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NestScale x Service Points Partnership – Dropshipping Made Easy 

NestScale & Service Points partnership announcement

Welcome back, friends! Today, we are happy to announce the new partnership between NestScale and Service Points. This marks a new milestone in our journey as app developers, service providers, and tech enthusiasts. Together, we aim to deliver better, upgraded solutions to our clients.  

Due to NestScale’s strength as an innovative app developer and Service Points’ experience as a leading dropshipping platform, this collaboration will provide a comprehensive answer to all your e-commerce problems. 

Meet NestScale

NestScale is a software ecosystem that’s incredibly powerful, yet simple and cost-effective. We help businesses attract, convert, and retain customers to increase sales and achieve substantial growth.

Products & services

NestScale Products & Services

NestAds – Ad tracking & marketing attribution for business growth 

NestAds is a top-notch ad management & marketing attribution software. Seamlessly integrated with multiple advertising platforms, NestAds empowers businesses to successfully launch, monitor, analyze, and scale up their ad campaigns. 

Moreover, businesses can now accurately pinpoint and allocate appropriate resources to high-performing channels using NestAds’ robust multi-touch attribution models. Besides, NestAds employs sustainable server-side tracking and reliable first-party data, which enables it to bypass the iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency blockage. So, get ready to deliver accurate data and customer journey insights. Equipped with these valuable stats, businesses can optimize their ad performance, while also maximizing their ROAS and conversions. 

NestDesk – Happier customers, higher sales

Revolutionize customer support with NestDesk. Besides centralizing all customer messages from multiple platforms into an organized inbox. NestDesk also allows merchants to recommend products right in the chat box. As a result, these handy features will streamline the customers’ communication process, allowing businesses to deliver personalized responses and engage with customers more efficiently. 

By leveraging this powerful tool, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, increase conversions, and foster long-term customer loyalty, all within a unified and convenient interface.

NestSend – All-in-one email marketing automation

Meet NestSend, the one-stop email marketing automation solution designed to drive sales and foster long-lasting customer relationships. 

With NestSend, creating high-converting email campaigns, automation flows, and engaging pop-ups is simpler than ever. And the best part? It’s all in one space to save time and effort.

NestWidget – Social media aggregator that sells

NestWidget is the ultimate solution to boost site engagement and drive store sales with shoppable TikTok feeds. It creates an immersive and dynamic experience for visitors by enabling businesses to add TikTok’s liveliness and excitement directly to their website. 

By showcasing your products along with diverse and authentic user-generated content on your site, brands can captivate the audience’s attention and establish a strong sense of social proof. 

NestScale Affiliate, Bundles, and Variants – Automated e-commerce functions

Enjoy automated e-commerce functions with NestScale Affiliate, Bundles, and Variants. Drive sales and accumulate success with infinite product variant options through NestScale Variants. Not to mention, run unlimited bundle options for higher average order value via NestScale Bundles. How about effortlessly crafting and managing affiliate programs with NestScale Affiliate? These useful applications unveil the secret to a straightforward operational process, reducing wasted budget and boosting your sales to new heights.

NestScale automated ecommerce solutions

Meet Service Points 

Service Points is a dropship fulfillment partner, exclusive for experienced dropshippers. Through their revolutionary platform, Service Points offers the most advanced software and the best suppliers China has. Automation and steering based on data ensures that you can scale infinitely hard and carefree with an unprecedented level of service.

Service Points - Your dropshipping partner

Products & services

Service Points acts as the optimal solution for all your business’s dropshipping demands. Besides their revolutionary dropshipping platform, they also offer various side services. These range from sourcing to fulfillment to store services, ensuring a smooth dropshipping operation process. 

All of Service Points’ current services:

  • Dropship platform: Find premium suppliers/ agents, get an EU account manager, optimize your supply chain with automation, and enjoy an exciting progressive dropship levels program. 
  • Sourcing & forwarding: Purchase your winning products and ship directly from stock. 
  • EU fulfillment: Enjoy fast delivery throughout Europe with EU-based warehouses.  
  • Return service: Handle returns quickly and efficiently. 
  • Store services: Assist with webshop, ads, and customer service. 
Service Points offered services

What to look forward to in this partnership? 

In this exciting collaboration, NestScale and Service Points will deliver a truly powerful, all-in-one dropshipping service to help businesses get a head start in their dropshipping journey. With the power of two brands combined, customers will be able to enjoy benefits such as: 

Full access to an all-in-one e-commerce solution

In this collaboration, customers will get full access to NestScale & Service Points’ e-commerce solutions that cover every aspect of your business needs. This includes working with suppliers, account & order management, inventory tracking, fulfillment, advertising & tracking, and customer service management. As a result, this unified approach will streamline the dropshipping process, providing businesses with a centralized destination to manage their operations efficiently.

Optimized spending & return on investment

Experience a reduction in costs and a surge in your return on investment by harnessing the collaborative power of NestScale and Service Points. Your investments will be strategically allocated to the finest suppliers, efficient shipping services, and high-performing ad campaigns. This essentially means you’re not only optimizing your ad spend, but also extending those benefits across the entirety of your supply chain operations. 

Exclusive collaborative educational content 

For this exciting collaboration, both NestScale and Service Points will collaborate to prepare & deliver exclusive educational content. So, expect a series of tutorials, blog series, webinars, and many more. Through this joint effort, customers will gain a comprehensive understanding of both the dropshipping model and effective advertising strategies. Especially for new brands who are just starting, this is a great chance to learn about the industry. Anything from identifying a winning product to running ads that create impact. Through these materials, we hope to provide valuable insights and practical tips that will contribute to business success in the e-commerce landscape.

Dedicated support team

Embarking on your dropship business journey can be overwhelming with countless different tasks. However, there’s no need to worry, as our dedicated support teams are here to guide you every step of the way. The Service Points team will offer you their expertise in dropshipping operations, while the NestScale team will consult you on matters regarding ad tracking, marketing attribution, and customer service. So, rest assured as we’ll assist you with whichever challenge you face. With Service Points and NestScale, managing your dropshipping business should be a breeze.

Exciting collaborations are in-store 

The dynamic partnership between NestScale and Service Points empowers e-commerce businesses to unlock their full potential when stepping into this competitive landscape. With our collective expertise in dropshipping, sales, marketing, and customer service, coupled with an unwavering commitment to your success, we are confident that we will deliver exceptional service to our clients. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us on this transformative journey, where collaboration with NestScale and Service Points promises remarkable results.

As for NestScale, our dedication goes beyond online advertising and customer service, extending to everyday operations. Thus, this partnership marks a significant stepping stone towards that direction. So, stay tuned for updates as we unveil more exciting ventures with like-minded businesses in the coming future.


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