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NestScale x MOTIF® Partnership to Empower Shopify Merchants

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Hey there, friends! We have some exciting news to share with you all today. We’d like to announce a brand new partnership between NestScale x MOTIF® – a full-service strategic branding & advertising agency turned business incubator. 

This collaboration promises to redefine visual branding, store design, and e-commerce innovation with a data-driven approach. Which will empower businesses to boost engagement and drive conversions. With NestScale’s expertise in data-based ad tracking & marketing attribution, as well as Motif’s strength as a professional branding & advertising agency, we are confident we can deliver game-changing strategies for your every e-commerce venture. 

Meet NestScale

NestScale is a powerful integrated software ecosystem that helps businesses attract, convert, and retain customers. Our goal is to empower small & medium-sized e-commerce brands to increase sales and achieve substantial business growth.

Products & services

NestScale software ecosystem

NestAds – Ad tracking & marketing attribution for business growth 

NestAds is an outstanding ad management & marketing attribution software. Seamlessly integrated with multiple advertising platforms, NestAds empowers businesses to successfully launch, monitor, analyze, and scale up their ad campaigns. 

What sets NestAds apart? Our unique last-click platform attribution model enables businesses to dive deep into ad performance data, effortlessly comparing and contrasting with built-in analytics tools for maximum accuracy. Picture this: a clearer view of the customer journey, spotlighting those high-performing touchpoints that truly matter.

But that’s not all. NestAds can also bypass the iOS 14 app tracking transparency to deliver accurate data and insights. It does this by employing sustainable server-side tracking and reliable first-party data. Once armed with these valuable stats, businesses can maximize their return on ad spend and boost conversions to drive substantial business growth. 

NestDesk – Ultimate customer relationship management solution

Revolutionize customer support with NestDesk by centralizing all customer messages from Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp (coming soon) into a single inbox. Not to mention, customer service agents can also recommend products & manage orders right on the spot without switching to a different tab. 

Leveraging this powerful tool, businesses can deliver personalized responses and engage with customers more efficiently. Thus further enhancing satisfaction and driving conversions. 

NestSend – All-in-one email marketing automation

Meet NestSend, the one-stop email marketing automation solution designed to drive sales and foster long-lasting customer relationships. 

With NestSend, creating high-converting email campaigns, automation flows, and engaging pop-ups is simpler than ever. And the best part? It’s all in one space to save time and effort.

NestWidget – Social media aggregator that sells

NestWidget is the ultimate solution to boost site engagement and drive store sales with shoppable TikTok feeds. In fact, it creates an immersive and dynamic experience for visitors by adding TikTok’s liveliness and excitement directly to their website. 

By showcasing your products along with diverse and authentic user-generated content on your site, brands can captivate the audience’s attention and establish a strong sense of social proof. 

NestScale Affiliate, Bundles, and Variants – Automated e-commerce functions

Operate your online storefront with ease with NestScale’s automated e-commerce functions. 

  • NestScale Affiliate: Simple & reliable affiliate marketing solution – Easily create & manage affiliate programs with your ambassadors to drive sales.
  • NestScale Bundles: Ultimate bundles & discounts solutions – increase AOV by offering product bundles, volume discounts, and free gifts. 
  • NestScale Variants: Diversified product variants options – infinite product variant options with swatches & dropdown menus for an enhanced shopping experience. 

Less wasted budget, higher revenue. These handy software are truly valuable assets to any e-commerce business.

NestScale automated e-commerce functions

Meet MOTIF® 

MOTIF® is an aspiring business incubator, which started as a full-service strategic branding and advertising agency. They are dedicated to helping luxury lifestyle and fashion & beauty brands drive business growth through their insightful strategy consultancy, effective branding,  powerful creatives, and out-of-the-box marketing Ideas. 

That’s not all! Motif also offers another side service – BELIEF. They operate as a performance ads creatives agency that aims to help DTC and E-commerce brands scale their business with visually engaging advertising & marketing creatives. 

About MOTIF®

Products & services

With their robust advertising service ecosystem, it’s no surprise that MOTIF® offers a wide range of services, catering to all business marketing & advertising needs. What sets MOTIF® apart, however, is their innovative approach to consultancy strategies. They seamlessly weave together complementary functions into dynamic duos, such as Brand x Product, Strategy x Design, or Data Analyst x Technologist. This distinctive perspective distinguishes MOTIF® from other agencies on the market, providing clients with seamless & omni-effective marketing solutions. Some of their most prominent services include: 

  • BELIEF’s performance ads creatives service
  • Logo & visual branding 
  • Store build & redesign
  • Conversion rate optimization 
  • Search engine advertising 
  • Social media advertising
  • Other services (eg., store migration, email marketing, analytics and tracking, SEO, business strategy guidance, content marketing
NestScale x MOTIF® statistics

What to look forward to in this partnership? 

Through this exciting collaboration, NestScale and MOTIF® aim to become a one-stop marketing & advertising solution for businesses. With NestScale’s expertise in ad tracking & marketing attribution, along with MOTIF®’s seasoned experience as a full-service branding & advertising agency, we will join forces to offer clients exceptional service. Hence, customers can expect: 

Full access to an all-in-one e-commerce solution

In this exciting collaboration, customers will gain exclusive access to the comprehensive MOTIF® & NestScale software and service ecosystem. This community will cover all your e-commerce needs – from branding and advertising to top-notch customer relationship management. Build & run your brand with ease with our integrated services.  

Data-driven design enhancement

Stand out with visually stunning, out-of-the-box creatives that resonate with your target customers. With a unique, data-driven approach to design, MOTIF® and NestScale will help businesses pinpoint the winning creatives that will guarantee to increase your website engagement and drive conversion. This collaboration of thoughts and ideas aims to elevate the overall design aesthetics, as well as the functionality of your e-commerce storefronts.  

Exciting collaborative content & materials

Get ready for a wave of exciting collaborative content that reflects the unique blend of MOTIF® and NestScale’s comprehensive e-commerce knowledge. From engaging blog series to interactive social media posts and beyond, a diverse range of exciting content is about to unfold. Brace yourself for a journey that promises to not only inform but also empower customers with fresh insights into branding, advertising, and marketing.

A boost in engagement rate

It’s the truth that visually stunning branding or design won’t do much if they don’t directly resonate with your target audience. Due to this, NestScale and MOTIF® have combined design and data together. Experience a visual revolution with MOTIF®’s captivating branding and store design, seamlessly blended with NestScale’s data-driven insights into the factors driving customer purchases. Brands can expect a surge in engagement as every user’s journey becomes a personalized experience. It’s not just about grabbing attention. It’s about inspiring interaction and transforming visitors into loyal paying customers. 

More exciting news are on the horizon 

The partnership between NestScale and MOTIF® marks a significant milestone in our shared mission to provide advanced, integrated e-commerce solutions to businesses worldwide. With our combined expertise & devotion to helping brands reach their business goals, we are confident that we’ll deliver unparalleled service to our clients. So, we would like to ask you to join us on this exciting journey towards success!


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