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TikTok Shop Is Now Available in the USA (TikTok Update Q3 2023) 

TikTok Shop USA

After extensive planning and testing, TikTok Shop was finally launched to over 150 million users in the USA. This update serves as an e-commerce solution for sellers on TikTok, enabling them to sell directly within videos. So now, users can make purchases through the content created on TikTok, including Livestreams and For You feed videos. 

TikTok Shop will empower sellers to connect with avid buyers with similar interests. This will leverage the combination of community, creativity, and commerce to offer a seamless and pleasurable shopping experience. And guess what? TikTok allows you to create and use this platform even if your TikTok account is new and has only a few followers. 

So, how can this new shopping appearance assist e-commerce businesses in the USA? Let’s run through some of the main features of TikTok Shop.  

What’s in this newly launched TikTok Shop in the US? 

The basics of TikTok Shop are similar to what is normally shown on TikTok. However, there are some main differences you may notice when you encounter a store on the platform:

Shop Tab: In the past, businesses would attach a bio link directing users to their e-commerce store. But now, with this new solution, merchants can showcase their products within a dedicated tab on their profile. This can be called a TikTok Shop marketplace, where customers can easily discover your products and new promotions. 

TikTok shop tab
Source: TikTok

LIVEs shopping: One of the advantages for US businesses is the ability to livestream and sell right within the live sessions. This approach has already demonstrated its positive impact in other markets, including Thailand, Vietnam, and the UK. With TikTok LIVEs, customers can view recommended products, shop during live broadcasts, and engage with you in real-time.

live shopping
Source: TikTok

Shoppable in-feed video: Shoppable in-feed video works just like a regular TikTok video, but with a pop-up of tagged products. Customers can click on these products, view detailed information, and make purchases.

shoppable video
Source: TikTok

Product Showcase: You can also present your products in a full-screen view and customize the appearance of your product collection in the Shop tab. Customers can read reviews and make purchases directly from this tab.

Product showcase
Source: TikTok

Affiliate program: US businesses can now create affiliate programs on TikTok to promote their products. Businesses increase product visibility and sales by choosing the most suitable affiliate plan, while Creators earn money by sharing these products in their videos and livestreams.

TikTok Shop affiliate program

Shopping ads: By joining this new e-commerce platform, you can explore new Shopping ad formats. You have three options to choose from to convert your audience into real customers and promote your products: Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads, and Live Shopping Ads.

Shopping ads
Source: TikTok

Fulfilled by TikTok: TikTok Shop offers a complete logistics solution, handling product storage, packaging, and shipping. This allows you to concentrate on product quality and reach a wider audience on the platform, making it a convenient and advantageous option for businesses.

Supporting apps come to assist US TikTok Shop sellers

To assist the growing e-commerce businesses community, TikTok has introduced the TikTok Shop App & Services store, offering all the services and support provided by its Partners. These extensions and apps simplify the store’s management and operations.

TikTok boasts numerous partnerships, which means you have access to a wide range of services in the app store. If you run your e-commerce store on platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, you can effortlessly connect to TikTok Shop using a connector app. TikTok also offers apps and services to help you create a smooth omnichannel experience.

TIkTok Shop apps and services

TikTok Shop – A new opportunity for US e-commerce businesses

With the launch of TikTok Shop in the USA, users can now take full advantage of the fantastic opportunities it offers. For e-commerce sellers, this solution provides an excellent chance to boost purchase rates and increase sales conversions. The integrated in-app approach means that everything happens in one place, reducing friction in the buyer’s journey.

TikTok also offers numerous solutions for promoting your products, including new ad solutions and affiliate programs to collaborate with Creators. Hence, to make the most of these opportunities, you need to leverage these features with smart strategy and planning.

So, are you ready to explore this new e-commerce platform? Join TikTok Shop now and supercharge your earnings and business growth!


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