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TikTok Dropshipping: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2023 

TikTok shares new insights for marketing campaign planning

Have you ever wondered how to develop your TikTok store in the fastest and easiest way? From $0 to $1000 per day with TikTok Dropshipping, it’s possible! TikTok Dropshipping is well-known as a business model with a huge chance not only for big companies but also for small businesses to get inspired. 

If you are a newbie, don’t be so worried, we got your back! This article will be all about TikTok Dropshipping and the best strategies to drive more sales, especially for beginners. Keep reading more to master this no-stock business model. 

What is TikTok Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment option that enables e-commerce businesses to sell products and pass the order to a third-party supplier, instead of carrying inventory. Since you don’t have to stock all the products, you can now sell many different items online. 

Dropshipping model
Dropshipping model

TikTok Dropshipping is known as using TikTok to market a dropshipping business. If you want to dropship on TikTok, you need a Shopify store – a big e-commerce platform that enables you to create an attractive website for your store. The collaboration between TikTok and Shopify has opened the way for many Shopify merchants and TikTok users to work together. 

Is TikTok Dropshipping profitable for business? 

As a game leader, TikTok is definitely dedicated to e-commerce businesses. With over one billion global monthly active users, you should never skip this endless market. 

Number of TikTok users
Number of TikTok users – Source: TikTok

TikTok has taken the world by storm with 200 million downloads just in the U.S. That’s why this shoppertainment platform completely surpassed other famous social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube. 

If you intend to target a young audience (20 years old and older), TikTok will be the best choice for your business performance. Scrolling TikTok videos have become an important daily part for almost all young teenagers. 

Otherwise, all the TikTok perfect features are created to encourage users to take more action and therefore increase purchasing ability. It’s really helpful in a competitive market with a million items sold each day. 

Another point that makes this no-stock model stand out is that you don’t need any investment. You can start making serious cash immediately instead of worrying about where to get the supplies or how to run a physical inventory. 

How to dropshipping on TikTok?

Create a Shopify TikTok store

The first step to dropshipping on TikTok is to build a Shopify TikTok store. Follow the steps below to make things easier:

  • Access the Shopify App Store and download the TikTok application.
Access the Shopify App Store
Access the Shopify App Store

After that, a TikTok Business Dashboard will appear and bring you the power to create advertising videos, target your audience, see insight data, etc.

Find dropshipping supplier

In the next step, you need to find your dropshipping supplier to help you to optimize your business scale. It means a third party that provides the product and supports order processing and worldwide shipping. 

Find dropshipping supplier
Find dropshipping supplier

Here are some of the top five best Shopify dropshipping applications you should notice: 

  • Sprocket – US & EU Dropshipping: Offers a system that syncs products, order tracking, and product information with your Shopify store.
  • Syncee – Global Dropshipping: Updates the products and sync orders for all users.
  • Spreadr App – Amazon importer: Links users to Amazon and allows them to offer items as an affiliate
  • DSers ‑ AliExpress Dropshipping: Specialize in order placement speed.
  • CJDropshipping: Lists and sources any products into your stores at a cheaper price compared to AliExpress. 

Find perfect products

Selling products with high demand will help you to be the winner and penetrate the market niche. Between several items that are sold on TikTok, there are some categories that get all the spotlight:

Find perfect products
Find perfect products

Moreover, to discover the most trending products on TikTok, you can leverage your social network and create a product listing based on keywords or hashtags. The comment section is also a place to get some new customer insight and inspiring ideas to promote your products. 

Apart from that, dropshipping courses, communities, and website blogs will help you to find the perfect products. Just based on the number of search results, you will get the answer!

Run TikTok Ad campaigns 

If you want to increase sale revenue, your TikTok video needs to be displayed on many users’ For You Page as much as possible. You just need to run an advertising campaign on TikTok and then let it do its job. 

Here are the 3 following steps to run ads on TikTok:

Fulfill customers’ orders

A successful TikTok advertising campaign will bring you more orders and generate more sales. Following the dropshipping model, your suppliers are responsible to fulfill all the orders.   

Deliver excellent customer service

Last but not least, customer service is an important part of TikTok Dropshipping. Great service after buying allows you to enjoy a ton of benefits: gain more loyal customers, more positive reviews, and more revenue. 

Deliver excellent customer service
Excellent customer service

A good review of your products creates a different image of your brand, especially in a fast-moving platform like TikTok. Imagine what will happen if a bad review goes viral on TikTok and reaches your target audience?

Investing in customer service will definitely pay you off, so put in your effort and you will get better relationships with customers, which leads to happier customers who stay loyal and spread the word.

NestDesk - Free E-commerce Customer Support Solution
NestDesk – FREE E-commerce Customer Support Solution

Amazing TikTok marketing strategies for dropshippers

To master TikTok Dropshipping to make your business bloom, here are the four best TikTok marketing strategies you shouldn’t miss out. 

Hosting livestream

Display your products in real-time via streaming events helps you to mark all their unique points in a better way. Otherwise, TikTok Live Shopping is regarded as the perfect method to reach larger audiences, gain more views and followers and increase purchasing probability.  

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the perfect strategies for TikTok Dropshipping. It can provide the “halo effect” that has the power to improve your brand image and trustworthiness. 

The halo effect means the tendency for one positive attribute of a person, company, brand or product in one area to positively influence impressions or feelings in other areas. So when TikTok influencers talk about your product as their favorite one, the positive opinion of the creators will transfer to whatever they are mentioning. 

Keep in mind that you should collaborate with the influencer that aligns with your targeting audience, your brand image, and also your products. 

Giveaways and contests

Who can refuse a gift and who doesn’t like free stuff? Giveaways and contests will catch this customer’s insight. Funny giveaways with hashtag challenges give you an easy method to go viral on TikTok. However, keep in mind that the guidelines should be as simple as possible to attract even all the lazy customers.


GIVING AWAY A BLUE CASE FILLED WITH GOODIES ON LIVE AT 5PM 🤩🫶🏼🦋 #madebymitchell #blursh #viral #giveaway #fyp #tiktokmademebuyit #newlaunch #makeuphack

♬ original sound – Stan 🙂

Leverage TikTok Ad format

TikTok Advertising is completely worth your investment and becomes your best TikTok Dropshipping strategy even if you are a newbie in this competitive market. There are several reasons why you should take advantage of TikTok Ads.

Thanks to running advertising videos on TikTok, you have a winning opportunity to reach a broader audience. The mind-blowing number of active users on TikTok has always grown and this platform has taken the world by storm. 

Leverage TikTok Ad format

Another thing that makes TikTok Ad stand out from diverse social media platforms is UGC (User-generated content). Producing TikTok Ads doesn’t require expensive equipment or a high video editing level, raw and relatable content can incredibly work well. So just focus on your potential customers and don’t be worried just because you made things simple!

As the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile videos, TikTok works with the mission of inspiring creativity and spreading joy. Therefore, TikTok Ad gives you space to show your creativity and therefore attract new customers. Otherwise, TikTok always puts a huge effort into improving all its advertising features and creating trending formats for different purposes.

Here are the five TikTok Ads to develop your dropshipping strategy

  • Collection Ads: Allows users to discover and browse products in a full-screen mobile experience.
  • Live Shopping: Allows brands to showcase their products in real-time via live-stream events.
  • In-Feed Ads: Encourages viewers to take the desired action immediately.
  • Top View Ads: Puts brands in the center place by capturing full viewer attention with no competing content
  • Lead Generation Ads: Collect data from users more likely to turn into converted ones, directly on TikTok. 

Before starting your advertising campaign, you should concentrate on your TikTok marketing strategy which needs to align with your brand image.

If you aim to master all the TikTok Ads formats, feel free to try out our new product NestAds or contact our experts for the best advice! This TikTok Advertising Management Software will give you a hand to make winning TikTok ad campaigns.

Let’s grow your TikTok Dropshipping business

It’s the perfect time to participate in this endless market and start dropshipping, you should better grab the chance! With TikTok Dropshipping, it has never been so easy to gain more potential customers, promote your products and increase sales revenue. 

All the steps and strategies for TikTok Dropshipping are there, waiting for you to apply! If you still need some advice, feel free to contact our experts


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