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Best Easter Email Examples, Subject Lines & Signature to Try Out

Easter email examples

Easter offers a unique opportunity for e-commerce brands to connect with their audience through creative and engaging ideas. In the last post, we’ve guided you through all the marketing ideas you can use for your Easter promotion plan. In this blog, let’s be more specific. We’ll guide you through proven strategies and inspiring Easter email examples to help you craft a campaign that delights your customers, boosts engagement, and drives sales.

rom compelling subject lines to personalized content and tracking success, we’ve got you covered with actionable tips to make your Easter emails stand out.

Craft an appealing mail subject lines

Kickstart your Easter email campaign with a bang by crafting irresistible subject lines that instantly grab your audience’s attention. The right subject line can make the difference between an opened email and one that’s overlooked. To help you stand out in a crowded inbox, here are some successful email subject lines to inspire you:

  1. Hop Into Easter Savings: Exclusive Deals Inside!
  2. Egg-citing Offers Just for You This Easter!
  3. Crack Open Your Easter Treat: Special Discounts Await!
  4. Don’t Miss Our Egg-straordinary Easter Sale!
  5. Find Your Easter Surprises Inside!
  6. Hoppy Easter Deals: Save Big Now!
  7. Get Ready to Fill Your Basket with Easter Deals!
  8. Easter Exclusives: Peek Inside for a Special Surprise!
  9. Bunny Bonanza: Hop to It and Save Big!
  10. Easter Treats Await: Unwrap Your Exclusive Offer!
  11. Make Your Easter Egg-stra Special with Our Deals!
  12. Easter Countdown: Daily Deals You Can’t Resist!

Each of these subject lines is designed to spark curiosity and encourage your subscribers to open your emails, setting the stage for a successful Easter campaign.

Get inspired with 7 best Easter email examples

Now, let’s move on to the most exciting part: creating your email. We’ll guide you through 7 outstanding Easter email examples to inspire your campaign. Plus, we’ll share valuable insights you can apply to enhance your efforts:

Rifle Paper: Reach customers with a warm greeting

Subject line: Eggcelent Greetings & Gifts for Easter

When the season arrives, don’t forget to send your customers a warm greeting. We recommend including a small deal in your email as a pleasant way to kick off the season.

Take inspiration from Rifle Paper’s email, which is an elegant example of an Easter campaign. It offers a 10% discount on Easter items – a great way to capture customers’ attention from the start. Also, it encourages customers to Shop Easter with a clear CTA and even incorporates a playful “eggcelent” pun.

Rifle paper easter email example

What to learn from: 

  • Showcase your deals front and center
  • Don’t forget to add Easter elements to your email
  • Send your greeting early to your customers

Too Faced: Emerge in Easter vibe through egg hunt email

Subject line: Easter Is Here! 🐰

Seasonal discounts and time-sensitive promotions are common strategies in e-commerce throughout the year. However, there’s a fun, unique approach that’s particularly fitting for Easter – hosting a virtual egg hunt.

You don’t need to host a complex virtual egg hunt game within your email. Instead, consider a straightforward approach where certain products are discounted and presented as part of an Easter-themed game. Take a look at how Too Faced implements an egg hunt, encouraging subscribers to join in through their email campaigns.

Too faced email example

What to learn from: 

  • Leverage the Easter season to promote fun activities like a virtual egg hunt.
  • Use this tactic to offer discounts, making it an engaging way for customers to discover deals.

Forever 21: Interactive email template

Subject line: An Egg-stra Special Sale 🐣

You can enhance your emails with charming graphic designs, such as GIFs or interactive elements. These additions can pleasantly surprise your customers once they open the email, piquing their curiosity to learn more about your deals.

Forever 21 did a great job with its endearing Easter-themed design that remains true to the brand’s image. Their approach is straightforward – a catchy headline, the discount prominently displayed, and a clear call-to-action (CTA) positioned centrally. Despite its simplicity, this strategy is effective because it contains all the essential information needed to grab the customer’s attention.

Forever 21 email example

What to learn from?

  • Crafting simple yet interactive email designs can be highly engaging.
  • Use your email to highlight only the most crucial information, ensuring that key messages capture the customer’s attention.

Overall, Forever 21’s approach serves as an excellent example of an Easter email template that other brands can draw inspiration from.

Boden: Make your sales front and center

Subject Line: Go straight to size (and basket): Up to 40% OFF sale

During every holiday season, what catches your subscribers’ attention are the fantastic deals your store presents. This Easter, it’s essential to include one or two sales emails in your campaign to encourage customers to engage with your content.

Take inspiration from how Boden approaches this. They offer impressive discounts of up to 40%, sure to entice customers to take a closer look. They also did a great job in capturing the Easter spirit, decorating their emails with Easter egg designs, and crafting an appealing subject line. Lastly, the brand displays all of its product range, making the most of the brief moments subscribers spend viewing their emails.

Boden email example

What to learn from?

  • Highlight your sales prominently.
  • The subject line is crucial; draw customers in by leading with your discounts.
  • Present your product options clearly but avoid overloading information.

Lenox: Cute Easter bundles can never go wrong

Subject line: Fill Your Easter Basket

When you view Lenox’s Easter email, the festive spirit is immediately noticeable. Unlike other brands that prioritize deals, Lenox captivates with its charming design and presentation of limited Easter edition products, enticing you to browse through their offerings. They effectively spotlight each Easter item, encouraging customers to spend more time on the email and making it tempting to click on a product.

If you’re featuring Easter-themed products, consider emulating Lenox’s approach to grab your audience’s attention with your email.

Lenox email example

What to learn from:

  • Clearly showcase your Easter products to draw in your audience.
  • Employ cute and engaging graphic designs that embody the Easter theme to boost interaction.

Topman: Cute competition right within your email

Subject line: Looking for Easter egg hunters 

This Easter, elevate your marketing strategy by incorporating gamification into your website and let your customers know about it. Adding a gamification element to your emails can bring a fresh and engaging twist to your holiday marketing. Let’s face it – everyone loves to have fun during the holidays!

Take a cue from Topman and their engaging competition email. Their email headlines spark customers’ competitive spirit, enticing them to participate in the game. And the prize – a discount on their products – is a crucial part of the allure. Take a look at Topman’s Easter newsletter; it’s hard to resist the temptation to join their egg hunt.

Topman email example

What to learn from:

  • Integrate gamification elements into your promotional emails to make your deals more engaging.
  • Demonstrate that you understand what excites your audience.
  • Distinguish your campaign with unique and unconventional Easter-themed designs.

Hotel Chocolat: Showcase your products

Subject line: Don’t be a bunny, hop on these Easter discounts! 

To increase the likelihood of customers visiting your store, consider showcasing your products directly in your email. This immediately informs customers about the products you’re offering, and if they’re interested, they might click the shopping button right away. Showcasing products is also an effective strategy for your abandoned cart emails — you can tailor these emails based on the products that customers have left in their carts.

Take a look at the Easter email example from Hotel Chocolat. Their Easter egg range is presented in a way that’s very appealing, likely enticing visitors to their website. This email template excellently demonstrates how to nurture visitors into becoming customers.

Hotel chocolat email example

What to learn from: 

  • Showcase your product smartly – Consider displaying your best-seller product first
  • Make your CTA clear and concise
  • Don’t forget to let your customers know your deals

Capture the final impression with a happy Easter email signature

Don’t forget to spruce up your email signature for Easter! You don’t need to overhaul it completely; just inject a bit of Easter spirit. Consider tweaking the colors or incorporating some Easter-themed images or icons. A popular tactic many businesses use is adding an email banner right below their current signature. This approach cleverly infuses an Easter touch without the need to alter the existing signature layout you’ve already set. 

Easter email signature

Bonus: Tips to create a successful Easter email marketing campaign

We’ve just shown you some standout Easter email subjects, examples, and tips for creating an attention-grabbing email signature. Now, it’s your turn to enhance your campaign and maximize your holiday sales.

Before you start, ensure you have solid strategies and plans in place. These will help your email reach more customers and provide a great experience as they browse through it. To get you ready for your email marketing campaign, let’s go over some basic tips. These will help you prepare effectively for the holiday season:

Start your email campaign early

To ensure the success of your Easter email marketing campaign, it’s essential to start the planning process several weeks in advance. This early start gives you sufficient time to connect with your audience early, giving you an edge over competitors and ensuring your messages stand out before the flood of Easter promotions begins. For best results, we recommend you start your campaign at least 1 – 1.5 weeks before Easter.

Easter email campaign

Moreover, the period leading up to Easter is the perfect opportunity to build anticipation among your audience. You can spark excitement and curiosity through a sequence of emails that gradually reveal the special offers or exclusive content you have in store for the holiday. This strategy not only engages your audience but also creates a buzz around your campaign, encouraging recipients to look forward to your next message.

Personalize your email copy to your customers

Personalization is crucial for successful Easter email campaigns. Segment your audience using customer data to tailor messages that resonate with different groups. For example, use abandoned shopping cart data to send personalized reminders to customers. Customize these emails by displaying the abandoned products, which can increase the likelihood of customers returning to your store.

Moreover, adding a personal touch, such as addressing recipients by their first name, transforms your email from a generic message to one that feels individualized and thoughtful. This approach helps in making your emails stand out, fostering a connection that goes beyond a simple buyer-seller relationship.

Constantly track your email campaign performance

Monitoring performance metrics is vital for understanding the effectiveness of your Easter email campaign. Pay close attention to open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and other relevant metrics to gauge how well your campaign is connecting with your audience.

Don’t hesitate to iterate and improve your campaign based on the data collected. If certain aspects of your email aren’t performing as well as anticipated, be ready to adjust your strategy. Continuous optimization is crucial for achieving the best results from your email marketing efforts.

Explore NestSend, our comprehensive marketing automation tool designed to support you in creating and monitoring your email campaigns from start to finish. With NestSend, you can quickly design stunning emails using a variety of templates, set up automation rules for hassle-free email sending, and get a clear overview of your campaign’s performance. It’s user-friendly, convenient, and even better, you can try it out for free!

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