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NestScale x AiTrillion Partnership: A Super E-commerce Solution

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Greetings! As you probably can already tell from the title, we are overjoyed to announce an exciting new partnership between NestScale and AiTrillion. As two aspiring app developers & tech enthusiasts, we are thrilled to join hands to deliver better, upgraded solutions to our clients. 

With NestScale’s expertise in marketing attribution & ad tracking and AiTrillion’s experience as a leading all-in-one sales & marketing automation platform, we are confident that this collaboration will empower businesses to make more informed, data-driven decisions, while also streamlining the sales & marketing process to drive sales and boost ROI. 

Meet NestScale

NestScale is a software ecosystem that’s incredibly powerful, yet simple and cost-effective. We aim to help businesses attract, convert, and retain customers. Thus, brands will be able to increase sales and achieve substantial business growth.

Products & services

NestScale Software Ecosystem

NestAds – Ad tracking & marketing attribution for business growth 

NestAds is a top-notch ad management & marketing attribution software. Seamlessly integrated with multiple advertising platforms, NestAds empowers businesses to successfully launch, monitor, analyze, and scale up their ad campaigns. 

Businesses can now accurately pinpoint and allocate appropriate resources to high-performing channels using NestAds’ robust multi-touch attribution models. Employing sustainable server-side tracking and reliable first-party data, NestAds is able to bypass the iOS 14 app tracking transparency blockage to deliver accurate data and insights. Once equipped with these valuable stats, brands can maximize their return on ad spend and boost conversions to drive substantial business growth. 

NestDesk – Happier customers, higher sales

Revolutionize customer support with NestDesk by centralizing all customer messages from Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp (coming soon) into a single inbox. This handy integration will streamline the customers’ communication process. Thus allowing businesses to deliver personalized responses and engage with customers more efficiently. 

By leveraging this powerful tool, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, increase conversions, and foster long-term customer loyalty. All within a unified and convenient interface.

NestSend – All-in-one email marketing automation

Meet NestSend, the one-stop email marketing automation solution designed to drive sales and foster long-lasting customer relationships. 

With NestSend, creating high-converting email campaigns, automation flows, and engaging pop-ups is simpler than ever. And the best part? It’s all in one space to save time and effort.

NestWidget – Social media aggregator that sells

NestWidget is the ultimate solution to boost site engagement and drive store sales with shoppable TikTok feeds. It achieves this by enabling businesses to add TikTok’s liveliness and excitement directly to their website. 

By showcasing your products alongside diverse and authentic user-generated content on your site, brands can captivate the audience’s attention and establish a strong sense of social proof. 

NestScale Affiliate, Bundles, and Variants – Automated e-commerce functions

Operate your online storefront with ease with NestScale’s automated e-commerce functions. 

  • NestScale Affiliate: Simple & reliable affiliate marketing solution – Easily create & manage affiliate programs with your ambassadors to drive sales.
  • NestScale Bundles: Ultimate bundles & discounts solutions – increase AOV by offering product bundles, volume discounts, and free gifts. 
  • NestScale Variants: Diversified product variants options – infinite product variant options with swatches & dropdown menus for an enhanced shopping experience. 

These handy software are the key to a more streamlined operational process, reducing wasted budget and boosting your sales to new heights.

NestScale automated e-commerce functions

Meet AiTrillion  

AiTrillion stands as the ultimate game-changer for Shopify and e-commerce sellers. Elevate your e-commerce venture by enhancing engagement and fostering customer retention through our comprehensive sales and marketing automation platform. With 11+ functions all integrated into one sleek dashboard, AiTrillion will transform the way businesses conduct their marketing & advertising activities. For each business objective, there will be a different AiTrillion recipe (solution) for success, ensuring that your brand will achieve your goals even with limited resources. It’s not an overstatement to say AiTrillion embodies the exciting future of E-commerce marketing, where success seamlessly meets simplicity! 

Ai Trillion all-in-one sales & marketing automation platform for e-commerce

Products & services

AiTrillion currently offers only one optimal application – AiT: Loyalty, Reviews & Email. This handy software replaces the need for any other tools, with 11+ integrated features. AiT utilizes loyalty programs, reviews, emails, push notifications, SMS, Membership, and affiliate programs to engage & retain customers. 

What sets AiTrillion apart from competitors is its ability to identify website visitors even if they don’t fill out a lead generation form, hereby expanding the business’ email marketing lists to reach more potential customers. Another noteworthy feature is the level of personalization at different touchpoints across multiple channels. This ensures that different customer journeys are all catered for with a customized solution. 

Some of AiTrillion’s key features: 

  • Loyalty Rewards Program & Product Site Reviews: Engage customers & build trust.
  • Membership & Affiliate program: Get more recurring paying members & referrals
  • Email, SMS & Web Push: Connect customers on multiple channels at the right time.
  • Product recommendations, Pop-ups & Announcement Bars: Engage more customers
  • Get all 11+ features in one app, and save time and cost with an all-in-one app

What to look forward to in this partnership? 

NestScale x Ai Trillion partnership

When two tech businesses get together, you know for sure that exciting news is on the horizon. NestScale and AiTrillion will empower e-commerce brands to level up and streamline their operations, from engaging customers to retaining them. Some exciting benefits customers can expect from this collaboration include: 

Access to a super e-commerce solution

In this wonderful collaboration, customers will gain complete access to a comprehensive e-commerce platform that caters to all business requirements. Anything from running effective ad campaigns to boosting customer lifetime value. Thanks to NestScale’s diverse app ecosystem and AiTrillion’s powerful sales and marketing platforms, businesses can refine every touchpoint, starting from the moment customers land on the website until they exit it.

Reduced abandoned cart rate

Customers should prepare to see a reduction in their abandoned cart rates once these 2 app developers join hands. NestScale can offer its expertise with NestSend – an email marketing automation software, and NestAds’ Target-Retarget-Retain (TRR) funnel. This combo helps businesses allocate resources strategically throughout the conversion funnel, limiting the number of incomplete checkouts. Meanwhile, AiTrillion contributes unique recipes for each stage of the funnel: engaging new visitors – recovering abandoned carts – re-engaging customers – collecting product reviews – and retaining customers. As a result, brands can expect a notable drop in abandoned cart rates and a boost in overall sales and profit margins.

Improved customer experience

Beyond the advantages of lowering abandoned cart rates, customers can anticipate an upgraded, top-notch customer support experience. NestScale’s all-encompassing customer support platform – NestDesk, teams up seamlessly with AiTrillion’s versatile Omni channel Marketing CRM features, including Web push, Popups, and Loyalty programs programsloyalty rewards programs, product reviews, and recurring memberships. This dynamic duo empowers brands to fine-tune their customer experience, ensuring nothing less than excellence. The outcome? Not just elevated sales, but a substantial increase in customer lifetime value.

Collaborative educational content & materials 

One of the most thrilling aspects of any business collaboration is the chance to team up with industry experts and create compelling, valuable content for an engaged audience. In this exciting partnership, NestScale and AiTrillion are joining forces to bring you a series of guest blogs, webinars, tutorials, and more. Our goal is to share expertise and insights on the e-commerce industry, covering topics ranging from sales & marketing to advertising. Whether you’re launching into the world of e-commerce or just looking to enhance your skills and knowledge this holiday shopping season, seize this exciting opportunity for a wealth of valuable resources.

A promising future lies ahead

This collaboration between NestScale and AiTrillion signals a bright future ahead, not just for the two businesses but also for all involved stakeholders. With our combined expertise in sales, marketing, and advertising, we’re confident in our ability to revolutionize e-commerce processes, ensuring higher customer retention, increased sales, and a boosted ROI. We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us on this journey toward remarkable results and a future full of promise.  

In our commitment to helping online merchants run their businesses with ease, we’re gearing up for more collaborations with like-minded service providers and app developers. Together, we aim to build a robust app and service ecosystem that caters to all your business needs. So, stay tuned for more updates as we unveil more exciting partnerships and innovations in the coming future. 


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