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2024 Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Examples & Tips for Brands

valentine's day email marketing

Valentine’s Day is more than a season of romance. It’s a prime opportunity for businesses to deeply connect with their customers. A key aspect of forging this connection is accompanying customers throughout their shopping journey, from the initial spark of interest in your products to the final decision to make a purchase. But how can you effectively engage with your customers at every step of this process? Our answer is a well-crafted Valentine’s Day email marketing plan. This strategy can guide and influence your customers’ journey, turning interest into action and browsing into buying.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with a range of suggestions to make your email campaign stand out on this day of love. Get ready to explore innovative ideas for your email campaign, follow inspiring examples, and discover additional tips to enhance your email strategy. So, without further delay, let’s dive right in!

Start off with impressive Valentine’s Day email subject lines

Infusing your email subject lines with emotion is the key to captivating your customers during special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Instead of relying on generic phrases, let your subject lines express genuine feelings and connect with your subscribers on a personal level. Be playful, evoke joy, and spark curiosity to make your emails irresistible. By appealing to the heartstrings of your subscribers, you can increase the likelihood that they’ll open and engage with your messages.

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Convert customers with great Valentine’s Day email ideas

Creating a wonderful Valentine’s email marketing campaign involves a thoughtful and strategic approach to engage your audience and convey a message that resonates with the romantic and emotional spirit of the occasion. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you need to consider for a successful Valentine’s email marketing campaign

Pre-Valentine’s Day email marketing preparation

Before the love season, your email marketing strategy should focus on building anticipation, generating excitement, and encouraging early engagement. Let’s see our suggested approach for the weeks leading up to the love season.

Send Valentine’s greeting email

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not send out a heartfelt email greeting to let your customers know the love is in the air? Remind them that the special day is almost here and that you have an exciting campaign for them. It’s not just an announcement; it’s a friendly reminder that you’ve got something special in store. This keeps them in the loop and gives them that warm feeling of being connected. 

Check out this holiday email example from Philosophy; it’s a smart initial campaign reminding subscribers that Valentine’s Day is approaching, nudging them to start their shopping. The choice of words like “just around the corner,” “the countdown to V-Day,” or “shop is open” creates a sense of urgency, prompting readers to get ready.

Interestingly, Philosophy decides not to showcase products at this early stage. They understand that people might not be ready to make a purchase just yet, so they focus on building awareness instead. It’s a strategic move to plant the seed and prepare customers for the upcoming Valentine’s Day shopping spree.

Early bird offer 

Embark on the Valentine’s Day sale season with exclusive early bird discounts, leveraging the power of urgency to evoke emotions and drive purchases among customers. 

Take inspiration from Firebox, who sent out an enticing email featuring discounted products with a limited-time offer. The visuals and clear pricing after applying the discount code motivate customers to make timely purchases. Emphasizing the end of the early sale section creates a sense of urgency, resulting in impressive sales metrics for Firebox.

Early bird offer 

During Valentine’s Day email marketing suggestions 

When Valentine’s Day comes, consider integrating a variety of email types to cater to different audience preferences and engagement levels. Below are several types of emails to enhance your Valentine’s Day email marketing strategy

Send gift guide

A fantastic idea for your initial email in your Valentine’s Day campaign is to share a gift guide. Sending out a gift guide not only adds a touch of excitement but also helps your customers figure out what to get. Many folks struggle with deciding on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, so why not offer them some suggestions? In a pinch, your gift guide can be their go-to reference, nudging them to purchase from you.

Here are some suggestions to enhance the appeal and boost the click-through rate of your gift guide email:

  • Curate your Valentine’s Day gift guide with themed sections: Whether it’s Gifts for Him or Gifts for Her, organizing by theme makes it simpler for customers to explore.
  • Spotlight bestsellers or top picks to catch their attention: Featuring popular items can speed up decision-making, increasing the chances of them picking those beloved products.
  • Include a range of price points: By showcasing diverse price options, you cater to various budgets, making it easy for customers to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank. This way, you’re ensuring your Valentine’s Day gift guide suits everyone’s preferences and budgets.

Let’s take a look at how Snowe effectively provided a gift guide for their customers, resulting in an impressive number of sales during the Valentine’s season:

Send gift guide via email on Valentine's Day

Show your love and gratitude to your customer

Email serves as the backbone of digital marketing, and Valentine’s Day provides a perfect opportunity to strengthen your community and expand your audience.

Harness the power of email to attract more people by encouraging your subscribers to share your newsletter with others. Create marketing campaigns that inspire people to “share the love,” and observe how this can translate into new subscribers. Seize this moment to express gratitude towards your customers, allowing them to embrace a sense of closeness and connection.

A great example is TrendyEquine, which executed an email marketing campaign centered around “sharing the love.” This not only reflected the special relationship between TrendyEquine and its subscribers but also made it easy for readers to forward the email to their network, further amplifying the message and expanding the community.


Offer coupon

Boosting your Valentine’s Day sales through email marketing? Promotional emails are the way to go, and we’ve got three awesome ideas for you!

First up, try creating a special Valentine’s Day bundle and throw in a sweet discount! Think of items that both halves of a couple might enjoy together—anything from cute ‘his and hers’ towels to trendy sensual gifts that are catching everyone’s attention.

Now, here’s a tip: make sure your customers know about the shipping deadlines. Create some urgency in your Valentine’s Day email by playing on the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and emphasizing that time is running out with LAST CHANCE messages. You can even offer free express shipping as the deadline approaches to make it extra tempting! Don’t let them miss out on the perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

Offer coupon on Valentine's Day

When making a bundle for your campaign, you can try NestBundle to make this action easier. Check NestBundle for free now

Introduce Valentine’s product or edition 

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to let your customers in on something exceptional for them and their loved ones. How? Through a sneak peek in their email inbox! Introduce a Valentine’s Day seasonal edition or a limited version of your products. It’s like a secret love note for your customers, showing them that you’ve got their romantic celebrations covered.

Highlighting something unique triggers curiosity, making it even more exciting! The more special and exclusive your products feel, the better chance you have at driving up your store’s conversion rate. Don’t let this Valentine’s occasion slip by – leverage it to the max for the ultimate boost in sales metrics! Let’s see an example from DavidsTea to get more about this way

Introduce Valentine's product or edition 

Celebrate the single one on Valentine’s Day, too!

February 14 is traditionally about celebrating with a significant other, we don’t want to leave out those who aren’t in a relationship. Why not send out an email campaign that encourages your subscribers to indulge a bit and treat themselves?

Self-love is a big deal. People express self-love in various ways, and for some, buying themselves a little something for Valentine’s Day is the perfect pick-me-up on what can feel like an exclusive holiday.

Take a cue from Max&Co, who did an awesome job driving sales on Valentine’s Day! In their email campaign, they included a special message just for singles, inviting them to treat themselves. Messages like “Treat yourself” or “Fall in love with yourself” encourage readers to give themselves the perfect Valentine’s gift. Since single shoppers might overlook or quickly delete Valentine’s emails, make sure your subject line and header text are optimized to redefine Valentine’s Day for them. Let’s make sure everyone feels the love, whether they’re in a relationship or not!


Post-Valentine email marketing ideas

As the festive vibes of Valentine’s fade away, seize the opportunity to re-engage with your customers and boost your sales during the Valentine’s season. Take advantage of email reminders to recover abandoned carts and ensure you’re not missing out on any potential Valentine’s sales. This approach is an excellent way to carry on the holiday spirit and motivate customers to finalize their purchases during this romantic season.

Send reminder email

Amidst the Valentine’s Day rush, some customers might overlook your special offer. Therefore, ensure they don’t miss out on the holiday excitement by sending a reminder email to keep them in the loop. It’s a smart strategy to enhance sales by re-engaging this segment of your audience. After initially sharing the deal details, consider sending 1-2 reminders to make certain that your customers don’t unintentionally overlook your enticing Valentine’s Day offer. 

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, take a look at this example from Birchbox. Their email serves as a reminder to customers that time is running out to buy a gift, and they even throw in two last-minute gift ideas. This tactic aims to prompt potential customers to make a quick purchase. In Birchbox’s message, the urgency is highlighted with “Last chance,” but they balance it out with a reassuring “Still time,” creating an alert yet relaxed tone for their readers. It’s a clever way to encourage immediate action while keeping the customers at ease.


Make use of an abandoned cart

Abandoned cart emails are a potent tool. They are straightforward, and swift, and provide valuable statistics to elevate your email marketing game. With the urgency of Valentine’s Day, it’s essential to tailor your current abandoned cart email campaign or explore new strategies. A recommended strategy is to send a sequence of three Valentine’s Day emails for each abandoned cart instance. This sequential approach helps capture attention and encourages customers to complete their purchases during the time-sensitive Valentine’s Day period.

Using Dreamy as an example, they’ve executed an effective abandoned cart email strategy. Their approach is clear, and straightforward, and includes an image of the abandoned product. The simplicity of the design enhances its effectiveness, potentially increasing the chances of recovering sales. Furthermore, the inclusion of a coupon code sweetens the deal for the customer. This not only serves as an incentive for them to complete the purchase but also adds an extra layer of value.

Make use of an abandoned cart on Valentines

Tips for making your Valentine’s emails shine bright! 

We gave you some ideas for the Valentine’s Day email, let’s explore some useful tips to make you nail this sale occasion

Do A/B testing 

You cannot make sure your email will be one-stepped to customers’ hearts, can you? By that, testing carefully. You can send emails in which you change one or several elements (image, subject line, CTA button, etc.) and find out which one performs best. 

Use festive colors 

Infuse the essence of Valentine’s Day by incorporating romantic colors like pink and red, along with iconic Valentine’s signature images such as roses and gift boxes. This approach not only creates a Valentine’s atmosphere but also engages your customers and stirs up excitement. By weaving these Valentine’s signature elements into your marketing materials, you are not just selling products; you are inviting your customers into a uniquely Valentine’s Day experience, making the occasion more memorable and enjoyable for them.  

Looking to craft a visually stunning email that captures the essence of our showcased examples, but not sure where to begin? A smart starting point is to utilize pre-designed templates. These templates are a time-saver, offering a curated selection of elements and colors perfectly suited for your occasion. To make it even easier for you, we’ve compiled an array of charming, free templates that are ready for immediate use. Dive into our collection and start crafting an email that’s sure to delight and engage your customers!

Free template

Make your email interactive!

Add a dash of interactivity to your Valentine’s Day email to elevate engagement and captivate your audience. Incorporate clickable elements, quizzes, or polls that encourage recipients to actively participate. Consider including features like animated GIFs, interactive sliders, or personalized product recommendations based on their preferences. This not only enhances the overall user experience but also makes your Valentine’s email more memorable and enjoyable for your audience. By fostering interaction, you create a more dynamic and personalized connection with your customers during this special occasion.

charity water

Don’t forget your Valentine’s Day email signature

To avoid your emails being perceived as too spammy and to enhance reliability, consider personalizing them and adding your signature at the bottom. This small step can make a wonderful change in customer engagement. Give it a try! 

Automated email, why not?

The charm of email automation lies in its capability to deliver timely and relevant messages seamlessly. When it comes to a Valentine’s Day campaign, consider establishing automated workflows that unfold like a captivating story leading up to the special day. Automated emails not only save valuable time but also create a smooth and engaging experience for your audience, ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of their minds during the romantic season.

Take the load off your team by leveraging the wonders of email automation. And here’s the exciting part – NestSend has got your back for all the tasks we mentioned earlier. With this tool, you can effortlessly manage your entire Valentine’s Day email campaign. From crafting the perfect email template to conducting a test run and setting up the ideal schedule, you can handle it all directly from the NestSend dashboard. They even provide prebuilt workflows for acing cross-sell or cart recovery, and the best part? It’s all bundled up in one neat, free package!


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