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NestWidget 1.1: Upgrade Shoppable Feed with Instagram UGC & Media Curation

Committed to enhancing the user experience and continuous improvement, we’re excited to unveil some thrilling updates for NestWidget that promise to elevate your experience to a whole new level. With NestWidget 1.1, discover the latest enhancements: a revamped UI/UX design, seamless integration with Instagram & TikTok feeds, and the capability to collect valuable social posts from Instagram into a widget using profile mentions with our brand-new media curation feature. 

Let’s dive into our updated NestWidget 1.1 and see these improvements in action!

Integrated with unlimited Instagram & TikTok accounts

In version 1.0, NestWidget only gathered public posts from TikTok accounts that were integrated. This updated version introduces a more comprehensive approach to content collection, allowing users to gather valuable social feeds from unlimited Instagram accounts. This expanded scope facilitates a wide range of seamless integration of valuable social media content into the online shopping journey.

To ensure this integration, the account must meet some specific criteria:

  • Be a Business Account.
  • Be connected to a Facebook Page.
nestwidget 1.1: collect content

Collect UGC with a hashtag and mention 

NestWidget 1.1 introduces a game-changing feature, allowing users to import posts from public Instagram accounts through @Mention Me

This enhancement enables merchants to collect content from hashtag campaigns and mentions of their accounts, amplifying engagement, brand visibility, and interactions. 

Request UGC usage rights 

Before integrating UGC into your widget using hashtags or mentions, it’s crucial to ensure that you have obtained the necessary permissions from their content creators. This step is essential for legally repurposing UGC and avoiding potential GDPR issues. 

The process involves sending a request approval message for their videos or images, which can be facilitated by utilizing a request message template provided by NestWidget. The customizable template allows you to tailor the message to your specific needs and preferences.

Personalize the feeds as you wish in quick steps  

Seeking to tailor your content showcase according to your personal preferences and spotlight high-quality content to elevate engagement and entice potential customers? NestWidget is here to help you personalize your experience!

nestwidget 1.1: customize feed

Tailor feeds to your preferences with ease

NestWidget 1.1 allows for extensive customization of your collected posts, enabling you to personalize the look and feel of your feeds with a variety of visually appealing themes and layouts. 

This level of customization not only enhances the user experience but also helps in establishing a strong brand identity online.

  • General configuration: Title heading, Heading text color, Heading font size, Subheading, Post settings, etc.
  • Desktop & Mobile Layout: Width, Spacing, Layout type (Grid & Carousel), etc.

Manage your feed with Advanced Moderation

With the Advanced Moderation feature within the app, you can utilize the moderation panel to easily curate and monitor the aggregated feeds. It applies a profanity filter to remove explicit content and maintain the quality of the content you wish to display. 

This feature is crucial for maintaining a professional and engaging online presence, ensuring your website remains a reliable source of valuable information and entertainment.

Easily filter content with tags

Manage content

Our app provides a robust feature for content filtering using tags, improving the organization and searchability of your products. By assigning multiple tags to your products, you can categorize them and enable quicker searches. It allows users to filter content based on specific tags. 

The ability to edit these tags ensures that your content stays relevant and easily accessible. It also simplifies users’ navigation through your product catalog and helps them find items that align with their interests or needs.

Turn your feed into shoppable UGC galleries

Do you want to transform your Instagram & TikTok content into a powerful sales tool with NestWidget? Or redefining the shopping experience for your customers? 

nestwidget 1.1: tag product

By seamlessly integrating your social feeds into your online store, NestWidget 1.1 allows you to turn your social activity into tangible sales. All you need is to select the products you wish to feature and tag them directly onto the UGC. 

This straightforward process not only enhances your content’s appeal but also directs visitors to your product pages, facilitating easy purchases. With NestWidget 1.1, you’re not just showcasing your products. You’re creating a dynamic, engaging shopping experience that drives on-site sales and boosts your store’s overall performance.

Publish feeds in any locations on your online store

Finally, don’t forget to elevate your online store’s visibility and engagement with NestWidget. This will enable you to strategically distribute your most engaging shoppable feeds across your Shopify store. The feature allows you to publish your finest feeds in any location, from the homepage to product pages, to increase awareness, reach, and engagement. 

nestwidget 1.1: publish post

By displaying valuable shoppable videos on the homepage, you enhance product discovery and provide instant purchasing opportunities. Additionally, incorporating product-specific feeds on product pages can significantly increase conversions and decrease abandoned carts. 

Our product automatically provides real-time updates of new and unique TikTok feeds. It ensures your content remains fresh and relevant, saving you time and effort while your feeds do their best job. 

Ready to make the most of your Instagram & TikTok feeds

Let’s unlock the full potential of your Instagram and TikTok feeds with NestWidget 1.1. The app is designed to elevate your online store’s visibility and engagement. 

With features like real-time updates, customizable widgets, managing & curating valuable content, and the ability to tag products directly onto your feeds, NestWidget 1.1 transforms your social media content into a powerful sales tool. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase awareness, reach, and engagement across your Shopify store. Download NestWidget today. Start making the most of your social media feeds, enhancing your customer’s shopping experience, and boosting your store’s sales.



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