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TikTok UGC Ads Creative Guide to Stand Out from Competitors  

TikTok UGC Ads creative guide

Have you ever intended to make TikTok advertising video without any sign of advertising? It seems to be an unrealistic goal that can make your brand no longer on the right track. However, TikTok UGC Ads have that power, the one you’ve never expected.

Create unique content, establish greater trust, and drive more traffic and sales, you will have it all in one. Do you feel interested now? Keep reading our article to discover more TikTok UGC Ads!

What are TikTok UGC Ads?

TikTok User-generated content (UGC) Ads is promoting your products or service through a UGC video. User-generated content is original, creative and brand-specific content created by users for users that brands can publish on TikTok to engage with their audiences in a perfect way. 


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♬ original sound – 🤓Kate // UGC & TIKTOK coach

Moreover, TikTok UGC Ads come in different forms including images, review and tutorial videos or even a podcast. Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok shows great potential to develop this type of content thanks to its relatability and authenticity. 

One special fact is that UGC videos on TikTok had a 22% higher score than brand videos. UGC videos have the power to capture all the viewer’s attention and keep them watching until the end. Otherwise, TikTok UGC videos can create emotion 22% better than brand videos. It’s really outstanding than other TikTok competitors. 

Expert TikTok UGC Ads module to follow

If you create a UGC video by yourself or collaborate with other UGC creators, you should always focus on the TikTok UGC Ads module to maximize your ad campaign results. There are five key elements that you should never miss out: 

  • Content hook 
  • Problem agitator 
  • Product intro 
  • Benefits and features of products 
  • Catchy call-to-action
TikTok UGC Ads module
TikTok UGC Ads module

Content hook

The video content hook comes to the most important part of TikTok UGC Ads creative guide. It’s the first few seconds in your video and is well known as the attention-grabber to keep your audience invested in your video. 

By setting the tone of the entire video, a hook will decide whether viewers stay and watch your ad video or not. With UGC Ads, you always need to make it casual but also attractive. Remember that we don’t make ads, we make TikToks!

Here are some amazing ideas for your hook in the next video:

  • Questions and promises: Adding questions and promises to your UGC video is a winning way to deeply engage with your audience and also build brand trust. 
  • Reverse loop: It’s a segment of the clip in reverse within the duration of the behavior.
  • Social proof: As a powerful ingredient of video marketing, social proof shows the great sides of your product from external sources like customers, influencers, etc. 
  • Competitor’s comparison: Use this hook to promote the unique benefits of your product compared to other big competitors. 
  • TikTok trend: By hopping on popular trends, you will create a relatable video hook and therefore capture all the attention in the first three seconds. 
  • Oddly satisfying video: It’s a kind of video that shows repetitive events or actions that viewers find pleasing. It can create the release of chemicals in the brain that bring about happiness and positivity. 

So keep in mind that video hook is 50% of your success! Try your best to make an amazing and creative hook! 

Problem agitator

After the video hook, you definitely don’t want to mention your product right away because you need to become more relatable in the eyes of your audience. So how about identifying their pain points, meaning what problem they are facing? It’s really necessary before officially introducing your products. 

It will be more attractive to start off as a kind of serious and then end up being a little funny. All the TikTok viewers definitely feel surprised about what you guys have brought to them!

Product introduction

After mentioning the problem, let’s introduce your products or services as the solution to the problem. It seems to be the smartest way to show your brand in front of many users.

Start incorporating our 4U Rules when introducing your product in short videos and livestream. Spend more time to understand your viewers pain points to improve your GMV! #ttsboleh #tiktokshopboleh #tiktokshopmalaysia

♬ Emotional Synth Rock / Challenge / Hope – SAKUMAMATATA

By taking this approach, you will embrace the authenticity, creativity and joy of UGC videos and especially of the TikTok community. Immerse in TikTok is all about discovery and being discovered. 

Product unique benefits

In the next part of the UGC module, we highly recommend showing the unique benefits or features of your product. However, don’t forget to highlight the most significant one that totally matches your customer’s insights. Know your target audience and provide them what they want, you will get your clients to remember your brand. 

Catchy CTA

Last but not least, call-to-action is one of the greatest ways to close up your video and TikTok UGC Ads video is no exception. A CTA encourages users to engage more with your videos and guides them through the sale funnel with desired action.

Let’s go over some best practices for a killer CTA

  • Timing: Think about during the entire video where and when you will put your CTA. 
  • Design: Your CTA should be easy to read and noticeably clickable with the right color and size. 
  • Tone of voice: Based on your video and also your business goal, you should consider the right way to create your CTA. Strong verbs will be very helpful to drive more traffic and sales. 

Here are some examples of catchy CTA in your TikTok UGC Ads video

  • Start free trial 
  • Buy now or cry later 
  • Swipe up  
  • See link in bio 
  • Follow for more interesting video

3 Amazing tips for high-quality UGC Ads

Knowing the module to focus on, now it’s time for some awesome tips to make your best TikTok UGC Ads video ever. Put our tips into practice and you will never regret!

Collaborate with the right UGC creator

When it comes to the first tip for professional UGC Ads, TikTok brand collaboration in UGC Ads always stays on top. Partnering with TikTok creators will spread your brand awareness and expand your reached audience. 


Dam, thats a long way down 👀 Climbing by @Dylan Efron, #GoProFPV from @Fabio 🧗 #gopro #goprohero11 #climbing #switzerland #travel #scary #rockclimbing

♬ original sound – GoPro

However, remember to provide an effective content brief to your partners so that everything will run smoothly. They just need to make the video by focusing on this document with all the necessary information. 

Consider the aesthetics of your UGC 

It’s always important to closely plan your video in advance. Its means to consider the way that all things can be looked and edited. Here are some good ways that you can apply on the next TikTok UGC Ads video:

  • Clean up your background 
  • Use some props 
  • Do your hair, put on your favorite outfit and get ready
  • Use golden hour lighting 

UGC product demo video I did for a client in the health/wellness space 💙 #ugccreator #ugcvideos #ugcexample

♬ Coffee – beabadoobee

By creating the best aesthetics for your video, you have already succeeded to build a totally different brand image. The more professional your videos look, the more your brand will benefit from them. 

Moreover, through the customer’s eyes and perspective, a good video means that you took a lot of time to prepare and how much you cared about the content. It’s the best way to earn and build real customer loyalty. 

So try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to know their demand and the way they really think about your video.

Choose the right type of UGC 

Depending on your must-meet goals and your audience, you need to decide the type of UGC that will be most effective for your brand. A clear idea about the content will help you to stay on the right track and drive big results. 

Before starting to make a UGC video, let’s discover some commons types of TikTok UGC

  • Review: Other TikTok creators offer an authentic review of your product or service. It’s an excellent method to build brand trust and reach a large audience. 
  • Challenges: A video that showcases a specific action, a dance and challenges others to copy you or make their own version. 
  • Contest: A TikTok contest is created by a brand or business and gives audiences to win a prize by following the rules. 
  • Tutorial video: A video that guides viewers on the right way of using a product or a service. 

The right type of UGC that aligns with your TikTok marketing strategy can help you to optimize ad performance and bring business results. And no matter what kind of content you choose, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of TikTok hashtags. They can work well in any video!

3 Best examples to elevate your TikTok UGC Ads 

If you are a newbie in a highly competitive community like TikTok, don’t hesitate to explore some high-performing TikTok UGC Ads examples to get some precious lessons!

Laura Mercier

Inspired by the energy of New York City and also the classic French aesthetic, Laura Mercier aims to highlight your natural features and make you look beautiful without covering your skin. The team tries its best to create high-performing and natural products that are easy to apply. 


If only it was this easy to get ready 😂 @lauramercier #readySETgo #lauramercierpartner #ad

♬ #readySETgo – LauraMercier

Laura Mercier decided to use UGC by launching #ReadySetGo – a TikTok challenge to reach and attract TikTok audiences. Through this UGC advertising video, Laura Mercier asked viewers to show all the changes after using Laura Mercier products. This kind of content truly accentuated the benefits of their items.

In addition, Laura Mercier collaborated with well-known beauty influencers on TikTok to take part in this challenge and share it with their followers. The campaign has gained 2,500 UGC videos with 8.6 billion views.

Laura Mercier TikTok UGC Ads
Laura Mercier TikTok UGC Ads

Hollywood Hair Bar

Have you ever heard about hair care products that use natural ingredients to naturally stimulate hair growth? It’s all about Hollywood Hair Bar’s mission. Founded by Tiffany Rose, this brand has succeeded to fill the huge void in the beauty market. 


Our regrowth serum will give you the hair you’ve dreamed of 😍 #hollywoodhairbar

♬ original sound – HollywoodHairBar

With the aim of generating more sales, Hollywood Hair Bar leveraged great UGC from TikTok creators that matched its target audience. They used UGC videos as the priority marketing channel to spread the brand image. 

Thanks to their huge efforts, this brand has earned an impressive number of views. Especially, there were 1.4M TikTok videos created with the hashtag #hollywoodhairbar. 

Hollywood Hair Bar TikTok UGC Ads
Hollywood Hair Bar TikTok UGC Ads


If you are an expert or even an amateur in the camera industry, you have definitely heard about GoPro – an American technology company founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman. It produces action cameras and builds its own mobile apps and video-editing software.

Although GoPro has got a community of 2.3 million followers on TikTok, this brand still invested in TikTok UGC Ads to reach a new younger audience and strengthen the brand position in the marketplace. 

The video was originally made by base jumper Jeb Crollis using the GoPro Max to film while flying through the cracks. It gained a lot of views and generated a high engagement rate. 

GoPro also partnered with many TikTok creators to highlight all the unique benefits of its product.


Fred Fugen took heli-skiing to the next level ⛷️🪂 #gopro #gopromax #hypersmooth #skitok #skiing #winter #goproawards

♬ original sound – GoPro

Become an expert with TikTok UGC Ads

TikTok UGC Ads is a gift from TikTok that you should never miss, especially if you are a beginner and aim to build a strong brand for your startup through TikTok. Don’t worry about your competitors, just follow our ultimate guide and you will see amazing results from your campaign!

If you want to master TikTok Ads as a key element of your strategy, our support team are always here to help you overcome advertising problem. Feel free to contact us for more advice or try our new product NestAds – TikTok Advertising Management Software.


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