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Best Shopify Ads Examples: 9 Success Stories to Get Inspire

Shopify ads examples

Shopify and advertising support e-commerce enterprises, guiding them through competition for success. Thus, by actively directing focused traffic and improving conversion rates, you can bolster sales and attain your e-commerce goals. In this blog, we will showcase successful Shopify ads examples that you can reference to your store providing fruitful results at the end. Let’s get started!

9 best ads examples for your Shopify store

Shopify makes it easy for sellers to spread the word about their products far and wide. It hooks you up with big advertising players like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Instagram Ads so that you can effortlessly create and manage your ads across different platforms. Are you interested in checking out a few of the best ad examples for the Shopify store? We’re all set to show you!

E-commerce Facebook ads examples for Shopify store

Let’s explore examples of how businesses leverage Facebook ads for their Shopify stores and uncover the reasons behind their success:

Kitty Poo Club 

Kitty Poo Club revolutionized cat litter management via its subscription-based service. Additionally, the company developed Facebook ads comparing traditional litter boxes to showcase its innovation.

about Kitty Poo Club facebook ad

Reason for success:

  • Focus on customers’ paint point:  Kitty Poo Club’s ads highlight an issue that daily scooping doesn’t tackle odors. Regular boxes create a dusty mess and bother pets. Cleaning up is difficult. They get our pet parents’ struggles and pose the question: How do we solve this?
  • Highlight their product: Their product emerges as the ultimate solution to tackle these issues. Concerned about home odors? Their design is geared to trap odors, ensuring your home stays fresh-smelling. Say goodbye to dust as their products are crafted from natural, low-dust materials. What’s more, Kitty Poo Club’s litter boxes are disposable, taking away the hassle of cleaning them altogether.
  • Take advantage of short video power: Videos, 15-30 seconds long, ensure clear, impactful messages, directly addressing customer pain points.


  • Generated an astounding 1,400 sign-ups from potential customers in the first 20 days
  • Raise the ability to connect with its target audience on a deep level

Rowan for Dogs 

Unlike Kitty Poo Club’s video-centric approach, Rowan for Dogs has struck gold with its image-based advertising strategy.  The company captures the essence of canine care, showcasing the effectiveness of its hair wash, dry shampoo, fur wash, and other products.

about Rowan for dogs Facebook ad

Reason for success:

  • Providing high-quality images: The company’s emphasis on top-notch product photography and captivating visuals has struck a chord with dog owners around the globe.
  • Create their visual identity: Rowan for Dogs excels in crafting a strong visual identity for all products, adeptly showcasing them across various advertising channels for maximum impact and appeal.
  • Mention their product wisely: They carefully curate images that not only catch the eye but also reflect the company’s core values of care, compassion, and expertise. This method has struck a chord with dog owners who deeply value the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional care for their beloved furry friends


  • Brought in over 100 satisfied customers 
  • Grown brand presence among competitors
about rowan for dogs facebook ad

Partake Foods 

Partake Foods is shaking up the snack industry with its range of allergy-friendly cookies, baking blends, and pancake & waffle mixes. They leverage stop-motion Facebook Ads as part of their marketing strategy to showcase and promote their products.

about partake facebook ad

Reason for success:

  • Optimize visual appeal: Stop-motion animation uniquely elevates Partake Foods’ ads, setting them apart from typical commercials. Carefully detailing character and object movements adds an artistic touch, making the ads visually engaging and truly memorable.
  • Highlight product benefits: Employing the stop-motion format, Partake Foods cleverly showcases its products, captivatingly emphasizing ingredients and preparation steps in ads. By doing that, their ads subtly convey the dedication and quality infused into crafting their allergy-friendly delicacies
  • Tell engaging stories: The enchanting and whimsical nature of stop-motion animation naturally grabs attention and immerses viewers in a story. Partake Foods adeptly harnesses this technique in their ads, narrating heartwarming stories about inclusivity and the happiness found in sharing treats with those we cherish


  • Raise The Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) by 34%
  • Raise the conversion rate by 3%
  • Elevated brand awareness

E-commerce TikTok ads examples for Shopify store

Are you curious about how successful businesses have utilized TikTok ads for e-commerce? Let’s explore real case studies showcasing effective strategies and triumphs of brands excelling in engaging audiences and boosting conversions


In the vibrant world of TikTok, Parade stands as a beacon of creativity and brand ingenuity. This innovative underwear and bralette company, catering to millennial and Gen Z customers, has made a bold and successful foray into the platform’s dynamic advertising landscape. 


Happy birthday to us 🍰 Today we are 4️⃣! Take a look back at some of our most iconic moments of the last year…which one was your fave? (I know, it’s hard to pick just one 🤭)

♬ original sound – Parade – Parade

Reason for success:

  • Emphasize authenticity and relatability: Parade’s channel owner, Darya, strategically opted to partner with micro-influencers to showcase the brand’s products. The reason was revealed to be the belief that the real gauge of a successful ad isn’t merely the count of followers but the authentic bond it forges with the audience.
  • Add a sense of humor to videos: Adding humor becomes a choice in selecting sounds, and music, and briefly outlining the styles to emulate when creating the ad. 
  • Targeting the right audiences: This business underscores its customer base, comprising women across diverse ages and sizes while emphasizing a commitment to producing softer, sustainable fabrics to meet the needs of this diverse audience. They believe this strategy will contribute to expanding the reach and exposure of their business.


  • Became popular on Tiktok platform (239K followers, 1.8M likes)
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness and Recognition
  • Got traffic increased by over 300%
  • Achieved a ROAS rate that is over 3 times higher compared to their performance in other marketing channels.

Milk Makeup 

Milk Makeup is a well-known clean beauty brand providing cosmetics formulated with quality ingredients and effective formulas. Their mission centers on encouraging self-expression.


the secret to a soft-sculpted look that’s natural + dimensional? contour *and* bronzer. (yes, there’s a difference!) Here’s how to pair ’em together 👇 #SculptStick 🪄 what it does: adds dimension made with: cool tones to define features apply it: where shadows naturally sit #MatteBronzer ☀️ what it does: adds warmth made with: warm tones for a sunkissed glow apply it: where the sun naturally hits

♬ original sound – milkmakeup

Reason for success:

  • Collaborating with influence: Collaborating with respected beauty influencer Jackie Aina enabled them to tap into her expertise and wide reach in the beauty community. Consequently, this strengthened credibility and encouraged greater engagement.
  • Shaping a product story: Their TikTok-focused strategy revolved around Jackie’s expertise and genuine embrace of trends to showcase their products. This involved utilizing popular sounds, prominently featuring the product packaging, and offering product demonstrations to illustrate how users could integrate the product into their makeup routines.


  • Got a 13.9% lift in ad recall
  • Got  3.9% familiarity increased

Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy!, a renowned cookie brand known for its chocolate chip-laden treats, celebrated its 60th anniversary. They introduced a new flavor, Chips Ahoy! Confetti Cake Cookie targets younger English and French-speaking Canadians. This was to engage a newer demographic. To create buzz among Gen Z audiences, Chips Ahoy! initiated an extensive TikTok campaign. The goal was to convert these digital natives into passionate brand ambassadors to mark this milestone

Reason for success

  • Optimize creator partnerships: This business collaborates with TikTokers whose images are humorous and positive on the platform. Together, they produce content for the Branded Effect. The creators convey the message in their unique style, encouraging others to try the effect themselves. Consequently, this effort aims to enhance brand awareness.
  • Making its brand image more popular: This business has developed an effect on Tiktok, asking users to catch the confetti cookies, keeping them engaged, and placing Chips Ahoy! top of mind that directly brings the 60-year-old brand closer to the youngster. 


  • Got +10.1% increased clickthrough rate
  • Got 9.2% higher engagement rates for their TopView vs. TikTok Canada benchmarks
  • Got over 34 million video views in Canada with the Branded Effect explode

E-commerce Google ads examples for Shopify store

Businesses can harness Google Ads’ power for e-commerce prominence. This elevated them to new heights in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Let’s delve into uncovering the successful tactics, and understanding how Google ads examples can propel Shopify stores:


Arckit is a seller of building blocks whose target audience is primarily composed of kids and teachers and has been able to position its advertisements prominently in Google search results.

about arckit gg ad

Reason for success

  • Using keywords: This brand focuses on some keywords such as “kid toys” and “kid building blocks” which have enabled the company to reach its target audience effectively. By incorporating these relevant keywords into its ad copy, Arckit has increased the visibility of its website and attracted potential customers seeking building blocks for their kids.
  • Building an effective ad format: The company utilizes extra links and a multiline format to expand the space occupied by their advertisements in search results. This strategy; therefore, makes Arckit’s ads more noticeable and visually appealing, capturing the attention of potential customers who are browsing through the search results.
  • Splitting the menu: Arckit’s implementation of a breakage menu provides a clear categorization of products, allowing customers to easily navigate and find the specific building block sets they are looking for. As a result, this user-friendly approach simplifies the shopping process and encourages customers to explore Arckit’s wide range of educational building block options.


Boden, a company that sells a wide variety of footwear, has achieved notable success in using Google Ads to attract customers and drive sales. 

about boden gg ad

Reason for success

  • Targeting of the keyword:  When potential customers search for the term “trainer”, Boden’s products prominently appear in the search results, increasing visibility and attracting targeted traffic to the company’s website.
  • Discounting: Boden offers significant discounts to those who visit their website through Google Ads, Boden creates a sense of urgency and encourages immediate action. This approach, thus, proves to be effective in driving traffic to the website and generating sales. You can try a discount strategy to enhance your sales
  • Showing real image of products: The company intentionally presents its shoes without any filtering, displaying them from various angles and in various lighting conditions. By doing so, this unfiltered approach fosters trust among customers, as it allows them to see the shoes realistically and make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Enhancing credibility: Boden further enhances the credibility of its products by prominently displaying star ratings alongside each shoe. These ratings, which reflect customer feedback and satisfaction, provide valuable insights into the quality and performance of the shoes. 


  • Increase website traffic by 30%
  • Improve brand awareness by 20%
  • Achieve a 15% increase in conversion rates
  • Generate a 20% increase in sales


about moonpig google ad

Moonpig is widely recognized and esteemed for its extensive array of personalized greeting cards and unique gifts, providing an expansive selection that allows customers to express their sentiments in a deeply personal way. The advertisement is specifically aimed at the keyword “personalized cards,” a term closely aligned with the merchandise offered by Moonpig, reflecting the relevance and resonance of the products available within Moonpig’s inventory.

Reason for success

  • Providing for customers: Numerous links are available, facilitating diverse inquiries and aligning with users’ specific search intentions. These pathways cater to varied contexts, enabling exploration based on desired outcomes.
  • Making use of a call to action: The brand strategically integrates active verbs such as “send” and “get” within its Calls to Action (CTAs) to actively prompt and encourage users to click through. By leveraging these action-oriented words, the brand aims to motivate and drive engagement
  • Dealing with customer pain points: Moonpig capitalizes on its unique offering of same-day posting, catering to the needs of time-constrained shoppers or those who find themselves in a last-minute gift-giving situation.


  • Improved brand awareness by 20%
  • Achieved a 15% increase in conversion rates
  • Generated a 20% increase in sales

What should we do to create the best Shopify ads

Creating effective Shopify ads requires a combination of strategic planning, creative execution, and continuous optimization. Here’s a comprehensive guide to crafting high-performance Shopify ads that drive results

  • Identify your target audience: Understanding your target audience is essential for crafting ads that resonate with the right people. Consider factors like demographics, interests, online behavior, and purchase patterns
  • Evaluating ads metrics: You should track your ad spend, measure ROI, and optimize your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. This data-driven approach allows businesses to make informed decisions about marketing strategies and strategically allocate resources.
  • Running more types of ads: You can choose from a variety of ad formats, such as text ads, image ads, video ads, and Shopping ads, to achieve their desired outcomes, whether it’s driving website traffic, generating leads, or boosting sales.
  • Following customer journey: Following the customer journey allows you to identify areas for improvement and tailor your marketing and sales efforts to each stage. By understanding the customer’s mindset and expectations at each stage, you can create a more personalized and effective customer experience
  • Optimize your paid advertising campaigns: Optimizing paid advertising campaigns is an iterative process that requires continuous refinement and improvement. By following these guidelines and consistently monitoring performance, you can effectively optimize your campaigns, maximize ROI, and achieve your desired marketing objectives

Start your advertising journey right now!

Want to level up your Shopify advertising? NestAds is here to help. Our easy-to-use platform simplifies ad management, provides flexible attribution windows, identifies key touchpoints, and offers affordable pricing plans. Contact our experts for personalized support and guidance.


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