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NestDesk 1.1: Amazing Updates for The Best Customer Service Ever

NestDesk updates version 1.1

How are you doing with our NestDesk? We hope that you had a great experience with our dedicated software and succeeded in making good customer service. Understanding all the things you need, we definitely don’t let you wait too long for the next improvement. 

We are so excited to share with you all the new updates of NestDesk version 1.1. It’s all about creating a smoother buying journey for your customers. Now, let’s dig into the details and you will be surprised!

Product cards for easy promotion

Have you tried to create draft orders and share the checkout link in NestDesk? In this latest version, you can experience Add product to message – a great way to introduce your items and generate more sales. 

Product cards for easy promotion
Product cards by NestDesk

Right from the chat window, you can directly share product recommendations with clients and sell more effectively. Just click on the Product Cards icon placed in the Chat section, and you will get instant access to your inventory, and conveniently find product(s) you want to offer your customers in a few seconds.

In this way, NestDesk helps you keep a person in the chat window longer, support the conversations and shorten their buying process. And as we always said before, supporting and selling in real-time is really easy with NestDesk. 

Automation rules optimization

Chat and answer are the keys that closely relate to guaranteeing customer satisfaction. With NestDesk 1.1, you will receive message notifications right away even if you are currently opening a new tab or minimizing the dashboard. 

Customer messages notifications
Customer messages notifications by NestDesk

Otherwise, NestDesk empowers you to get email notifications of customer messages even if all your store’s agents are currently offline. And do you know another special thing? Not only the immediate notification via your email, but we also provide a better preview of the first five customers’ messages. So you don’t have to access the dashboard to get to know all the chats!

Don’t be so worried if you have missed any chats with your prospective customers before! We have all things you need and that definitely will not happen with our new update feature. 

Email capturing in pre-chat form

You should never forget to collect email addresses – an essential part of your online marketing strategy. We decided to launch the email collection feature in the NestDesk new version to help businesses to build brand equity, engage with their audience and increase revenue.

However, different from other customer service software, we totally focus on all the experiences while using NestDesk. Therefore, you can choose between requiring or not your clients’ emails before they chat. 

Email capturing in pre-chat form
Email capturing in pre-chat form by NestDesk

If you choose the option “Require”, your customers have to enter their emails to enable starting the conversation. The collected emails will be automatically matched to the customer information, shown right from your chat portal.  

Let’s choose the most suitable and profitable option for you based on your brand strategy and your target audience!

Live chat widget branding 

With the aim of maintaining a strong brand identity, NestDesk 1.1 comes with some changes in logo chat customization. 

You can now add your brand logo to the chat widget header to develop an authentic and memorable image. Apart from logo, how about editing the header primary color, adding title text, title color, intro text, and intro color in a few seconds? It’s now available with NestDesk, we will help you to keep your brand at the top of your customer’s minds.

Live chat widget branding 
Live chat widget branding by NestDesk

It’s such an amazing way to get customers to remember your brand. Once they get familiar with your store, they have more ability to purchase your items.  

Emoji picker in chat widget 

Using emojis in communication with customers is more powerful than you expected. And with the new NestDesk, it’s not such a big deal. Through just one click, users have the ability to quickly add their desired emotions to create an emotional presence towards their clients.

Library of emojis
Expansive library of emojis by NestDesk

We’ve added an expansive library of common (and not-so-common) emojis so every emotion, symbol and reaction is at your fingertips. You will find them displayed in the chat window. From emotions, nature to food & drink, you can now say whatever you want with an emoji! It’s also really easy to move the emoji section anywhere you want. 

It’s time to leverage our emojis to express your empathy in customer relations, which is really important in the e-commerce context!

Deliver excellent customer service with NestDesk now!

NestDesk version 1.1 is now ready to surprise and delight your shoppers. With all the new features, meeting your customer’s satisfaction hasn’t been easier.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected]. Our support team is always here to give you a hand, let’s troubleshoot all the customer service problems!

Stay tuned for more announcements about NestDesk upgrades coming soon!


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