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TikTok Video Ideas For Businesses in 2024 with Examples

TikTok video ideas

TikTok has grown to be a key component of marketing campaigns in a wide range of industries, from small businesses to big corporations. However, the fact that how to get great TikTok video ideas that engage and approach more potential customers has been a concern for every seller.

Below we specifically focus on small companies, especially those that are new to TikTok, and show them some of the most creative ways businesses can use this popular platform to advertise their products or services.

Give your product a story 

The first TikTok video idea that small business owners shouldn’t miss is giving the products a story. Not only what your product can bring benefits to users, but it’s also about what is it. Keep in mind that the more relatable the story is, the deeper the emotional response invoked. Try your best to connect with your audiences and make them fall in love with your product. 

If you are wondering how to do it in a creative and amazing way. Ask yourself these 3 questions and you will find your own story for TikTok Ads:

  • What is the story of your product, brand, or service?
  • What does it represent?
  • What is the inspiration?
  • What is the unique selling point?

Let’s discover this example from Ganni – a Danish contemporary ready-to-wear fashion brand. Knowing the potential of TikTok, Ganni decided to invest in this platform and this team has received amazing results:  43.7K followers, 447.6K likes, thousands of views and a lot of great comments from the audience.

In this video, Ganni chooses to show the inspiration and highlight the unique design of this Figni jeans. By leveraging a relatable story, this brand succeeds to showcase how its product can be the most comfortable jean to wear after dinner. It’s a very smart idea you can follow!

Give your product a life

What does “a life” mean? It means a character or personality that closely connects to your product. It will be better to give your products something to be memorized with, for example, an emotion or feeling that appears immediately when your audience thinks about your brand or product.

If you think that your product is just an object, you won’t ever boost engagement and drive sales with TikTok. Let’s see what Scrub Daddy – a well-known cleaning product company has done. Their key to success, it’s all about an amazing human character that totally fits the product.

Give your product a hack

The next TikTok video idea for small businesses is to give your product a hack. What does “hack” mean? It means anything that can elevate users’ experience and differentiates your product from the competitors. Hidden functions, secret recipes, etc., they are all about putting in some magic to attract the most attention possible. What can be more amazing than making your product become a genius life hack to keep selling out?

To do that, let’s think about different formats to showcase your products, brands or services. It will be an incredibly great TikTok video idea if you find out the shared values between your brand and other genres. Here are some genres you can use in your next TikTok videos.

  • Animation
  • Challenge
  • Comedy 
  • DIY 
  • Drama
  • Explained, facts 
  • How-to
  • Hidden Camera
  • News 
  • Vlog, Sitcom 
  • Social Experiment
  • Unboxing 
  • Soap
  • Talk
  • Review 
  • Music Show 

Let’s discover this example from Peachyslime to see how this brand succeeded to give their product a hack. Peachybbies is one of the largest slime manufacturers in the United States. And they has 3.2M+ followers on TikTok by selling…slime? That’s right! 

By turning their slimes into delicious-looking treats, or in another way: ASMR cooking videos, they’ve succeeded to show off the slime-making process in a fun and creative way and highlight the unique insight of experience. 


Do you guys watch any ASMR videos? ✨ Btw is restocking Friday at 7pm EST 💕 #fyp #diy #howto #storytime

♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

Give your product a try

Have you ever intended to create trials, testimonials, or tutorial videos on TikTok? If yes, congratulations, it’s one of the great TikTok video ideas for small businesses. 

Always remember that before and even after buying, your customers want to discover how they can use your product and what they can get from your product. That’s why we highly recommend giving your audience the user experience of your product, for example, the taste they will get, the T-shirt they will take, etc.  

So a one-million-dollar question: How can you give your product a try in a creative way? Here are 2 kinds of videos that fit seamlessly into this “Give” strategy:


It is one of the most popular TikTok video ideas to show customers how to use their products. These also might be some pieces of helpful tips for buyers to use their products with the best experiences.  


If the lips ain’t juicy juicyyy, we don’t want it 💦🍒🍉✨ @Tanem is serving y’all THE #lipcombo of the summer 👉🏽 #PopsicleLips ❤️‍🔥 Line the lips with #POUTSICLE in Mai Type & wipe away for the prettiest, long-lasting pink stain✨ Then top it off with #GLOSSBOMBHEAT in Glass Slipper to finish off that plump n juicy pout 👄 Cop the gewdsss at the 🔗 in bio!

♬ original sound – Fenty Beauty

Behind the scenes

Most customers are excited to know about the process of how their favorite products are created. This could be a great chance for them to dig into what’s inside your business and show them how much effort, care, and attention you put into each product. In this way, you might build trust and create a more personal connection with your customers. 

So what should be included in behind-the-scenes clips? Don’t restrict your creativity by just showing the way to get your goods done. They could be the packaging orders process, a short tour of the warehouse where products are stored, organizing inventory, or the normal working day of your teams.

Let’s take a look at the packing orders clip below:

Give your product a shoutout

Another TikTok video idea that as a small business, you can invest in: give your product a shoutout. Tell your audience about all the new updates, new special offers with an exciting mood and a sense of urgency. In this way, you can easily increase customer retention rates and maintain customer loyalty. 


You heard it here first…adidas Campus RESTOCK coming soon 👀👟✨ Which pair you feeling? #asos #adidas #adidasoriginals #adidascampus #adi #sneakers

♬ original sound – asos – asos

Announce special offers

Who doesn’t enjoy a good sale? You should definitely notify your customers on TikTok if you are running a limited-time offer on your website, shop, or have discounted your services.

Let’s see how they share discounts and how excited customer’s reactions are in the comment below:


Everything on our site is 50% off right now! Go check it out! 💙 #thisismysong #sale

♬ original sound – Nene💚

Announce new product launches

It’s a great way to engage with your customers and gets them ready to buy when the products are available. Otherwise, creating a video for new updates helps you drive customer excitement, build demand for them and highlight how you are responding to what your customers want.

It’s time to unlock the magic of TikTok!

We hope that with these TikTok video ideas mentioned above, you will find some inspiration for your next campaigns and start to drive more sales on TikTok.

And always remember that some videos will become an explosion, and some won’t. That’s why you just need to keep trying new ideas for your small business and analyze the results. Who knows, thanks to the “Give” strategy, one day, you will succeed to gain a million orders on TikTok? 



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