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How to Add a Link to the TikTok Bio & Drive more Website Traffic?

How to add link to TikTok bio

No matter what social media platform you’re on, a bio is an essential component to give customers a glimpse of your brand. There are some kinds of information that should be included in the bio as a brand name, quote, CTA, or short sentences to describe your products. 

Specifically, in this article, we focus on one of the most essential attributes in your TikTok bio: the link directing customers to the brand’s website. Keep reading to learn more about the process of adding a link to the TikTok bio. 

“Link in bio” is the URL in the bio section of most social media profiles. And just like any other social networking platform, TikTok also offers a function that allows users to include a link in their bio. It refers to the link that stays at the very top of a creator’s profile page which captures the attention of users and can lead them to your destination page.

TikTok users often leverage their bio link on TikTok to send viewers to

  • Official website
  • Other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram
  • Landing page
  • Online store
  • Blog

Why you should add a link to your TikTok bio?

Drive more traffic to your website

One of the obvious benefits of a bio link on TikTok is driving more organic traffic from your profile page to your website. By putting a link to your TikTok bio, you will give your audiences a good place to find more information about your business. In this way, you have the power to get users one step closer to making a sale. 

Easily engage with your audiences

With a clickable TikTok bio link, all brands can direct their profile visitors to their destination page and encourage them to learn more about their products, their missions and visions.

Skyrocket your sales

TikTok bio link is one of the greatest ways to reach new audiences and convert them into paying customers. Otherwise, this tool can also increase your repeat customers. Remember that your bio link is the only clickable on your TikTok profile where users will discover more about you.

If you have understood all the amazing benefits of adding a link to your TikTok bio, don’t hesitate to make the most of this link. Let’s discover how to get a link on your TikTok bio!

After getting a whole picture of TikTok bio link, you definitely want to add a link to your TikTok profile. However, you need to meet some TikTok requirements to do it in a smooth way.

A TikTok business account is a must to add a link to your TikTok bio. To add a website link to your TikTok profile page, you need to meet two requirements: 

  • Your account needs to be the TikTok business account 
  •  You need to reach 1000+ TikTok followers

If you already have 1,000 followers or more, all you need to do now is convert to a business account. Let’s follow our five steps shown below to quickly add a link to your TikTok bio:

Step 1: Access your TikTok profile

TikTok profile
TikTok profile

First, you need to open the TikTok app and tap on Profile at the bottom right of the screen. In this way, you can easily access your TikTok profile page.

Step 2: Find Settings and Privacy

TikTok setup
TikTok setup

After opening the TikTok app and accessing your profile, let’s click the three lines in the top-right corner, then choose Settings and Privacy.

Step 3: Switch to Business Account 

Switch to Business Account 
Switch to Business Account 

To switch your personal account to TikTok Business account, click Manage account, then tap Switch to Business Account.

Step 4: Go back to your TikTok Profile

Once you have a business account, let’s go back to Homepage and Profile in the right corner and move to the next step.

Step 5: Add your TikTok bio link

Add link in TikTok bio
Add link in TikTok bio

This is the final step to add your TikTok bio link. Click Edit Profile, then add your link in the website option.

With these five steps, you are successful to put a link to your TikTok profile. It’s very easy, just follow our step-by-step guideline and you will do it in a few minutes!

Adding a link in your bio is an effective way to drive more traffic and direct customers to the official website. However, you just have the option to link to only a single URL. So what kinds of links option should be? They could be website homepages, other social media platforms, landing pages, blogs, or product pages. 

Here’s an example of a TikTok link that leads viewers to the brand’s website, where there is a wide range of products. 

Make sure that you choose the right link, the link that is important to your business. You definitely want to increase sales and boost traffic to your website right? You can only achieve this goal with the correct link.

TikTok Bio Link Tips
TikTok Bio Link Tips

Otherwise, matching your link to your goals will decide whether you succeed or not. If you are still considering between too many links, it’s time to come back to your initial objective. The links you choose to include in your TikTok profile page depend on what you aim to achieve.

For example, if you want to boost sales for a specific product, how about choosing a landing page for this product instead of your official website to put in your TikTok bio? In this way, you can easily make your dream come true. So remember to verify your link before adding it to your bio.

TikTok will display your full URL in your bio so make sure that your link is short and powerful!

The benefit of it seems to be evident as it will make customers easier to memorize your brand. Actually, there are so many brands that work in the same industry and they are all using TikTok as a useful marketing platform, so it’s essential to make your brand website recognizable. It’s an effective way to stand out from other big competitors.

In case you are still struggling with your link which is too long, we got your back! We suggest some kinds of URL shortening tools that will make your link sweet and short. Here they are: 

URL shortening tools
URL shortening tools

Do you want to reach customers on all of your social accounts and websites? It’s a highly recommended way to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to a lot of destination pages.

However, TikTok allows us to add only URLs. So, how can we combine all of your platforms in the digital space into one link? Don’t be so worried, it isn’t such a big deal!

Let’s take a look at the amazing tools shown below, you can leverage them to add multiple links to your TikTok bio.  

Bio link tools for multiple links
Bio link tools for multiple links

To give a good picture about this tip, here’s an example of how this tool can guide customers to all of the brand’s platforms:

Example of linktree
Example of linktree

Use emojis

Emojis play a significant role to draw attention to your TikTok bio link. Otherwise, they allow your brand to connect with your customers in a fun, creative and deep way. Your brand image also becomes more relatable and approachable in your audiences’ eyes. And the most important thing is that emojis have the power to make your viewers taking desired actions: click on your TikTok bio link.

Why don’t you add an emoji to the video caption or TikTok comments when you ask your TikTok audiences to click on your bio section? This way gives you a huge chance to capture the viewers’ attention.


You can add a link in your TikTok bio in your TikTok personal account but the link is not clickable. So make sure you have already switched your account to TikTok business account.

The link in their bio is displayed directly above their videos and at the bottom of their biography.

You can only add clickable links to your bio using the TikTok mobile app. So, make sure you’re using your phone instead of a computer.

Adding a link in your bio is one of the best ways to boost traffic to your website, and increase sales revenue. Additionally, having a website that is connected to your TikTok account appears much more professional in the eyes of your audience.

A TikTok link in your bio generally gives your viewers more details about what you do or what you have to offer. It’s quite a simple way to direct traffic to whichever page you like, and you already know that the more traffic there is, the more chances for conversions.

We hope our article has covered all things you need to know about adding a link to your bio. In case you need any help in getting more traffic and increasing sales on TikTok, feel free to contact our experts via live chat or try our new product NestAds – TikTok Advertising Management Software. 


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