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NestScale x Dropshipman Partnership: Simplify Dropshipping Work

NestScale and Dropshipman Partnership

Greetings, fellow Dropshippers! We are thrilled to bring you groundbreaking news, specially tailored for you. Our new partnership is set to level up your dropshipping game, making it easier for your business to thrive and grow.

Harnessing NestScale’s innovative software ecosystem and Dropshipman’s wealth of experience as a comprehensive dropshipping solution, our collaboration is poised to offer an all-encompassing remedy to the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses in the dropshipping industry.

Meet Dropshipman – Your All-in-one dropshipping companion

Embark on a transformative journey with Dropshipman, your ally in the world of dropshipping solutions. Take your eCommerce business off the ground and to the next level – choose Dropshipman to source winning product niches and automate your dropshipping operations from product import to order fulfillment. Their personal agents and round-the-clock customer service team based in China will stand by you every step of the way, ensuring your success.

Dropshipman solutions

Dropshipping tools

Dropshipman’s tools are designed to cater to the unique business models and complex scenarios of dropshippers. By understanding customers’ pain points and needs, their tools are crafted to simplify the dropshipping process. 

Benefit from their commitment to dropshipping automation, a dedicated effort to save you valuable time. Experience the ease of the best AliExpress dropshipping tool – a one-click import solution that’s not only user-friendly but also completely free. Focus on maximizing sales while the system effortlessly updates prices, inventory, orders, and tracking numbers.

Dropshipping tools

Dropshipping agent

Dropshipman’s dedicated dropshipping agents are on standby, ready to negotiate better prices, streamline shipping processes, and provide unmatched transparency. Post sourcing requests for free and let professional sourcing agents handle the rest, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Dropshipman’s fulfillment centers in China and the USA operate at full capacity, partnering with numerous couriers to fulfill your orders worldwide all year round. Choose from up to 30 low-cost shipping methods with guaranteed fast delivery to most areas within 7 to 15 days. To ensure customer satisfaction, they meticulously check product quality before shipping and provide regular updates on fulfillment status.


Elevate your product presentation with Dropshipman’s print-on-demand and bespoke packaging services. Overcome challenges such as meeting special requirements with various affordable packaging solutions. Customize product packaging to add value, successfully upsell, delight customers, and foster goodwill and loyalty.

Meet NestScale – A software ecosystem to maximize your sales

NestScale is your dedicated partner in transforming every phase of your business journey, from attracting and converting to retaining customers with our software ecosystem. Our primary goal is to empower e-commerce brands of all sizes, fostering increased sales and substantial business growth.

NestScale Solutions

NestAds - Ad management and marketing attribution

NestAds empowers businesses to seamlessly launch, monitor, analyze, and scale ad campaigns with efficiency. What makes NestAds stand out are its unique features, such as sustainable server-side tracking and reliable first-party data. These elements ensure accurate insights, overcoming challenges like iOS 14 tracking barriers and paving the way for the future of cookieless browsing.

Aggregated customer journey

An additional standout feature of NestAds is the aggregated report. This tool streamlines data analysis, offering a comprehensive view of the customer journey. By providing a holistic understanding of customer interactions across channels, NestAds optimizes the overall customer experience.

NestSend, NestDesk and NestWidget

NestSend – Simplifying email marketing

NestSend is a one-stop solution for driving sales and nurturing lasting customer relationships. Creating high-converting email campaigns, automation flows, and engaging pop-ups has never been easier, all within a single space to save you time and effort.

NestDesk – Streamlining customer relationships

NestDesk consolidates customer messages from Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp into a single inbox. Agents can seamlessly recommend products, manage orders, and deliver personalized responses—all in one place, enhancing satisfaction and driving conversions efficiently.

NestWidget – Amplifying social presence

Nest Widget can integrate shoppable TikTok feeds. Showcase products alongside authentic user-generated content, captivating audiences and establishing a strong sense of social proof to boost site engagement and drive store sales.

NestScale Affiliate, Bundles, and Variants – Automated e-commerce functions

NestScale automated e-commerce functions

NestScale Affiliate: Easily create and manage affiliate programs with ambassadors to drive sales.

NestScale Bundles: Increase Average Order Value (AOV) with product bundles, volume discounts, and free gifts. 

NestScale Variants: Offer infinite product variant options with swatches and dropdown menus for an enhanced shopping experience.

Unlocking the benefits of NestScale x Dropshipman collaboration

Embarking on your e-commerce journey is now even more rewarding with the NestScale x Dropshipman collaboration. This powerhouse partnership offers a comprehensive range of advantages, ensuring a seamless and profitable dropshipping experience:

Comprehensive E-commerce solution

NestScale and Dropshipman together provide a holistic e-commerce solution, streamlining all aspects of your business. From supplier interactions and order management to branding, efficient ad management, and customer services, this collaboration enables businesses to efficiently operate and manage their dropshipping endeavors from a centralized platform.

Data-driven approach

Expect a data-driven revolution in your dropshipping processes and advertising strategies. The NestScale x Dropshipman collaboration empowers businesses with actionable insights, fostering informed decision-making. Dive into the realm of analytics to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your e-commerce operations.

Optimize time and maximize ROI

Leveraging the collaborative power of NestScale and Dropshipman leads to a reduction in costs and a substantial increase in return on investment. Strategic allocation of investments to top-tier suppliers, efficient shipping services, and high-performing ad campaigns ensures optimization not only in advertising but throughout the entire supply chain operations.

In this collaboration, NestScale and Dropshipman join forces to provide exclusive content, including blog series, webinars, and more. This initiative aims to offer customers a comprehensive understanding of both the dropshipping model and effective advertising strategies, particularly beneficial for new brands entering the industry.

Exclusive trial opportunities

Seize exclusive partnership benefits with a 30-day free trial of NestAds paid plan. This trial opens the door for businesses to explore and evaluate the full spectrum of advertising capabilities offered by this dynamic collaboration, providing a risk-free opportunity to experience the value firsthand.

Exciting partnership awaits!

NestScale and Dropshipman’s dynamic collaboration empowers e-commerce businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape. With expertise in dropshipping, sales, marketing, and customer service, we’re committed to your success, ensuring exceptional service. Join us on this transformative journey, where collaboration with NestScale and Service Points guarantees remarkable results.



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