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NestAds 1.2: Simplified TikTok Ads Solution with New Pricing Plans

NestAds 1.2 announcement

NestAds 1.2 version has just been released, with a bunch of the most requested features and new pricing plans. In this version, you will find all things you need to simplify the TikTok ads creation & management process. Keep reading to discover these amazing updates! 

General overview of NestAds 1.2

Built with your e-commerce in mind, NestAds 1.2 makes things really easier at every step, from setting up to analyzing and scaling up your campaign on TikTok. The latest version of NestAds reinforces our goal: Winning TikTok ads made simple for e-commerce to save your time and effort. 

No matter whether you are a TikTok ads beginner or a business owner who aims to drive conversions and get sales from TikTok Ads, NestAds can help you launch a full advertising funnel on TikTok in no time. 

Say goodbye to complicated TịkTok Ads settings and stay focused on what really matters for your e-commerce advertising campaign. Simple, powerful, and cost-effective, that’s all NestAds 1.2 brings to you! 

Set the right objective for your winning TikTok Ads campaign

What type of campaign do you want to follow? How to choose the suitable objective for your campaign? NestAds will help to answer all these questions and choose the right path for your TikTok Ads. 

In NestAds, you can ensure your campaign reaches the right target audience with a clear objective. It will be better to run a campaign that aligns with the customer journey based on our TRR funnel. 

set campaign type

Otherwise, you definitely want to select a suitable advertising objective easily and quickly, right? With NestAds, it only takes one minute and no more wasting time considering different goals. 

NestAds recommends the suitable choice for e-commerce brands: conversion objective. With the Conversion objective, we will support you to achieve multiple goals at the same time: raising brand awareness, driving more sales, and gaining audience data for the next TikTok Ads. 

Let’s see how the conversion objective works in a real campaign! If your audiences want to buy your product, they will spend time navigating your website or the product page. In this way, you can easily expand brand awareness and sales at the same time. 

Moreover, TikTok Pixel event will have more time to learn about your audience, from who shows interest in your items to who is willing to complete payment. That’s why with a conversion objective, TikTok can show your next ad video in front of the right target audience thanks to the valuable data from the last campaign. 

All in one with NestAds conversion objective! 

set campaign objectives

Structure TikTok Ads group in a smart way

A campaign on TikTok can include one or more ad groups. After successfully creating a campaign, let’s discover how you can quickly set up your ads group with NestAds 1.2. 

Focus on the right optimization event

Instead of being confused between 14 types of events, you only need to consider 4 events that truly align with the customer journey of your business: View content, Add to cart, Initiate checkout, and Complete payment. 

set up ad group

With the right events, you can easily measure conversions, ad performance and gain more insightful data which really matters for your TikTok Ads and for your business! 

Identify & reach your ideal target audience faster

Advertising to the right person will decide whether your TikTok campaign is successful or not. NestAds will predefine your audiences based on different campaign types with some amazing recommendations. Can you imagine how NestAds help you in this way? Let’s discover!

Targeting campaign

You can leverage audience suggestions in NestAds in the scale-up targeting campaign. Have you ever heard about creating TikTok Lookalike audience for a more and more focused audience? NestAds can do it in seconds, not minutes.

create audience 1

After you select your custom audience created in NestAds audiences library, NestAds will discover demographic groups that share similarities with your existing clients and create a lookalike audience. Right in the targeting campaign, you already succeed in finding people who show interest in your brand and expanding your reach.

Retargeting campaign

And how about the retargeting campaign? NestAds will automatically include audiences that have already engaged with your ad video and interacted with your online store. 

The only thing you need to do is click on the audience actions you want to focus on. One or multiple, depending on your business strategy and goals.  

create audience 2

You can also create and target 2 audiences simultaneously based on the actions you have chosen before. We make this section simple and clear so that any users without expertise can quickly find their right audience in just a few clicks. 

Retention campaign 

For the last campaign type, NestAds offer the ability to upload your own email or phone file to create custom audiences, with no allowlist required. This feature lets you find people who already know or have engaged with your business, reach possible repeat customers, and increase sales. 

create audience 3

Allocate & optimize the advertising budget accordingly

Any business owners who advertise on TikTok will want to drive conversions and get sales with the lowest budget ever. Leveraging this insight, we have succeeded in building Optimize daily budget feature. 

budget and optimization

Just choose one or multiple ad groups and let NestAds do its job! Based on data from these ad groups, NestAds will estimate the daily budget for the best ad performance. So you can get your question about an effective advertising budget answered quickly. 

Make TikTok Ads creative that convert

From the campaign, and ad groups to the ad level, NestAds will make sure that your ad drives the highest conversion rates. Let’s see what you can do at the ad level to guarantee ad performance. 

Easily create TikTok ads with Creative Studio

One insight for you is that a video on TikTok has only 5 to 10 seconds to attract the audience and make them click on your destination page. Creating ad creative in NestAds hasn’t been such easy, 100% for sure!

With only a few clicks, you can easily enter ad text, CTA and add your destination page to your video. By choosing the page you want, NestAds will automatically insert the link accordingly in seconds.  

nestads creative studio 1

After all, the main objective you aim to achieve is to increase sales revenue, right? So what can be more helpful than a badge that highlights special offers and encourages viewers to take action? With Creative Studio in NestAds, you can select your sales badge from 30 eye-catching templates and add it to your TikTok video with ease. 

nestads creative studio 2

Insert the destination page in one click

Instead of copying and pasting your page, the only thing you need to do is choose between homepage or product page. Then NestAds will automatically insert your desired page in a few seconds. 

destination page

Especially, with the product page, you can also select between different pages right inside NestAds. All in one simple dashboard! 

select products

Key metrics for business success  

The party doesn’t stop when you finish setting TikTok ads. In fact, this is where begins. To really take your ads to the next level and grow your business with TikTok ads, you need to be monitoring the results – all the time. With NestAds 1.2, we try to make this as easy as possible for you. 

Analyze Ads group performance with clear analytics

Using NestAds 1.2, you will get free access to all the data recorded in each ad group created. We offer all the users a 360-degree view of general and detailed statistics that really matter to your business. 

All data of ad groups including engagement, budget & sales, total cost, and revenue data are easily put into tables and charts, to better help you visualize your results and spot actionable insights. 

ad group analytics

To simplify your ad improvement process, we also gather all the important information about your audience based on age, gender, location and interest. Do you want to see the data about ad impressions, clicks, conversions, conversion rate and click-through rate? NestAds has all one screen. 

Straightforward analytics from NestAds enable you to identify opportunities for improvement, even with the campaigns that are actively running. 

Optimize TikTok Ads campaign with Business Intelligence

It’s really difficult to achieve the best goals when relying on guesswork. At NestAds 1.2, we aim to simplify all your tasks with smart business analytics. And the secret is that we provide not only data about your ad campaign, let’s see what we have in Business Intelligence!  

E-commerce business statistics

If you want to run ads effectively, choosing the right product with a deep look at your business really matters. In this E-commerce section, we provide you with all the store analytics. You may wonder how this data can link to your TikTok Ads strategy, right?

nestads business statistics

From our analytics dashboard, you can discover immediately your best-selling and trending products. Otherwise, NestAds allows you to find your sales by country which is really necessary if you aim to grow your business globally. 

With this incredibly useful insight, you can choose the right product to run ads on TikTok. It will be more effective to promote the products that your audience shows the most interest in. 

TikTok Ads audience analytics

In NestAds 1.2 version, we provide aggregated information about audiences of your TikTok ads, based on ads group level information. You can monitor your TikTok ads group performance all the time by audience dimensions including age, gender, location and interest with insightful TikTok ads audience analytics. This useful information may help you optimize your TikTok ads, maximize the results and find new ways to scale. 

nestads audience analytics

Affordable pricing plans with NestAds 1.2

Apart from these exclusive features built for E-commerce, NestAds 1.2 also has its new pricing plans, including Free, Growth and Pro. Each paid plan will have 7 days trial, in this way you will have enough time to explore all the advanced features for free before making your decision.

nestads pricing plan

Let’s create winning TikTok Ads in no time with NestAds 1.2

NestAds 1.2 is now ready to make your highest-performing ads ever! With all the new features, NestAds will definitely not make you disappointed! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected]. We hope that you will have a great experience with NestAds and please stay tuned for any upcoming updates in the future!


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