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Best Easter Marketing Ideas to Elevate Your Profits

Easter marketing ideas

Easter presents a golden opportunity for businesses to tap into the joyous spirit of the season and boost their profits. With a little creativity and strategic planning, you can elevate your marketing efforts to ensure a successful Easter campaign. In this post, let’s explore 8 exceptional Easter marketing ideas that will help you crack the code to higher profits this holiday season.

What do numbers say about Easter?

Easter presents a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce stores to boost their sales and revenue in the first quarter of the year. According to Internet Retailing, there’s usually a 10% increase in online e-commerce sales during the Easter period in the UK. Additionally, Denmark saw a significant rise in 2017, with Easter sales reaching DKK 1.78 billion. Sweden also enjoyed a notable boost, with consumables sales increasing by around SEK 2 billion during the Easter season.

Considering these trends, e-commerce stores must prepare themselves to capitalize on the surge in customer traffic and distinguish themselves from competitors.

Easter statistic

8 Easter marketing ideas for your business 

Recognizing the importance of Easter in boosting e-commerce sales, here are 10 promotion ideas for your business. Let’s examine and analyze the reasons for their effectiveness.

Infuse your brand with an Easter vibe

It’s Easter time, and you want your brand to join in the fun, so your customers can share in the excitement too. Using an egg hunt motif, which is popular during the Easter season, is a great way to gently remind your customers that Easter is coming.

Here are some ways you can refresh your brand’s image for Easter:

  • Homepage and landing page updates: Give your website’s homepage or landing pages an Easter makeover. Add playful egg graphics, adopt pastel color schemes, or incorporate an interactive egg hunt feature to engage your visitors.
  • Social media visuals: Spruce up your social media profiles and content with Easter-themed visuals. Festive cover photos, themed posts, or stories can all help generate excitement and build anticipation for your Easter sales event.
  • Event alerts: Utilize the Easter theme to alert your customers about upcoming sales or events. Using Easter graphics and messages in your communications is a fun and effective way to keep your audience informed about what’s coming up.
Easter vibe

Broadcast seasonal sales

Exclusive deals are a signature of the holiday season, serving as a classic method to boost sales. Therefore, this is one of the Easter marketing ideas you cannot miss. The excitement and the fear of missing out they create encourage customers to take action. That’s why they’re a tried-and-true method for ramping up sales during this festive time. Consider some ways to maximize the opportunities: 

  • Easter-themed discounts: Provide special discounts on popular or seasonal items during Easter. You could add an interactive twist by hiding these discounts like Easter eggs on your website, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Exclusive offers for loyal customers: Reward your loyal customers with special Easter incentives or double points on their purchases to foster repeat business and loyalty.
  • Easter gifts with purchase: Include surprise gifts at checkout, such as coupon codes, which you can advertise on in-store banners or during the online checkout process.
  • Flash sales: Host flash sales over Easter, offering significant discounts for a very limited time. Use your social media platforms to promote these sales and draw in customers looking for quick deals.

Promote user-generated content 

User-generated content (UGC) is regarded as the most genuine form of content, especially when promoting on platforms like TikTok. You can create a specific hashtag encouraging individuals to share photos or videos of themselves using your product or engaging in activities related to it, such as crafting. This content can then be featured on your social media channels as Easter-themed posts. 

We suggest some ideas to carry out in this eve listed as:

  • Provide customer testimonials: Ask your customers for testimonials specifically related to your Easter products or services, and showcase them prominently. Genuine reviews can establish trust and sway potential customers toward making a purchase.
  • Encourage customers to participate in a poll vote: This seemingly simple action can be highly effective, as it only requires a click. Remember, customers may hesitate to engage if the process is complicated. Leverage this principle and make the event a success.
  • Host a contest: Don’t overlook this type of content if you want to boost interactions. Keep it straightforward, like asking customers to share their best Easter-themed photos or participate in an egg hunt with various patterns. Trust me, this timeless content will elevate your game as Easter approaches.

Design eye-catching pop-ups 

The purpose of pop-ups typically revolves around advertising. While most businesses grasp this concept, many struggle to execute it effectively. It’s crucial to remember that leveraging pop-ups involves interrupting the user experience to encourage interaction with your content. However, if not executed thoughtfully, it can become annoying for users.

One of the most effective ways to minimize this annoyance is by maintaining transparency between what customers see and what they receive. For instance, integrating vouchers or special deals within pop-ups can help mitigate customer frustration and enhance engagement.

Ensure to incorporate festive colors and Easter-themed elements to remind customers of an upcoming sale period. You can even design them to resemble colorful eggs, the Easter Bunny, or baskets, adding a playful and festive touch to your promotions. This visual serves as a gentle reminder of the impending opportunity for savings.

Launch your Easter email campaign 

An email campaign is an essential component of holiday marketing strategies that you shouldn’t overlook. To maximize conversion opportunities, it’s recommended to send out your emails at least 1-2 weeks before the event. Below are some effective tactics often used in successful email campaigns:

  • ​​Use easter-themed emails: Utilize an Easter email design theme with subtle elements that signify an Easter vibe. This can create a festive atmosphere and align with the holiday spirit, making your emails more appealing to your audience.
  • Design a personalized email: A personalized approach is more effective than a generic one, which is why email is widely used in marketing campaigns Easter is an excellent time for an email marketing campaign. You can make special offers, send special discounts to your best customers, or congratulate them and send your best wishes. 
  • Attach a file to your email: If you create a video greeting or a postcard, remember to attach it to your email. Research shows that including videos in emails can increase click-through rates by up to 300%. You can send various emails, including newsletters, offers, surveys, gifts or discounts, updates, news, and announcements. For maximum engagement from your audience, consider including a video greeting or a postcard in your emails. 
  • Abandoned cart reminder: Easter is an excellent opportunity to recover lost sales from abandoned carts. Don’t forget to send a series of reminder emails to your customers about the items they’ve left behind. Consider including a list of the abandoned products in the email, so customers can immediately see what they’re missing out on. Also, think about offering special deals to entice customers to return and complete their purchases.
Easter email marketing

Today, there are numerous tools to help you create, run, and track the effectiveness of your email campaigns. For instance, NestSend is a tool that utilizes targeted email campaigns, automated processes, and pop-up sign-up forms to enhance communication with consumers and boost sales. By leveraging the library of ready-to-use email templates and email automation designed for eCommerce, you can save time and concentrate on growing your business.

Create and distribute charming video greetings

Utilize the power of social media to promote your brand, as it’s proven to be one of the most effective methods for brand discovery, with 40% of online consumers using social platforms for this purpose. Tap into this potential by creating engaging and consumer-oriented video content, such as Easter greeting videos.


Easter gift idea ✨ These large Easter eggs are only $7, making them a great basket option! You can also add a bow which I will probably end up doing when the time comes 😍 Things I added in the egg basket are Coloring books, a craft, bathing suit, bubbles, playdoh eggs, Squishmallow and of course chocolates/candy! #amazonhome #walmartfinds #neutralhome #cozyhome #amazonfinds2024 #homedecor #fyp #organizedhome #easterdecor #easterbunny #easter2024


Craft a short animated video conveying your heartfelt wishes to effectively captivate and connect with your audience. If you’re uncertain about creating compelling videos, consider these quick tips to enhance the performance of your social media video greetings:

  • Keep it concise, aiming for no more than one minute.
  • Ensure your video includes a creative message along with a descriptive caption.
  • Boost visibility by incorporating relevant hashtags.
  • Build trust by maintaining honesty and authenticity with your audience.

Hold a giveaway 

Shoppers are more inclined to make a purchase when they perceive value in the offer, which is precisely the allure of giveaways. Plan engaging and interactive Easter giveaways on social media, showcasing unique prizes. Through creative giveaway ideas, you can amplify brand exposure, draw in fresh followers, and convey appreciation to your loyal customers in a lasting manner.

Elevate your product promotion strategy by curating an Easter basket filled with your top-selling items and presenting it as a giveaway prize. This straightforward yet potent approach is engaging and effective for your audience. Furthermore, after announcing the winner, you can further promote these giveaway products by launching a flash sale. This ensures that even those who did not win the giveaway still have the opportunity to purchase the products at a discounted price.

Hold a giveaway

Create exclusive product bundles for Easter

Offering Easter bundles is a practical promotional idea. Adding a limited edition aspect to them enhances their appeal to your audience, particularly to bargain hunters. While bundles attract those seeking deals, it’s common to provide a small discount without compromising profitability.

You have control over how the limited edition applies to your business. You might limit the number of available bundles, using a first-come, first-served approach to drive sales. Alternatively, you could restrict the availability of bundles to a specific date range.

Use bundle

Interested in offering product bundles on your storefront? Explore NestScale Bundles, a convenient solution for setting up bundles quickly and effortlessly. With NestScale Bundles, you can easily add products, customize your bundles, and monitor performance without any hassle. It’s a simple and time-saving tool that eliminates technical headaches. Plus, for a limited time, it’s free! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your sales strategy. Give it a try today and experience its effectiveness firsthand.

Tips to build a winning Easter marketing plan 

Understand ways to implement some effective marketing strategies for winning Easter sales, now we will provide you with some tips to maximize the power of your Easter marketing ideas. Let’s explore how you can even further boost your customers’ interest toward your brand and ways to boost your profit:

Emphasize the urgency of your Easter selling baskets 

Give your customers a compelling reason to shop at your store by offering exclusive, limited-edition products unavailable elsewhere. Understand the principle that something great can become even more desirable when it’s only available for a short time, creating a sense of urgency among customers.

By instilling a sense of urgency during the shopping experience, you increase the likelihood that consumers will make a purchase. As reported, online sales featuring a countdown timer have been shown to convert 9% better than the same product without a timer. Here are ways for you to consider:

  • Highlight special deals or discounts that are only available for a limited time. This can significantly increase the urgency for customers to purchase before the offer ends. 
  • Create a countdown timer on your website or landing page to alert customers that great deals are available for a limited time only.
  • Send emails to remind customers about expiring deals and the limited-time offers available. 
emphasize the urgency

Start your marketing plan early

There are often 3 ways to start an Easter sale, namely below:

  • Traditional start: Sales usually commence a week or two before Easter Sunday, allowing businesses to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.
  • Early bird approach: Retailers can opt for an earlier start, beginning sales in late March to target customers planning for Easter festivities.
  • Post-Easter sales: Consider running clearance sales on leftover Easter items after the holiday to move inventory and attract bargain hunters.

You can choose one among those 3 options, but we suggest you start your sales season early, which is around 1-2 weeks before Easter day. This ensures that you can fully capture the sales potential of this season and maximize your sales and benefits.

Boost your effort with a data-driven advertising plan

All the Easter marketing ideas mentioned will yield better results when paired with a strategic advertising plan for your content. Leveraging advertising can significantly extend your reach to potential customers. However, a data-driven and well-thought-out advertising strategy can further enhance your chances of achieving a higher conversion rate, thereby increasing your profits. It’s an investment, but it can be highly effective when executed correctly.

Sounds risky, doesn’t it? But now, you can get it right without wasting resources on testing and trial and error. Take a look at NestAds – our multichannel ad tracking and attribution software designed for e-commerce. With NestAds, you can gain insights into your advertising strategies. NestAds collects data from multiple sources and presents it in a clear, concise dashboard. Additionally, you can see how customers interact with your ads using the Customer Journey and Ads Creative Report features. These features are invaluable for identifying content that resonates with customers, helping you optimize your budget and boost your profit margins.



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