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Wetracked vs NestAds: Wetracked Alternative (2024)

Wetracked alternative

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, businesses seek tools that empower them to make informed decisions for growth and efficiency. While Wetracked remains popular for tracking data, it lacks crucial data visualization features and optimization capabilities. Moreover, Shopify merchants may face challenges with their complex setups and less intuitive interface. But fret not! Allow us to introduce a Wetracked alternative exclusively designed for Shopify merchants: NestAds. This tool streamlines data analysis and enhances your E-Commerce strategy seamlessly.

Need better data visualization. Searching for a Wetracked alternative?

Wetracked primarily operates as a data collection system, specializing in gathering server-side data and transmitting it back to the platform. Its primary focus is on data collection, lacking features related to performance reporting, customer journeys, and advanced analytics. If so, NestAds emerges as a game-changer.

NestAds sets itself apart by offering comprehensive solutions for users, covering both ad tracking and data visualization. It boasts features such as performance reporting, customer journey analysis, and creative analysis, providing a more holistic approach to advertising and analytics needs. Essentially, NestAds holds a more prominent position in the market by addressing a broader range of user requirements and delivering complete solutions for advertising and analytics endeavors.

How can we compare Wetracked vs NestAds?

In our comparison between WeTracked and NestAds, we delve into their functionalities and advantages, helping businesses identify the optimal solution for their advertising tracking requirements.

Wetracked vs NestAds

Shopify integration

Regarding integrating with Shopify, NestAds stands out for its seamless process, facilitated by a direct partnership with Shopify

The integration method that Wetracked is using might be too complex, leading to challenges many challenges if you don’t have a strong technology background. This approach necessitates additional time and effort from merchants as they seek out supplementary information, potentially causing delays in the integration process and impeding workflow efficiency.

Conversely, NestAds simplifies integration so that merchants can enjoy a smooth integration process, effortlessly connecting this tracking software to their Shopify stores. This straightforward integration enhances operational efficiency and enables merchants to concentrate on core business activities rather than grappling with intricate integration procedures.

Tracking solution

Wetracked operates as an additional tracking solution for platform pixels, meaning it relies on the underlying pixel technology provided by the platform itself, such as Shopify. This reliance makes Wetracked’s tracking capabilities dependent on the compliance and capabilities of the platform’s pixel. 

Otherwise, NestAds utilizes a hybrid tracking system that combines Shopify Pixel with its own NestAds Pixel. This integration allows NestAds to offer a more comprehensive tracking solution that aligns more closely with Shopify’s compliance standards while also leveraging the unique features of NestAds Pixel. This dual-pixel approach enhances the tracking capabilities of NestAds, providing a more robust and compliant solution for advertisers.

Therefore, while Wetracked focuses on enhancing the tracking capabilities of existing platform pixels, NestAds takes a more integrated approach by incorporating its own pixel technology alongside the platform’s pixel. This dual-pixel strategy not only ensures compliance with Shopify’s standards but also offers advertisers a more comprehensive and flexible tracking solution that can adapt to the evolving needs of digital advertising.

Data visualization

Wetracked primarily functions as a data collection system, specializing in gathering server-side data and transmitting it back to the platform. Its main focus lies in data collection, lacking features related to performance reporting, customer journeys, and advanced analytics. This emphasis on data collection rather than visualization or analysis means that Wetracked essentially serves as a tool solely for ad tracking, without comprehensive data visualization capabilities.

On the other hand, NestAds offers comprehensive solutions for users, encompassing both ad tracking and data visualization. It provides features such as performance reporting, customer journey analysis, and creative analysis, thereby offering a more holistic approach to advertising and analytics needs.

Advanced customer journeys

NestAds sets itself apart from Wetracked with its unique advanced customer journey feature seamlessly integrated into advertising channels. Through NestAds, users gain a holistic understanding of customer journeys across diverse advertising channels, presented in both detailed and aggregated formats.

NestAds advanced customer journey

By offering comprehensive insights, NestAds enables users to comprehend the entirety of their customers’ journeys. With NestAds, users can glean valuable insights into customer behavior and engagement, empowering them to refine their advertising strategies for optimal outcomes. As a result, businesses can identify critical touchpoints, anticipate customer needs, and tailor their marketing campaigns accordingly.

Creative reports

Creativity holds immense importance for advertisers, particularly those handling Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads, given the unique dynamics of these platforms in contrast to others like Google. Facebook and TikTok ads function on a targeted approach, where algorithms analyze potential customer profiles to display ads accordingly.

While Wetracked lacks this capability, NestAds provides a comprehensive assessment of creative efficacy, empowering users to discern which ads resonate with their audience and generate the highest engagement levels. NestAds’ advanced creative report includes a performance trend analysis feature, allowing users to compare the trends of various creatives over specific time frames. Additionally, it presents all creatives alongside their respective metrics in a tabular format, simplifying the comparison process.

NestAds creative reports wetracked alternative

By utilizing NestAds’ creative report feature, advertisers can pinpoint top-performing creatives, understand why certain ads outperform others, and fine-tune their advertising strategies accordingly.

Pricing plans

NestAds offers a compelling reason for users to opt for it over Wetracked: its significantly more affordable pricing. Wetracked’s pricing plans range from $49 to $249 per month, offering limited features with a lack of data visualization options for users. In contrast, NestAds provides equivalent features and functionality for no more than $50 per month. This considerable price difference makes NestAds an attractive option for users seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality and features.

With NestAds, you can subscribe to the Pro plan for just $49.99 per month, which includes:

  • Advanced reports
  • Unlimited campaigns and budgets
  • Retargeting and retention campaigns
  • Unlimited video editing
  • Email/phone file integration
  • Daily budget optimization
  • Business Intelligence and Cohort Analysis
  • NestAds Pixel with first-party data.
NestAds pricing plan

Reasons why we should use NestAds as a Wetracked alternative 

Supercharge your advertising outcomes with NestAds, the ultimate solution surpassing Northbeam’s capabilities. Dive deep into customer insights, streamline ad performance, and amplify ROI effortlessly. NestAds seamlessly merges all your advertising data into one intuitive interface. Let’s revolutionize your advertising effectiveness:

  • Unlock profound customer insights: NestAds empowers you with robust tools to decode customer behavior and optimize campaigns. With features like multi-touch attribution and cohort analysis, unveil the customer journey, pinpoint key touchpoints, and refine advertising strategies with surgical precision. Advanced analytics keep your business ahead of the curve, fostering meaningful engagement.
  • Simplified data management: NestAds effortlessly consolidates all advertising data into a user-friendly dashboard, eliminating the hassle of navigating multiple platforms. Gain a comprehensive view of your advertising performance at a glance.
  • Unmatched support: NestAds doesn’t just stop at tools; it provides exceptional support. Access dedicated teams with a click, ensuring your advertising endeavors never waver.

Elevate your advertising prowess with NestAds. Begin maximizing your advertising endeavors today and witness the transformative impact firsthand. For inquiries or assistance, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 via live chat. Contact us at [email protected] for any transition-related questions. We’re committed to ensuring your NestAds experience is nothing short of extraordinary.



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