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TikTok Ad Creative Best Practices for Beauty & Personal Care

Ad Creative Best Practices

In 2022, the global Beauty & Personal Care market is expected to generate more than 500 billion dollars in revenue and is anticipated to grow 4.64% annually. It goes without saying that TikTok has its part in this achievement.

Since TikTok came into the picture and rose as the most effective marketing tool for Beauty & Personal Care, TikTok members were able to celebrate every aspect of their true selves and connect with themselves.

So today, we will dive into the best TikTok Ad creatives for Beauty & Personal Care as well as put them into practice in order to maximize the chance for success.

3 Go-to tips for Beauty & Personal Care ad creative

Follow basic guidelines 

Before mastering every TikTok ad creative, it’s essential to know the fundamental guidelines to boost the average performance of advertisements.

  • Leave an impression: Video should be above 10s
  • Optimize the viewing experience: Video should not be below 720P
  • Inspire engagement: Video should always be full screen
  • Capture attention: Video should always include audio

Focus on creative quantity 

Having a various number of creative assets, TikTok allows you to optimize the asset selection. While keeping 3-5 creatives per group, TikTok advises distributing your creatives throughout a number of ad groups. By using each idea, you can help the system figure out what works best for you.

Boost diversity in your creative process

With the bloom of TikTok ads and the diversity of its ad creative, Beauty & Personal Care brands should take TikTok into consideration to not only gain better performance but also rise the chance of getting noticed as you update and add new creative assets to your campaign.

Beauty & Personal Care
Beauty & Personal Care brands should take TikTok into consideration to gain better performance. | Source: Get The Gloss

TikTok Ad creative best practices to make great TikToks

Again, there’s no ultimate formula for success rather than being one-of-a-kind and outstanding to other competitors. However, if you are new in this industry, you can check out a few creative patterns TikTok suggests below and apply them to your own business.

Choose the right video formats


Cinematography is a popular and efficient approach for creating TikTok content. By utilizing camera effects and techniques, advertisers are able to display products from a human viewpoint while giving them a distinctive spin that fits their personality. Compared to computer-generated imagery creatives, the click-through rate for cinematography content has increased by 25%.

Cinematography on TikTok might appear in these types of content:

  • Test it out!
  • Show and tell (CTR +17.6%)
  • Product showcases

Pink hair, don’t care 🎀🌸☁ @gooddyeyoung looking cute on Scarlett, our Social Media Exec #pinkhairdye #hairdye

♬ original sound – BEAUTY BAY

Takeaway: Define your key message, target audience, and the impact of your product on the audience. Then find the TikTok creators fit for your brand who can spread your story perfectly.

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CGI Production

This technique applies to creatives created with the use of computer-generated imagery including:

  • Graphics and text
  • Animation

The planet smiles with Colley our new recyclable tube! Info: Link in bio

♬ Promoted Music – colgate_anz

Takeaway: Increase engagement by adding new visual elements on top as a layer of entertainment. Create an animated character if it potentially delivers your message better.

Leverage creative storytelling

Build brand trust

Let’s try to embrace the tight-knit relationships that exist among TikTok communities to establish trust. Within their own communities, creators are trusted experts. By working with them, you can make your audience trust your brand more. 

To build trust with ad creatives, you may try some of these video ideas:

  • Build on existing creatives
  • Scientific knowledge
  • Before and After
  • Product comparisons
  • Product community

“It’ll tone any yellow out of your teeth” #tiktokmademebuyit

♬ original sound – hismile

Takeaway: Communities on TikTok are based on shared experiences and trust. With the assistance of reliable experts who can convey your story more compellingly, you can expand your reach to your target community.

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Add value

Adding value is to address people’s issues and provide them with useful information on the topics they are interested in. Try your best to create educational content that emphasizes beauty tips and techniques, answer frequently asked questions, and assist people in improving their personal care.

All you have to do is choose one of these approaches and use it on your ads:

  • Product Reviews
  • Problem and solution
  • Tutorials
  • Hacks
  • Routines

These brows got us like… 🥵🥵🥵 @Autym uses our Brow Code Tint Kit RELGIOUSLY to ensure her brows are forever full 🤌🏼 We are LIVING for her results!!

♬ original sound – browcode

Takeaway: TikTok can be educational, so tap into #EduTok to increase the value perceived by the audience. Introduce your product to them in a useful way or show them the possibility of any beauty look with the right products and skills.

Engage your audience

Using creative storytelling approaches can create a higher engagement rate. To establish a stronger connection, how about asking your audiences a question or including them in a process? Remember to maintain an engaging and interactive environment.

There are numerous ways to engage with your audience on TikTok, such as:

  • Respond to comments
  • Unboxing
  • Hauls
  • Get ready with me

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation gives you full-coverage that lasts up to 24 hours!

♬ Promoted Music – esteelauder

Takeaway: Interact directly with your community by tackling their problems, giving them solutions to their concerns, responding to their questions, etc. Beauty haul is also a good way to engage with your audience since everyone seems to enjoy window shopping experiences.

Jump on TikTok trends

Use the community’s everlasting trends to your advantage and have fun with them! Keep an eye on what’s popular and trendy in any category, and seize the opportunities to capitalize on these trends to increase relevancy and brand favorability

Here’s what trending on TikTok:

  • Oddly satisfying
  • Dance trends
  • Funny Skits
  • Lip-syncing

Takeaway: The simplest way to tie your connection with your audience is to catch up with trends because they are the ideal indicators of your audience’s interests. By following these trends and meeting them where they are, you can stay top of mind. You can get inspired from the ‘For You’ page or from famous creators who know all the latest trends.

Focus on visual & audio elements

Special effects

Visual effects, editing and camera tricks are some elements that enhance the excitement and enjoyment of your creativity. With video ads, you can make use of these effects below:

  • Rewind
  • Stop motion
  • Duplicate with clones
  • Holiday sparks

Takeaway: In order to make your content more relatable and fascinating for your audience, you can employ visual special effects to emphasize the emotions in your story. Visual effects working together with sound will give an additional level of fun for your brand.

Attractive audio

On TikTok, sound is powerful to attract your audiences. Use trending music or other following audio components to win your target customers.

  • Background music
  • ASMR
  • Rhythm of nature

A haute couture fragrance in a haute couture bottle. Hand-tied with an exquisite ribbon embroidered with a myriad flowers. Discover the reinvention of our timeless classic.•#DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #MissDior #WakeUpForLove

♬ son original – Dior

Takeaway: Sound has always been crucial on TikTok. Make the most of it to grab your audience’s attention and provide them with the most pleasing TikTok experience. Choose the sounds that go best with your content, your product, and your brand’s image and get creative by mixing them with your key messages.

Write powerful video scripts

Always keep your audience in mind while you write the script for your video. Think about the following: How do they prefer to be addressed? What sparks a connection with them? Then keep it conversational and casual for the beauty category, and use the appropriate humor, tone, and inflection.

The flow

Regarding the flow, you can divide the script into three sections: the beginning, the middle, and the end. Each part should serve a distinct purpose and contain content material that supports the whole video. It will be easier to write a script if you understand the logic behind each section.

video scripts flow
Source: TikTok
SectionObjectivesWhat to do
BeginningHook: grabbing your audience’s attentionThe first 3-6 seconds of your ads are the most important. Make the most of that by captivating your audience with a compelling hook that encourages them to continue watching.
Make sure the hook and your product are related. This will guarantee a seamless transition from the opening hook to the main message that follows.
MiddleDeliver your key messagesDeliver your key message in a memorable, straightforward, and clear way.
It’s also vital that your key message is associated with your product in a genuine and cohesive way. As a result, your brand will be more trusted.
Keep your message positive and engaging by emphasizing the good sides of your product.
EndCTACTA as the next step after your audience watches your content should be simple and straightforward to maintain the momentum and encourage them to take action.

Now, you still want to maximize the impact of ad creatives, so here are some useful tips to take script-writing to the next level

  • Know your product and highlight key selling points including product information (results, ingredients, texture, etc.) and takeaways (how to use, services, endorsement, promotion, etc.)
  • Choose one of the creative patterns above that effectively deliver your story
  • Arrange the selected information into the three parts of the script and leverage the narratives

Take a look at these examples:

Beginning: Hook

Everyone on TikTok is talking about this [product] and I finally got one!

Wow! Can you believe this is the instant result after using [product]?

I finally received my package from [brand]. Can’t wait to open up this box and show you guys what’s inside!


Halloween Sale – Save up to 50% Off!

♬ Promoted Music – sandandskyaus

Middle: Key message

Keywords: results (soothe, hydrate, glow, fast-absorbing, brighten, etc.)

emotions (confidence, relaxing, impressed, excitement, etc.)

ingredients (healthy, vegan, toxin-free, natural, etc.)

scent (floral, fruity, fragrance-free, fresh, tropical, etc.)


An unboxing moment with @georgiaedavies makes delivery day our favourite kind of day 🥰 #AlphaH #unboxing #skintok #fyp #skincarehaul

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

End: CTA (CTA, Promotion + CTA, Product efficacy + CTA)

Get one now! You won’t regret it!

Run, don’t walk – [product] is currently on sale!

Click the link below and follow me to [achieve results] all day long.

Drive big results in Beauty & Personal Care industry with TikTok Ad

Now you got all the needed tricks and skills, you can start applying TikTok creatives to your ads. Practice combining various creative patterns, product information, hooks, and CTAs. If you want to leverage your TikTok ads without messing with a ton of elements, you can leave your ads to our experts at NestAds and get the best results.


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