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NestScale Year-In-Review 2023: Customer-Driven Milestones

NestScale Year End review

As 2023 draws to a close, welcome to our annual year-end review, a journey filled with growth, innovation, and gratitude towards our incredible customers. It’s a moment to look back on NestScale’s achievements over the past year and gear up for what promises to be an eventful year ahead.

So, without delay, let’s revisit 2023 – a year where every effort was dedicated to nurturing and propelling your success.

Committed to delivering high-quality Shopify apps 

Throughout 2023, our team has tirelessly worked to continuously build powerful Shopify apps. Every update and enhancement in our suite of apps has been carefully crafted with one primary focus: fulfill Shopify merchant sales goals. 

One standout evolution we have to mention is NestAds. Originating as a TikTok Advertising Management Software, NestAds has undergone a significant change, unveiling an entirely fresh interface and purpose.

Our journey involved in-depth market analysis and invaluable Shopify merchant insights. Today, NestAds stands tall as a comprehensive platform for ad management and marketing attribution. The aim before this big change? 


It goes beyond effectively allocating your marketing budget and confidently scaling your ads. It’s about driving your business growth smarter and faster with accurate data. Say goodbye to stressing about Apple’s ad tracking blocks or cookie limits. NestAds sets you up for a future without cookies and helps you smoothly get past any ad-tracking roadblocks. 

Apart from NestAds, welcome to the big change from NestDesk – Omnichannel customer service for e-commerce. Integrated with Shopify in minutes and featuring a proactive Help Center, you can effortlessly deliver fast support and meet every customer’s needs.

And not to mention, let’s unveil several new Shopify apps designed to unlock your business potential.

NestScale product

From attracting, and converting to retaining customers, NestScale provides effective solutions that align sales, marketing, and customer support together. This way, we are moving closer to an integrated software ecosystem, serving businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Proudly provide personalized customer service

At NestScale, we always put customers at the heart of our business and tirelessly work to satisfy your needs. Throughout this year, we’ve focused on personalized service, ensuring our solutions work best for you. As part of this commitment, we’ve onboarded customers individually, one by one, for a tailored and seamless experience for each.

To help global Shopify merchant growth, we also offer a dedicated knowledge base including NestScale YouTube channel and blog posts, aimed at sharing valuable insights for your business’s expansion. This resource is an excellent hub for self-study, providing solutions to solve your problem quickly! Here are some telling statistics that prove our continued efforts.


NestScale customer success

Embrace new partnerships to drive your business forward

2023 was a year of collaboration for us, where we joined hands with industry leaders to enhance your e-commerce success. We’re pleased to be partnering with both app developers and service providers. With these meaningful partnerships, you receive not just the most cutting-edge solutions, but tailor-made strategies crafted with valuable knowledge. 

NestScale partners

This year, we proudly hosted our first joint webinar with BigSpy, focusing on empowering our customers to maximize Christmas sales. And this is just the beginning – we’re actively expanding our network. These partnerships go beyond connections; they’re about strengthening resources for your business growth. It’s all about ensuring that every step of your business journey is met with Shopify apps and insights that elevate and empower.

2024, We’re ready!

As we conclude this chapter of 2023, we, NestScale team extend our deepest gratitude for your trust, collaboration, and unyielding support. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey.

Going beyond an integrated software ecosystem, we’re your reliable friends and partners, devoted to accelerating your business growth and assisting you whenever and wherever you need us.

The journey ahead holds promises of further innovation, deeper partnerships, and continued dedication to your success. Please keep an eye out for the exciting updates coming your way in 2024. Wishing you, your family, and your business a year filled with prosperity, happiness, and remarkable accomplishments.


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