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NestAds 1.4: Advanced Ad Tracking & Multiple Attribution Models

NestAds 1.4

How has your journey been using NestAds for ad tracking and marketing attribution? We’ve been continuously working to ensure NestAds is always comparable to your needs, which is why we’re excited to introduce the latest version: NestAds 1.4.

NestAds 1.4 is designed to streamline the ad optimization process for businesses of all sizes and shapes. Advanced ad tracking, multiple attribution models, a focus on mapping the customer journey, and more! Keep reading to discover the latest powerful features and happy exploring! 

Multiple attribution models

Our pixel-driven system is created to support Shopify merchants in comprehensively tracking every interaction throughout a customer’s entire journey. Whether your e-commerce business operates with straightforward or extended sales cycles, NestAds stands as your reliable friend, enabling you to deliver accurate data. 

That’s why say goodbye to a single attribution model from NestAds 1.3. With the latest version, we’re thrilled to introduce a range of attribution models, from single-touch to multi-touch models. Whether it’s first-click, last-click, linear, or multi-touch model, NestAds empowers you to pinpoint the most impactful ad channels. 

Multiple attribution models

This enhancement gives you the flexibility to choose the model that best fits your marketing goals. Giving credit to the high-performing channels, and guiding you on where and how to strategically invest your money, we got you covered! 

Powerful advertising dashboard

Welcome to the new NestAds 1.4 advertising dashboard! Say goodbye to manual data entry and time-consuming spreadsheets. We simplify it all with an aggregated report at your fingertips.

NestAds gathers ad results across channels in one single tab and combines them all to reveal a blended ROAS and CPA. Also, enjoy complete flexibility to attribution models and windows that best fit your marketing goal. 

NestAds advertising dashboard

We aim to simplify data analysis and provide a more accurate measurement with well-designed charts and crucial metrics. Understand the impact of all marketing channels and touchpoints, drive your business growth with informed decisions, everything becomes easier than ever!

Aggregated customer journey

Understanding all the steps leading to a purchase is crucial to measuring cross-channel advertising and wisely allocating your budget. NestAds 1.4 is now your solution. Not only detailed conversion path from each campaign but welcome to an aggregated customer journey!

With this holistic view, you can seamlessly track the marketing flows your customers have moved through on their way to making an order. This comprehensive insight allows you to understand their entire journey and optimize for better customer experience and engagement.

Aggregated customer journey

But that’s not all! NestAds goes above and beyond by showcasing all the important purchase metrics at every stage. They are invaluable in deciding which marketing channels provide the greatest funnel toward purchasing. 

It’s all about helping you refine cross-channel advertising strategies that suit your customer preferences based on successful paths!

Ad-level analytics for winning creatives

It’s really easy to overlook the true driving force behind successful ads, right? No matter how great your targeting is and how well set up your campaigns are, it’s the creative element that makes an ad truly remarkable and turns your viewers into shoppers.

That’s precisely why NestAds 1.4 equips your team with advanced creative analytics. This cutting-edge feature effectively captures key metrics about all your creatives in one place. With the power of first-party data, you can identify winning ads that resonate best with your audience, of course with real-time data.

advanced creative analysis

Avoid any data loss through a comprehensive view, comparing platform vs NestAds Pixel metrics for each of your creative assets. Save your precious hours every week, unlock your multi-channel creative data at ease, scale winning creatives confidently, and craft a smarter roadmap for your ad content creation!

Bypass every ad tracking barrier with NestAds!

NestAds 1.4 is now available for all Shopify merchants! Take advantage of these cutting-edge features to streamline your ad tracking and management process, powered by invaluable data-driven insights. It’s now the golden time to unlock your store’s full advertising potential with NestAds!

Should you have any questions, our dedicated support team is at your service! Reach out to us anytime at [email protected]. We’re here to ensure NestAds aligns perfectly with your needs. Please stay tuned for upcoming updates – every update is crafted with one primary focus: meet all Shopify merchant sales goals.


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