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TikTok In-Feed Ads: Affordable TikTok Ads Format for eCommerce

TikTok in-feed ads

72% of users find ads on TikTok inspiring and engaging more than any other social platform. As a result, more and more brands come to this platform to promote their product to a whole new audience in a unique and authentic way. 

If you are new to TikTok Ads and want to start advertising on TikTok, In-Feed Ads will be the most suitable ad format for beginners like you. This post compiles all you need to know about TikTok In-Feed Ads and how to make the most out of them. Keep reading to discover more!

What are TikTok In-Feed Ads? 

In-Feed Ads appear seamlessly in the user’s feed, just like any other TikTok video. In fact, they’re designed to look like user-generated content, so they blend right in. Users can interact with the ad just like any other TikTok, by liking, commenting, and sharing it with others.

In-Feed Ads are highly engaging, with music and effects to make the video more entertaining, and users can react to the ad, comment on it, and share it like any other TikTok post. This means you can promote your products or services in a way that is both entertaining and informative and encourages users to take action.

Types of In-Feed Ads

There are two types of In-Feed Ads: Spark ads and non-Spark ads.

Non-Spark ads take the user directly to the landing page when they click on the profile photo, nickname, video caption, CTA button, or swipe.

Spark ads, on the other hand, take the user to the brand’s profile page or music page, and the only way to reach the landing page is by clicking on the video caption or CTA button.

TikTok Spark Ads

TikTok In-Feed Ads are affordable and accessible, making them ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. They can help you reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your eCommerce store, app downloads, or brand channels.

Why should you use TikTok In-Feed Ads?

TikTok In-Feed Ads stand out as a dynamic and impactful avenue for businesses to connect with their target audience. Let’s explore the benefits of this ad format now!

Easy to use

One of the great things about In-Feed Ads TikTok is that they are easy to set up, even if you don’t have any technical skills. When you create a TikTok ad campaign in the TikTok ad manager, the In-Feed Ad will be automatically included.

This means that anyone, regardless of their level of experience with the platform, can set up In-Feed Ads for their business.

Affordable and accessible

In-Feed Ads are the most affordable and accessible ads offered by TikTok and are a great starting point for small to medium-sized businesses. They can help you to reach a wider audience on TikTok and can be an effective way to promote your products or services to a highly engaged user base.

Drive engagement

TikTok users love to engage with content, whether that means liking, sharing, commenting, or even creating their own videos in response. In-Feed Ads on TikTok enable users to do all of these things, which can help to increase engagement with your brand.

To make the most of In-Feed Ads, it’s important to create content that is fun, original, and inspiring, and that resonates with your target audience.

Seamless integration

In-Feed Ads fit seamlessly into the TikTok experience. They look and feel like user-generated content, with a small Sponsored tag under the video’s caption to indicate that it’s an ad. After a few seconds, a call-to-action button appears, such as Shop Now or Learn More, that links directly to your website.

By creating ads that are well-made and fit into the culture and style of TikTok, you can generate views, likes, shares, and comments, just like any other TikTok.

TikTok In-Feed Ads specs

Safe zone guidelines

TikTok In-Feed Ad specs adhere to strict safe zone guidelines to ensure a positive and secure user experience. These ads, seamlessly integrated into users’ feeds as they navigate the “For You” page, provide a prime opportunity for brands to capture attention.

TikTok in-feed ads specs: Safe zone

The platform encourages authenticity in advertising, emphasizing the effectiveness of ads with an authentic feel or those showcasing user-generated content. By aligning with the natural flow of the For You page, these ads seamlessly blend in, avoiding the conspicuousness of traditional advertisements.

Ad video specs

  • The suggested aspect ratio is 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9
  • Minimum resolution requirements are 1280px x 720px, 720px x 1280px, and 640px x 640px.
  • Video file format should be MP4, MPEG, 3GP, AVI, or MOV.
  • Videos can last from 5 to 60 seconds, but we highly recommend short videos between 9-15 seconds.
  • The maximum video file size is 500 MB. The bitrate should be more than 516 kbps

App or brand name specs 

  • They accept 2-20 Asian characters and 4–40 Latin letters for app names.
  • They allow 2–20 Latin alphabet letters and 1–10 Asian characters for brand names.

Note: Emojis should not be contained. Spaces and punctuation marks are considered characters.

Ad description specs 

  • Allow 12-100 Latin letters and 1-50 Asian characters for descriptions.

Note: Emojis or these special characters: “{ }” or “#” are not included. Punctuation marks and spaces count as characters.

Profile image specs 

  • The aspect ratio is 1:1
  • The file type options are .jpg, .jpeg, .png
  • The file size should be less than 50 KB

9 Tips for optimizing TikTok In-Feed Ads

TikTok In-Feed Video Ads are an excellent way to get your brand noticed on the platform. However, creating effective ads that engage the audience and get results can be challenging. To help you get the most out of your TikTok ad campaigns, we have compiled a list of the best tips to follow.

Incorporate sound in your ads

Sound is a critical component of TikTok videos. According to a survey, 88% of TikTok users believe that sound is essential to their experience on the platform.

This means that advertisers have plenty of options to incorporate sound into their ads. They can use music tracks from TikTok’s Commercial Music Library, create voiceovers with captions, or experiment with other audio effects. To maximize the impact of your ads, consider using a fast-paced track with a tempo of around 120 bpm.

Create vertical videos

While TikTok allows advertisers to upload horizontal or square videos, it is recommended to create full-screen vertical videos with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Research shows that videos following this ratio receive 60.5% more impressions than videos with a different aspect ratio. This is because full-screen ads are more visually appealing and natural to view on the platform.

Stay on top of trends

Trends on TikTok change frequently, with new challenges, music, effects, and memes emerging every few days. Incorporating trending elements into your ads can help your brand resonate with users and increase your visibility on the platform.

This also gives the TikTok algorithm more opportunities to promote your ads.

Collaborate with influencers

Creating compelling TikTok content can be time-consuming, taking months for businesses to come up with new ideas. Partnering with influencers is a viable option as they have the expertise in creating content that resonates with their followers.

Note: The TikTok Creator Marketplace is an excellent resource for finding and connecting with influencers.

Test and optimize your ads

It is essential to test and optimize your ads to achieve the best results. Experiment with different ad formats, creative elements, and targeting options to see what works best for your brand.

Analyze your ad performance regularly and make adjustments to improve your ads’ effectiveness.

So you are ready to create your first TikTok in-feed ad but still wondering how to do it step-by-step? We have just released a new video about the easiest and smartest way to run TikTok Ads. Check it out to make sure you launch In-Feed Ads in the right way!

How to run TikTok Ads? – TikTok Ads course for beginners by NestScale

Understand your audience

Understanding your audience is paramount for TikTok In-Feed Ads success. Utilize TikTok’s analytics tools to delve into demographics, interests, and behavior. This informed approach ensures your ad spend targets a receptive audience, enhancing the likelihood of meaningful engagement and conversions. By aligning content with your audience’s preferences, your campaigns become inherently more effective, maximizing the impact of your TikTok advertising efforts.

Strong Call-to-action

Crafting a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) is pivotal for TikTok In-Feed Ads. Direct viewers on the action you desire: “Visit our website for more,” for web traffic or “Download now” for app installs. Leverage the power of personalized language in your CTA—simple changes like switching “your” to “my” can boost conversion rates by up to 24%. Clearly instructing TikTok users on the next steps enhances engagement, increasing the likelihood of conversions and interaction with your brand.

Engaging and authentic content

Creating engaging TikTok content that resonates with the platform’s creative vibe is crucial for successful ad campaigns. Utilize relatable scenarios, humor, or storytelling to forge a connection with your audience. Gen Z and millennial influencers often excel in crafting viral content, offering a shortcut to captivating, high-quality material that aligns seamlessly with the platform’s dynamic and informal nature.

Keep it short and sweet

Leverage the inherent appeal of TikTok’s short-form content by keeping your In-Feed Ads succinct and impactful. Aim for a duration between 9 to 15 seconds to sustain audience interest. The brevity aligns with TikTok’s dynamic nature, ensuring your message is delivered swiftly and effectively. Capture attention swiftly, communicate your key points concisely, and conclude before attention wanes. This approach not only adheres to the platform’s norms but also maximizes the likelihood of viewers engaging with and retaining your content.

Create eye-catching thumbnails

Crafting attention-grabbing thumbnails is a crucial aspect of optimizing In-Feed Video Ads TikTok. Your thumbnail serves as the first impression. Therefore, you should design it with visual appeal to entice users to click. Use vibrant colors, compelling imagery, and clear branding to stand out in the feed. Importantly, ensure the thumbnail aligns with your ad’s content, providing a sneak peek into what users can expect. A visually cohesive and intriguing thumbnail not only attracts clicks but also sets the tone for a positive and engaging user experience.

Best TikTok In-Feed Ads examples you can learn from

Noisy May

Recently, TikTok has become a go-to platform for fashion brands to reach new audiences and build brand awareness, Noisy May is not an exception. Noisy May is a small fashion business specializing in trendy jeans.

In their campaign, they chose TikTok as a social marketing channel with the objective of introducing the brand to a whole new audience. 

The brand collaborated with Besocial, a connecting influencer platform to create a set list of In-Feed Ads from TikTok Ads Manager. They customize the ads in order to resonate with TikTok users through native and authentic posts. 

Moreover, the business catch viewer’s attention by adding text overlays, varying backgrounds, and guides in various way to showcase their products with the best appearance.  

To conclude, the campaign actually drove some impressive results with a 15.53%-17.96% 6-second view-through rate and an average watch time per person was 12.61.


TikTok is currently the best playfield for beauty brands to gain astronomical sales. Byoma, a new skincare brand chose TikTok as a social marketing channel for the campaign as their targeted customers are Gen Z.

The TikTok ideas about getting to know the brand seem to be simple but powerful in creating a deeper connection with the audience. Byoma was an excellent example when they first produced an In-Feed Ad Video showing the brand’s value and mission. This ad got massive engagement from TikTok users. 


Meet BYOMA 🧪 Barrier-boosting skincare, driven by science, powered by actives for the ultimate skin-compatible solution Shop now @cultbeauty

♬ original sound – byoma

To continue to grow their presence on this platform, they team up with a diverse range of influencers across skin types. Specifically, they made In-Feed Ad videos from native and organic content.

As a result, they don’t look like ads, they’re just skincare-sharing videos and using best-selling products. Let’s take a look below: 


Build your skincare regime to boost your barrier🧪@Freya tidy uses our Creamy Jelly Cleanser, Brightening Serum & Moisturizing Gel-Cream💧Shop now @bootsuk #skintok #skinbarrier #skincareroutine

♬ TOGETHER – Kyle May

To sum up, one of the biggest outcomes is driving traffic and conversions to the landing page. Particularly, it reached 500K clicks to within only 2 months. Moreover, they also witnessed dramatic follower growth during the campaign. 

Smyth Jewelers

Smyth Jewelers, an online jewelry brand, harnessed the power of In-Feed TikTok ads to target audiences and boost awareness. With a modest $40/day budget, they strategically employed geo-targeting to focus on Maryland and DC, maximizing relevance. 


Have yourself a merry little Christmas with this vintage diamond ring under the tree 🎄

♬ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Ella Fitzgerald

Leveraging their existing content, Smyth Jewelers achieved remarkable results—nearly 800,000 views at an average cost of 2 cents per like and 35 cents per CPM. 

The campaign demonstrated that TikTok’s engagement potential, coupled with creative content, can yield significant results at a fraction of the cost compared to other social media platforms. Smyth Jewelers’ success emphasizes the platform’s unique ability to drive long-term product sales through meaningful engagement.

FAQs about TikTok In-Feed Ads

How much are In-Feed Ads on TikTok?

Considering how much TikTok ads cost, In-Feed Ads on TikTok operate on a cost per mille (CPM) model, charging per 1000 views rather than cost per click. This makes them cost-effective, with In-Feed Ads typically priced at $10 per CPM, providing affordability compared to other TikTok ad formats.

Are TikTok In-Feed Ads effective?

Yes, TikTok In-Feed Ads have proven effective. A substantial 66% of users express a positive view of TikTok advertising, and 52% find the ads entertaining and exciting. With users willingly engaging in campaigns and perceiving In-Feed Ads as non-intrusive, advertisers benefit from reaching a receptive audience on the platform.

How to set up TikTok In-Feed Ads?

Setting up TikTok In-Feed Ads is a straightforward process through TikTok Ads Manager. Businesses can begin by creating a TikTok Ads account and accessing the Ads Manager platform. Within Ads Manager, the “Create Campaign” option allows users to choose their marketing objective. Selecting “Traffic” or “Conversions” aligns with the in-feed ad format. 

Subsequently, advertisers define their target audience, budget, and schedule for the campaign. Ad creatives, including video content and captions, can be uploaded and customized to match the brand’s style. Once all details are configured, a final review and confirmation of the campaign settings are performed before launching the In-Feed Ads to reach the desired audience seamlessly.

Maximize your In-Feed Ads results now!

With all of the benefits that TikTok In-Feed Ads offer for your business, why not start your advertising on TikTok with In-Feed Ads? However, you might get overwhelmed by TikTok ads or struggle to calculate data from multiple platforms and manage your creatives effectively. But don’t worry, NestAds – a robust solution for ad tracking & marketing attribution has got you covered!

With a creative analytics report, Nestads empowers you to monitor trends and optimize your ads seamlessly. You gain insights into “What Works and What Doesn’t,” identifying the most effective elements – imagery, messaging, format – for engaging your target audience and driving conversions. Don’t just advertise; optimize and thrive with NestAds. Start harnessing the true potential of your TikTok In-Feed Ads today!



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