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Post-Purchase Email Subject Lines to Drive E-commerce Customer Loyalty

Post purchase email subject lines

There is no need to discuss the benefits of post-purchase emails. Increased customer loyalty, increased customer lifetime value, and increased brand trust – the advantages are endless! Yet, without a compelling email subject line, it is hard to guarantee that your email can last long in your customer’s memory. 

As a matter of fact, nearly half of email recipients are reported to decide whether to open an email based on the subject line alone. That’s why investing a little bit of effort and novelty into crafting a subject line will be 100% worth your time!

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of email subject lines, how to write effective ones, and common mistakes to avoid.

What is a good email subject line? 

Email subject lines are the brief and descriptive phrases that appear in the subject field of an email. They serve as a summary or a preview of the content of the email, and they are the first thing recipients see when they receive a message. A good subject line can catch the reader’s attention and entice them to open the email, while a bad one can cause the message to be ignored or deleted.

Email subject lines examples
Subject lines are the phrases in bold, next to the sender name

Why do post-purchase email subject lines matter?

Email subject lines are small but mighty details that can determine the success of your email campaign. Why? Because subject lines are the first thing that your subscribers see when they receive your email. 

Besides the evident benefit of grabbing your customer’s attention, your subject lines should give your subscribers a clue about what’s inside your email. This can help them decide whether it’s worth opening or not.

Also, email subject lines contribute largely to your open rates. As mentioned earlier, almost half of the email recipients decide whether to open an email based on the subject line alone. So if your subject line isn’t compelling enough, then your email, no matter how thoughtful and poignant, will never get to see the light of day.

Proven tips for great post-purchase email subject lines

Keep it short and sweet

Every email needs to be short, and post-purchase email is no exception.

Most email clients, such as Gmail and Outlook, only display a certain number of characters in the subject line before it gets truncated with ellipses (…). This means that if your subject line is too long, the recipient won’t be able to see the full message, which can be frustrating and potentially lead to your email being ignored or deleted. 

To ensure open rates, your subject line should be kept at a maximum of 60 characters. 

Keep a unique, conversational tone

In a swarming pool of monotonous subject lines, it is important that you stand out with a line that is engaging and trigger their curiosity. If you want to go down the humorous route, we recommend you get creative with puns and word plays – they are the quickest way to make a lasting impression on your subscribers. You can also tease your audience with a simple “Do you know…?”, or “A Sneak Peek for [customer name] Only”

Personalize your email

Personalization is a thoughtful touch to email subject lines that can trigger your subscribers to read the full content. Here are some ways you can personalize your subjects:

  • Use recipient’s name

Despite being an old tactic, using the recipient’s name is still recommended in subject lines. It indicates that the email was meant specifically for them and not just part of a mass email campaign. For example, instead of “Your orders have arrived,” use “Hey Grace, your orders have arrived.”

  • Segment your email list

Segmentation is the key to effective targeting, which can boost your relevance among your subscribers. You can segment your list based on demographics, behavior, location, or any other relevant information. From there, you can create personalized subject lines that appeal to specific groups of people. A clear demonstration: “New marketing courses for London students” for recipients who study in London.

  • Use personalized offers

Using personalized offers can help create a sense of exclusivity and urgency. You can offer a discount or promotion based on a recipient’s previous behavior, such as a past purchase or abandoned cart. For example, “Samantha, don’t miss out on 15% off your next purchase.”

Highlight all the benefits in email subject lines

Our audience is getting lazier, so even the act of clicking to see an email can be tiresome if they are not convinced. Down below are some tips to incorporate the benefits in subject lines in a more engaging way:

  • Clarity, clarity, clarity

Your post-purchase email subject should clearly convey the value that the customer will receive from their purchase. This could be in the form of a discount, exclusive access to content, or a free gift. For example, “Thanks for your purchase! Enjoy 10% off your next order” or ” As a thank you, here’s a free [product] with your purchase!”

  • Use action-oriented language

When it comes to crafting post-purchase email subject lines, don’t settle for generic phrases that make your customers yawn. Instead, use action-oriented language that grabs their attention and encourages them to engage with the email. For example, rather than just a dull “Thank you for your purchase” subject line, something more exciting and specific like “Congrats on your new [product]! Here’s how to utilize it.” will definitely catch your customers’ attention. 

  • Use social proof

There is no denying that people usually opt for highly-reviewed products or brands with a loyal following. This is actually a common psychological phenomenon named “Social Proof” and if incorporated smartly in your post-purchase email subjects, it can help reinforce the customer’s decision to purchase from your brand. 

You can remind your customers of your positioning in the market, or your customer base to trigger them. A good example would be, “Join thousands of satisfied customers with your new [product] purchase” 

Leverage urgency email subject lines 

Other than appealing benefits, you can give your subscriber a sense of urgency to encourage them to open your emails. We have a few tips to enhance urgency in email subject lines for you: 

  • Combine limited-time offers and time-sensitive language

One of the most effective ways to use urgency in the post-purchase email subject lines is by highlighting limited-time offers. This creates a sense of urgency for the customer to act quickly before the offer expires. For example, “Last chance to use your 20% off coupon!” or “Only 24 hours left to claim your free gift!”

  • Create a sense of FOMO

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a powerful motivator that can drive customer engagement and conversions. Creating a sense of FOMO in your post-purchase email subject lines can encourage customers to take action and make a repeat purchase. For example, “You don’t want to miss our newest product release!” or “Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already claimed their free gift!”

Include emojis

Emojis can be a great way to add some visual interest to your subject line, but there are few notices if you intend to include them in the subjects: 

  • Keep it relevant

Choose emojis that are relevant to the content of your email and avoid using emojis that may confuse or distract your reader.

  • Don’t overdo it

Use emojis sparingly and only when they enhance the subject line. Overuse of emojis can make your message appear unprofessional.

  • Place them smartly

You should place them in the beginning of your subject lines to quickly grab your customer’s attention, or you can place them after your keywords to guarantee extra emphasis. 

Test and optimize

Of course, there are no “the best” subject lines, only the ones that fit your business the most. Don’t be afraid to test different subject lines and see if they match your brand personality, or if they generate sufficient open rates. 

6 Amazing post-purchase email subject lines examples

Thank you email

Thank you email subject lines should express your appreciation and make your customers feel valued. Examples of thank you email subject lines include:

  • Thanks for joining our 10M member community
  • Thanks X a lot, we appreciate your business
  • 💖 Your support means everything to us

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Review request email

Sending review request emails after a purchase can encourage customers to leave a review, which can in turn attract new customers. Examples of review request email subject lines include:

  • Help us improve with your feedback.
  • Hey X, please let us know what you think!
  • Rate your purchase ASAP – A discount code awaits you.

Cross-sell email

By suggesting complementary products or services to your customers, you can encourage them to make another purchase. Examples of cross-sell email subject lines include:

  • Complete your purchase with these accessories.
  • Make your purchase even better with these add-ons!
  • 😈 You won’t be able to resist these cute fashion items.

Upsell email

Offering an upgraded version of the product that your customers just purchased should encourage them to make a higher value purchase. Examples of upsell email subject lines include:

  • Upgrade your purchase with these premium options.
  • Unlock more rewards with our premium plan.
  • Take your purchase to the next level with these add-ons.

Referral email

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. Encouraging your satisfied customers to refer their friends and family can help you expand your customer base. Examples of referral email subject lines include:

  • Share the love, spread the word with [brand]. 
  • Refer a friend for [percentage/discount] on your next purchase.
  • Your friends will thank you for this referral.

Exclusive offers email

Everyone loves a good deal, and sending exclusive offers to your customers can encourage them to make another purchase. Examples of exclusive offers email subject lines include

  • A special offer just for you!
  • The timer’s going off on your cart!
  • Limited-time offer: [product/service] on sale now.

Let’s craft your catchy post-purchase email subject lines

A smart effective post-purchase email subject line can determine the success of your email campaign. By following our tips and examples, you can increase your open rates, boost customer engagement, and ultimately drive more sales. 

If you find it struggling to come up with an original and relevant subject line, consider NestSend! Our all-in-one email marketing automation software can suggest subject lines that match your personality and needs, so don’t be hesitant to try us out. 



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