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How to Wow Your eCommerce Customers – Best Practices for 2022

How to wow your eCommerce customers

In the competitive eCommerce world, there are now many brands selling the same products with the same design and quality. As customers have a lot of options to choose from, they are more and more demanding than ever before. 

A satisfactory experience may not be enough to make your brand outstanding from other competitors. Customers need a strong trigger like a WOW moment that makes them astonished and leave a lasting impression in their minds. 

So in this article, we will go over 6 ways to wow your eCommerce customers at ease. Let’s get started right now. 

What is a wow customer experience? 

Wow customer experience refers to exceeding customer expectations and giving them a pleasant surprise. A wow moment occurs when you address customer needs in a way more than they expected and leave a good impression on their minds. Going the extra mile when customers least expect it makes them impressed, appreciated, and more engaged with your brand. 

Wow customer experience

Why wow your customers?

Drive more loyal customers

It is reported that 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer experience. 

When you create a wow moment for customers, they are typically very surprised and delighted with it. This makes your brand stand out from other competitors and gives your customers a reason to come back for the same pleasant experience. 

Drive more loyal customers

Let’s take Zappos customer service as an example. Zappos is famous for being the pioneer of wow service. It delivers a wow experience on every phone call with customers which leads to 75% of repeat business. 

Turn customers into your ambassadors

According to ReferralCandy, more than half of buyers share their thoughts on new products and services with others. It means that if you make your customers say wow, they are pleased with the experience and are more likely to tell their friends and family about that. 

A wow moment can easily convert a customer into a loyal customer and even an advocate who will spread free word of mouth marketing for your brand. As such, you can reach out to more potential customers and save a significant amount of advertising expenses. 

Increase your employee’s morale and make a better work environment 

Because wow experiences make customers happy, your employees will be less likely to deal with complaints or angry customers. Customers also tend to express their satisfaction with kind words and compliments for the staff with whom they interact. Hence, this motivates your employees to work better.

Make a better work environment 

Furthermore, when your employees see how much effort your company is willing to put in for customers, they become even more invested in the company’s values. This assists you in creating a work culture that makes employees proud of their work.

6 ways to wow your eCommerce customers 

Deliver personalized customer experience

When it comes to wowing customers, you should not overlook the importance of making personal, emotional connections with them. It can be providing customers with tailored support and a personal approach that makes them feel safe, connected, and close.

Starting by taking the time to get to know your customers, you build rapport and trust. You learn about their interests and what they care about to custom design their experience to wow them.

Having information about your customers and their journey enables you to be more proactive with your sales and support outreach. When you reach out before the customer even realizes they need help, it can make a wow moment that impresses your customers. 

Deliver personalized customer experience

Offering a personalized customer experience is not as difficult as you thought. Using a customer service software like NestDesk, you can easily view customer profiles, previous conversations, order history, and much more in one chat dashboard. As such, it becomes easier to address customers by their name (no need to ask them to repeat themselves), and give tailored suggestions and advice based on their preferences. 

NestDesk customer service tool

Approach when customers least expect it

Surprise elements are critical to delivering a WOW experience for your customers. Your customers are more likely to be surprised when receiving something they least expect. 

For example, you can show customers that you really care about their experience by sending them a CSAT survey. From this survey, you get valuable feedback about how satisfied customers are with your product or service, which can then be incorporated into further improvements to your brand. 

As most customers have little idea of how often they engage with a business, instead of keeping that to yourself, share it with them in a way they appreciate! 

You can foster customer relationships with your brand by marking the moments that matter to them. If customers reach a certain number of purchases with your brand, share that information and delight them with something to mark that moment. Or simply send customers lovely wishes and a discount code on their birthdays. 

Do what you said 

The WOW experience is commonly assumed to be the result of a surprising moment that the customer does not anticipate or imagine. It comes first, however, when you keep your word.

When you make a promise to a customer, make sure you can keep it. It’s not just about under-promising and over-delivering when it comes to keeping your word. It is about ensuring that everyone in your business understands your promises and is committed to keeping them.

Setting appropriate and clear expectations is the first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations. Your customer should understand what they will receive, when they will receive it, and what action they must take. For example, if your support agents tell customers they will be back in 5 minutes, make sure they follow through.

Offer a discount/ coupon or a small gift 

WOW experiences can come in the form of a free gift or courtesy. As everyone loves to feel like they’re getting more than what they pay, you can surprise them with extra gifts.

Offer a discount, coupon

One of the best ways to impress customers is to include a small product for free with the order. Besides, you can include the coupon code in marketing emails to customers. Simply ask your customer to forward it to any friends or family members who would benefit from the discount. These things are inexpensive for a business but go a long way with customers.

Show your gratitude

There are many ways that you can surprise customers with your gratitude and kindness.

For example, in every order package, you can stick a personalized note with tips on how customers can get the most value from the product. 

Plus, you should thank the customers as often as you can. It can be at the start of emails, in the end of a customer service conversation or when replying to a positive customer review. From the customer’s perspective, they may not expect you to do that but your sincere gratitude leaves a lasting impression on their minds. 

Train your employees

Your business can not be successful with one or a few wow customer experiences. It’s necessary to maintain WOW experiences in your organization by empowering your employees. 

A wow moment is usually triggered by an uncommon and unprecedented event or circumstance. So just hand over control of the case to your agents. They should have the authority to make decisions about refunds and policy, as well as the ability to occasionally bend or break the rules.

Train your employees

Not every situation will go as planned. You’ll come into scenarios where your team simply cannot find the correct solution. Rather than making the customer wait until your employees can get permission, allow them to handle the problem right away in the way they believe is best.

Start wowing your customer right away! 

WOW experiences make your customers delighted and feel more connected which will increase their engagement and loyalty. Moreover, when you wow, you not only have earned a customer for life, but also won an advocate for your brand who will share their experience with passion. 

Want to WOW your customers with an excellent customer service experience? Try NestDesk to deliver personalized support and drive more sales from every customer interaction. 


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