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Unlocking Opportunities with the NestScale Affiliate Program

NestScale affiliate program

Welcome to NestScale Affiliate Program, where opportunity meets partnership! Whether you’re a NestScale member or an industry pro, our affiliate program unlocks new revenue streams via co-marketing.

Are you ready to dive in and uncover the secrets of maximizing your earnings? In this blog, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of our program, and offer tips to help you harness its full potential. So, let’s embark on this journey and uncover the wealth of opportunities that await you!

Introduce you to NestScale Affiliate Program

The NestScale Affiliate Program promotes partnerships, benefiting both parties by sharing NestScale products through referral links. Join now, sign up, get your link, and share. Our affiliate program is now available for two paid-plan products, NestAds and NestDesk.

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What can you get by becoming our affiliate? 

Join our NestScale Affiliate program to earn a 20% commission on successful NestAds or NestDesk subscriptions (up to $9.99) for 12 cycles. Your commission is guaranteed, even if there’s an unsubscription, with adjustments based on remaining paid cycles.

Plus, your referral link stays valid for 90 days, so more opportunities to claim your benefits!

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How to maximize your profit as a NestScale Affiliate 

As a NestScale Affiliate, maximize profit by customizing activities to match your resources and capabilities. We’ve tailored strategies for three key groups: Users, Content creators, and Software providers. Let’s explore these strategies to maximize your earnings.

For Users

If you’re already using our apps, you’re sitting on a goldmine of experiences worth sharing. Your NestScale journey is impactful, and your reviews on different platforms can help our app’s community. 

Your review could be in both written and spoken form. Feel free to share whatever you think in your review. Always remember that sincerity is the key, and your voice has the power to make a meaningful difference. Lastly, don’t forget to add the affiliate link to enhance the chance of getting people to click on it!

For Content creators

Content creators possess a unique strength in delivering messages across diverse platforms. You can take your promotional efforts on many digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or your blog. Here are some tips for creating compelling content:

Make sharing videos

Creating videos is a great idea to gain more attention to your affiliate link. Make sure to add value to your videos and include your affiliate link in the description. While it takes longer to implement, it significantly boosts both your branding and affiliate performance.

Here are some video ideas we suggest you try out: 

  • Problems & solutions sharing: Identify common issues in your audience’s workflow or industry. If NestAds and NestDesk can help, mention our apps and drop the affiliate link in the video description.
  • Case study video: If you’re into e-commerce, this is a must-try! Audiences love practical examples, and what’s better than sharing your case study? Include the affiliate link if your solution aligns with our apps’ features.
  • Q&A video: Summarize all questions from your customers in one video for a rewarding viewer experience. It’s also a golden chance to promote your affiliate link.
video ideas

Engage your audience through social media posts 

Social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter are excellent for content creators to stay active and share their stories. Sharing your affiliate link on social media is cost-effective for info and income. Avoid overdoing it to prevent spam-like behavior that can harm your reputation and efforts.

Instead, engage with your audience through informative posts such as FAQs, how-to guides, product reviews, or product recommendations. For instance, you can share your insights and personal experiences, and use images to illustrate. Don’t forget to include a link to the affiliate products.

Your blog is important, too!

For eCommerce solutions, create NestScale instructional content with a strong call to action at the end. Attach your affiliate link to each post. 

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For daily bloggers, an impartial review of NestScale emphasizing the benefits of the apps while maintaining an informative approach can engage your readers. With your existing content creation skills, this phase should be a natural extension of your efforts. Don’t forget to use provided marketing resources, such as images, banners, and logos, to support your work. 

For Software providers

Developed a top-notch Shopify app or theme? Partner with us for commissions. Our high app store rating boosts credibility, opening new doors for your brand in the NestScale ecosystem. Here are some ways for you as a software provider to consider.

Mention our apps in your blog posts

If you have a loyal customer base, mention us in your posts—reviews, guides, or app recommendations. Introduce our app or theme to your engaged audience.

Online guest blogging step in the game

You can engage to share your industry knowledge by contributing as a guest blogger. This establishes your authority and gets valuable backlinks, boosting your SEO and online presence.  

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Get started with NestScale Affiliate Program now!

In summary, the NestScale Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity to generate income while promoting our ecosystem. Whether you’re a user, content creator, or software provider, tailored strategies await you. Join us now on this exciting journey toward online success. Together, we can scale new heights!


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