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TikTok Expands Research API & Launches Ads Transparency Library

TikTok Just Enhanced Their Ads Transparency For Marketer

TikTok has just enhanced their ads transparency, thus, we are thrilled to present the latest developments, including the expanded Research API in Europe and the introduction of the highly anticipated “Commercial Content Library”. These groundbreaking tools offer marketers unparalleled insights into their campaigns. They allow for refined targeting, enhanced performance evaluation, and optimal return on investment.

Research API Expanded

TikTok is expanding access to its Research API in Europe. This will make it easier for researchers to study content and activities on the platform.

Initially launched for academic researchers in the United States, the Research API has seen over 60 applications. These applications come from US nonprofit academics working on various topics such as consumer trends, misinformation, and mental health.

Now, TikTok is extending this access to researchers across Europe. This includes those in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. With this expansion, up to 10 researchers can collaborate on shared research projects. This enables teamwork and a more comprehensive study of the platform’s impact.

TikTok aims to enhance it’s ads transparency and accountability by opening up its platform to external scrutiny. This ensures that researchers have the necessary data to conduct in-depth and meaningful research on various social media-related issues.

Brand New “Commercial Content Library”

The Commercial Content Library offered by TikTok is a centralized repository that aims to provide transparency in the realm of paid advertising and other commercial content on the platform. It serves as a valuable tool for businesses, advertisers, and researchers. They can access information related to ads and content that is commercial in nature.

Commercial Content Library

Within this library, you can find a wealth of information about paid advertisements. This includes detailed data such as the actual ad content, the duration of the ad campaign, and the specific parameters used for targeting the audience, such as age, gender, and location. This valuable data greatly enhances our understanding of how to design and execute successful ad campaigns on TikTok. It helps businesses gain valuable insights into their competitors’ marketing strategies.

Moreover, the Commercial Content Library also includes information about non-paid content that falls under commercial categories, and it’s tagged with labels like “paid partnership” or “promotional.” These labels indicate that the content promotes a brand, product, or service, but it’s not a traditional paid advertisement. Having access to this information allows businesses to identify influential creators or content trends. They can potentially collaborate with these creators to reach their target audience more effectively.

When clicking on an ad, the “Ad Summary” page provides a comprehensive overview of the ad’s performance. This summary includes details about the target audience, including gender, age group, and location, which helps businesses to evaluate the ad’s effectiveness in reaching the right demographics.

Ad Summary

As of now, the Commercial Content Library only contains data from Europe, which offers businesses and researchers an opportunity to analyze trends and consumer behavior in that region. However, TikTok plans to expand its coverage and include data from more countries in the future, opening up even more possibilities for businesses to gain insights into global markets and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.

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