Funhouse by Jamal Hejazi

Jamal Hejazi has unlocked the magic of TikTok to foster community and develop his brick-and-mortar store online. TikTok has incredibly boosted brand awareness and driven more organic traffic to the Candy Funhouse website. Since launching and deeply investing in TikTok, the store’s account now receives a huge number of followers: 2.7 million.  

Compared to different TikTok content strategies, Jamal Hejazi truly focused on his audience and created videos that any candy lover would enjoy watching until the end instead of skipping. Candy Funhouse went viral for the first time as a company via a fan’s review.

Before that, its first viral video that recapped a customer’s order being packed up for shipping reached 30K followers. Candy Funhouse has undoubtedly become a leader for all things candy on social media and especially on TikTok. 

Street Brew Coffee by Caitlin Campbell

Caitlin Campbell has successfully built a unique identity for her small business Street Brew Coffee through short coffee videos. Focusing on all things caffeinated, her video was simply shot but showed an amazing experience for all coffee lovers around the world. TikTokers could discover basic and also advanced knowledge – from how to do an iced Kitkat latte or a perfect cup of pour-over coffee to the best budget coffee setup.

Since launching, Street Brew Coffee has now hit more than 900K followers and 20M video likes. In order to effectively build a TikTok account for business, Caitlin’s only tip is to post daily and show up every day. You shouldn’t start one, ghost after a while, and then come back because this could harm your relationship with your audience.  

Nice Shirt. Thanks! By Hayden Rankin and Mason Manning 

A little bit different from Street Brew Coffee, for Nice Shirt. Thanks!, it takes only one moment to make a brand bloom. Hayden Rankin and Mason Manning have been best friends since grade school and wanted to gather money to buy a school bus for road trips.

In November 2020, Hayden Rankin and Mason Manning posted a TikTok about their business idea: making shirts based on short statements that customers want (a phrase, facts about yourself, etc.). This idea met the demand of TikTokers of different ages and got more than 1.5M views with 370.000 likes.

Two years after launching, Nice Shirt. Thanks! has more than 440,000 TikTok followers with 7,7M likes and 400,000 collaborated designers. This small business success story of two young boys is definitely relatable to TikTok – a perfect platform to turn your small business into a TikTok success story. 

Slate & Tell 

Last but not least, take a look at Slate & Tell – a truly small business TikTok success story. It’s a personalized jewelry brand that creates rings, charms, necklaces, and bracelets based on your own story. 

With the aim of reaching peak selling moments during the holiday season, the independent jewelry brand intended to increase consumers’ awareness and consideration of their product with the ultimate goal of achieving a 2X return on ad budget within six months.

Slate & Tell (Source: TikTok)

By launching a holiday season campaign with a series of In-Feed Ads, Slate & Tell has totally achieved its goal with 4M followers and 1,000 single session add-to-carts. Thanks to TikTok Ad, Slate & Tell had a chance to improve its business scale and increase sales revenue.

Create your own business success story on TikTok  

TikTok is an amazing platform for small brands aiming to build a brand and raise more awareness. The key to turning TikTok into a business is to listen to your audience and create content that is suitable for your brand and also your target customer. Hope that you can learn from those 6 small business TikTok success stories presented!

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