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TikTok Lead Generation Ads: How to Generate More Leads on TikTok

TikTok lead generation ads

If you’re intending to run your campaign on TikTok, TikTok Ads is definitely a must-try tool to grow your business and boost revenue. 

Recently, TikTok Ads introduced one of the most innovative advertising solutions with the aim of reaching and cultivating potential users. It’s called TikTok Lead Generation. Keep reading to discover more about this amazing tool. 

What is TikTok lead generation? 

Lead generation is a new ad solution to collect data from users who are more likely to turn into converted ones, directly on TikTok. Specifically, when viewers click the CTA button In-Feed video, it will drive them to the Instant form where they can discover brands, answer questions and share information. 

Once the form is completed, users can click on a custom button at the footer, then it will direct them to the official website to continue their purchasing process. 

How does TikTok lead generation work? 

TikTok provides 2 ways to ensure the information given by users is secure and safe: creating an in-app instant form and using your current website form. 

In-app Instant Form

Setting instant form if you want to reduce friction for potential leads and qualify them later. We will show you some features from this form below: 

  • Decreasing user form friction.
  • Building customer/email lists.
  • Instant lead capture.
  • Receive leads to your existing CRM setup.
  • Forms with <10 questions.

Website form

You already have a lead form on your website with qualifying logic built in.

It would be a suitable choice if you want: 

  • Increase traffic to your landing page.
  • Qualifying leads via your site.
  • More specific qualifying info/questions.
TikTok Instant form
TikTok Instant Form – Source: TikTok

Should we need to use TikTok Lead Generation?

Of course yes, as TikTok Lead Generation serves a wide range of benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes to get more leads. Let’s discover more: 

Seamless experiences 

Most customers’ behaviors are driven by feelings, so brands should strive to create a smooth and easy purchasing journey for them. 

Specifically, with the fast-speed loading time of Instant form, users can discover products and brands without leaving the app. This can avoid their frustration and irritation from waiting too much time for loading. 

Tailor your own forms 

TikTok allows you to have customizable forms with relevant questions in order to collect data from interested users. Thus, it will be a source of useful insights for your brand to visualize what the right audience looks like.

Besides some personal questions about name, company, address, or email. You can ask more about their interests and preferences that resonate with the products or services. As a result, brands can find out the similarities between their value and customers’ needs. 

Auto-fill information

The information given by the user is pre-populated, which makes their submitting form process easier and quicker.  

Quick and easy access to your data

The leads can then be manually downloaded or, in the case of integration with a company’s CRM, they can be immediately activated. So, you can track your lead data easily in each campaign. 

How to set up TikTok Lead Generation 

Set Up a Lead Generation Campaign with an Instant Form

To create the lead generation for the campaign, follow the step-by-step guidelines shown below: 

Once you visit the campaign in the TikTok Ad manager

Step 1: Choose Lead Generation as the Advertising objective 

Choose advertising objective
Choose advertising objective

Step 2: Set up your ad

Selecting targeting mode 

You can choose one of two options: 

  • Custom targeting: If you want to pick manually the audience you want to display the ad. 
  • Automatic targeting: TikTok will suggest a relevant base of the audience for your campaign. 


We highly recommend investing in the lowest cost. 


Set your daily budget ranging from 20 to 30 times your bid. 

Step 3: Upload your ad creative 

Upload your ad creative 
Upload your ad creative 

Step 4: Create the instant form 

Click Create under the Instant form 

Then, choose advanced form or classic form 

TikTok instant page
Create the instant form

Let’s take a look at how differences between the two kinds of form: 

different TikTok instant forms
2 different TikTok instant forms – Source: TikTok

Note: If you select Advanced form, you can choose to use a scrollable carousel or show card with numerous images. 

Once you have chosen the form that you want to show in front of users, you need to customize it by choosing some elements below: 

TikTok advanced form
TikTok advanced form

After finishing, click Sumit and your form is ready to launch! 

Set Up a Lead Generation Campaign with a Website Form (Conversion) 

Step 1: Create TikTok pixel and events

Install TikTok Pixel and set up events to track lead gen conversions on your website.

TikTok pixel
TikTok pixel

Step 2: Go to Campaign and set the Conversion objective

Set conversion objective
Set conversion objective

 Step 3: Set up your Ad group 

Promotion Type: Select “website” as the promotion type

Pixel Settings

You need to select the optimization event and goad that would be the best option to reach Lead Generation goals. There’s a diverse range of options but we give you three suggested ones: 

  • Complete registration
  • Submit form 
  • Contact 
ad group
Fill the Ad group section
  1. Completing the rest of setting up the ad group.

You need to finish custom targeting, bidding, scheduling, and budgeting. This step is the same as the Instant form so you can scroll above to notify some important notes. 

Step 4: Upload your creative ad 

Step 5: Choose the destination Page

Select “Website” under the destination page.

destination page
Select destination page

URL: Copy and paste the URL that drives users to your landing page and lead form. 

Copy and paste your desired URL

3. Select a strong and clear CTA.

Select CTA

Congrats! you’ve successfully created the website form for the Lead Generation campaign. 

Tips for optimizing lead generation campaign 

Setting up forms

  • The number of specific images should be 2 including your logo and background visual. 
 specific images
2 specific images – Source: TikTok
  • Link to the privacy policy for your form to ensure that the private data is safe and compliant with local law. 
Link to privacy policy
Link to privacy policy – Source: TikTok
  • Use ‘ Thank You’ CTA links to boost traffic to the official website instead of the company website or social media sites.
  • Choose a Form Type: More Volume or Higher Intent.

           More Volume: it facilitates the submission information process of users. 

          Higher Intent: you can add a confirmation step to limit spam and submissions from users who’re not interested in your products. 

Campaign setup 

  • Use more than three ad groups with various targeting settings and content ideas to see which one has the best performance.
  • Allocate a daily budget for each ad group with a minimum of 20-50 times your estimated cost per lead. This ensures each ad group has enough budget to get through the learning phase.
  • Use Zapier, LeadsBridge, or Custom APIs to integrate TikTok Leads with your CRM so that you can automate your marketing funnel and the next steps.
  • Target board audiences. 
Tips for crafting Instant Form
Tips for crafting Instant Form – Source: TikTok

Excellent TikTok Lead Generation examples you should know

Nina Ricci 

Nina Ricci, Spain’s fragrances brand, includes one of TikTok’s latest ad solutions for their campaign to introduce the newest scent- Nina Rose. 

They designed a short form that encourages users to fill in their information ((e.g. Name, Email, Phone, Address). Then, the brand can collect and find more potential customers who’re more likely to turn into convert ones. 

Moreover, by teaming up with the Adsmurai agency, they started running a TikTok sampling campaign with a Lead Geranation objective. 

Nina Ricci – TikTok Lead Generation Ads – Source: TikTok

To sum up, the result exceeds the brand’s expectations with fantastic results. Specifically, the conversion rate is 41.85% with a 1.5% click-through rate and an 83% reduction in cost per lead when compared to the previous campaign. 

Photo Studio 

Photo Studio is a high-end photography brand with the aim of helping people recognize their own beauty. The brand started a competition with the goal of increasing leads and boosting sales.

In the campaign, the brand leveraged Lead ads to redirect users to a lead generation form, where they fill in their information to participate in the competition. Moreover, the strong CTA’ enter now’ is working to push users to take desired actions. 

The Photo Studio – TikTok Lead Generation Ad – Source: TikTok

Within less than 2 weeks, the result is nothing sort of impressive. To be particular, the cost per lead was only $9.95, and the original 10% lead conversion rate goal by +1.9%. Impressively, 100% of the leads were qualified( leads with valid details). 

Drive more conversions with TikTok Lead Generation

TikTok lead generation ad is a great tool to approach and convert potential customers. Its benefits will support brands in achieving their marketing goals. Additionally, this ad format is really easy to use, and no technical skills are required.

It’s time to get started setting up this tool for your business to seek out potential users. In case you need any help in running a TikTok ad campaign, feel free to contact our experts or try out our new product NestAds.


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