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Duplicate Google Ads Campaign: How to Do It & Best Practices

duplicate google ads campaign

Greetings to all curious minds! One of the frequently asked questions among campaign runners is about duplicating Google Ads campaigns and the process involved. Are you curious about this too? If so, this blog is specifically crafted to guide you through the step-by-step process of duplicating your campaigns. Are you excited to get started? Let’s dive in without delay!

What is duplicating Google Ads

Basically, duplicating campaign in Google Ads means that you’re making a copy of an existing campaign within your Google Ads account. This process involves replicating all the original campaign’s settings, components, and configurations to create a replica. Following duplication, the new campaign obtains its unique identification, yet initially, it preserves all the settings and components present in the original campaign. These include:

  • Campaign settings: Such as budget, targeting preferences, network selection, and scheduling.
  • Ad groups: Retaining the structure, keywords, and negative keywords, among other elements.
  • Ads: Maintaining the content, imagery, landing pages, call-to-action elements, and other specifics.
  • Extensions: Preserving site links, call extensions, structured snippets, and similar features.
  • Conversions: Conserving tracking settings and goals set for the campaign.

Why should you duplicate Google Ads campaign?

Duplicating your Google Ads campaign offers significant benefits in terms of time spent creating ads and the performance results you can achieve. So, let’s explore some immediate advantages you’ll experience when attempting to duplicate campaigns:

  • Save your time: When one campaign is already successful, duplicating it may save you a lot of time. With some operations, you’ve finished your work. It sounds easier than setting each element of the campaign, right? 
  • Maintain consistency: Duplicate an ad to ensure your campaign message, format, and so on go in flow. Not only does it improve your brand awareness but it also leaves a better memorable impact on your customer.
  • Accelerate expansion: With a thriving campaign in hand, aiming to prolong its impact? If so, consider utilizing campaign duplication. It’s a strategic way to amplify your campaign’s reach, extending its influence across a wider audience. This swift and expansive approach optimizes your ROI by leveraging established tactics to their fullest potential.
Why should you duplicate Google Ads campaign?

What type of ad campaigns should be duplicated?

Now that you understand the reasons to try duplicating your ad campaigns to optimize performance, it’s essential to consider various aspects before deciding which ad to duplicate. Duplicating a campaign means leveraging the success from a previous ad, so it’s wise to choose only those with consistently good results or previously high performance.

The decision to select a specific campaign for duplication and optimizing the content should align with your advertising goals. However, here are our suggested types of ad campaigns that you might consider duplicating if they align with your objectives:

What type of ad campaigns should be duplicated

How to duplicate in Google Ads?

Now, it’s time to get everything into practice. In this section, we’ll guide you through the steps you need to take to duplicate your advertising campaign. Basically, when you want to duplicate a Google Ads campaign, you can either choose to duplicate a whole campaign, or just select a targeting aspect like audience or keyword to duplicate. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into it:

How to duplicate a Google ad campaign, ad group, or an ad.

Step 1: Open Google Ad and choose Campaigns, Ad groups, or Ads

step 1 to duplicate gg ad

Step 2: Select the campaign, ad group, or ad that you want to duplicate

step 2 duplicate campaign

Step 3: From the Edit, scroll down to Copy

step 3 to duplicate gg ad

Step 4: Tick Pause new campaigns after pasting for not running copied ad immediately, then press Paste

step 4 to duplicate gg ad

How to duplicate targeting condition of your Google Ads campaign

Step 1: In your Google Ads account, choose Campaigns, then click on Audience, keywords and content. Here, you can either choose Audiences or Search keywords to start duplicating.

Step 1 duplicate elements

Step 2: Tick the checkbox of the audience or keywords that you want to duplicate

tick on checkbox

Step 4: Click on the Edit dropdown box. Then, choose Copy

copy your element

Step 5: Choose the Edit dropdown box again to Paste, or use the shortcut to copy. After that, click on the ad or ad group that you want to paste it in.

Step 6: Decide whether to include the current bids and final URLs along with the duplicated keywords. Mark the checkbox labeled Pause new keywords after pasting if you prefer not to activate your duplicated keywords immediately. Select the Paste option. And now, you’ve done all the steps to duplicate your elements in Google Ads campaign.

select paste

Tips to duplicate your Google Ads campaign

While duplicating your Google Ads can be beneficial, avoid falling into the trap of “blind duplication.” Simply copying everything from one campaign to another without considering relevant aspects may result in lackluster outcomes. Ensure a comprehensive assessment of your campaign, particularly focusing on these key elements before proceeding with ad duplication:

  • Understand the core reason for your previous success: Just because a campaign achieves fruitful results in one context doesn’t guarantee success in another. Analyze the underlying factors contributing to its performance. Was it the seasonal timing? The perfect keyword match? Or a groundbreaking ad copy innovation? Identifying these success drivers is critical for determining whether the campaign is truly replicable and in what form.
  • Learn your audience: When duplicating a campaign for a new audience, make sure you’ve researched meticulously. Do you find their unique needs, desires, and pain points? These things can help you to set up your campaign effectively, and direct towards your aiming customers. 
  • Track your performance regularly: Replicating a campaign marks just the beginning. Consistently track its performance, scrutinizing key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and ROI. Assess metrics with your new campaign and the original one to have a comprehensive look and be ready to make a change with any elements. This might involve tweaking ad copy, revisiting your keyword strategy, refining your target audience parameters or even choosing another ad type. Remember, agility is key to maximizing the ROI of your replicated campaigns.

Leverage your Google Ads now!

The true strength of replicating Google Ads campaigns doesn’t simply lie in blindly copying strategies but in strategic adaptation and optimization. Through a meticulous analysis of the context behind success, implementing precise adjustments, and consistently monitoring performance, you can efficiently utilize past successes to propel new achievements and elevate your advertising efforts to unprecedented levels. When deciding to duplicate a campaign, it’s essential to track the ad performance on many elements, and NestAds appears to help. With NestAds, any metrics will be reported to you to better estimate your ad success. Explore NestAds now to leverage your campaign!


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