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12 Best Facebook Ad Headline Examples & Lessons to Learn

facebook ad headline examples

Welcome to my blog! We all understand the significance of Facebook ad campaigns in fostering business growth. Yet, success in these campaigns demands consistent effort and dedication. Today, we start our journey by focusing on the smallest unit of a Facebook ad campaign – the Facebook ad headline. Join us as we explore the 12 best Facebook ad headline examples and uncover valuable lessons together.

What is a Facebook ad headline? 

A Facebook ad headline is a short text displayed below visual elements, with a maximum length of 40 characters. However, 25 characters are mostly recommended. You can view an example in the demonstration image below:

What is a Facebook ad headline? 

Facebook ad headlines are not meant to convey your entire story. Instead, their purpose is to capture visitors’ attention and entice them to click your ad for further information. A headline that is too long may lead to a loss of focus, resulting in missed opportunities for ad clicks.

Of the four main types of creative ads on Facebookimage ads, video ads, collection ads, and carousel ads. Among them, only carousel ads stand out as unique. Unlike the others, carousel ad headlines can be extended to 40 characters.

12 effective headline examples for Facebook Ads

Recognizing the significance of ad headlines, we’ll present you with 12 exceptional examples of how various businesses craft their headlines. Moreover, we will give you explanations for why they’ve achieved success. Hope you can get some Facebook ad headline ideas for your business. Let’s dive right in and get started!

Image ads 

Firstly, we’ll examine renowned brands like Brain Sensei, Inc., Thrive Causemetics, and Sunday Lawn Care. These industry leaders have mastered the art of crafting captivating headlines that resonate with their target audiences and drive engagement.

Brain Sensei, Inc. 

Image ad headline example from Brain Sensei, Inc. 

Brain Sensei, Inc. is your go-to online project management training partner, well-versed in the complexities of modern project management. They provide extensive online courses and resources tailored to arm you with the necessary skills and knowledge for effective project planning, execution, and delivery. Their advertising campaigns are strategically designed to highlight their latest offers and boost the conversion rates for their learning courses.

Opting for a straightforward headline, Brain Sensei ensures their deal is prominently displayed in the ad image. This focused approach in their ad creative has yielded impressive results for Brain Sensei, Inc., with a 382% increase in ROAS, a 31% rise in conversions, and a 31% boost in revenue.

What makes it successful?

  • Emphasis on action: Brain Sensei creates clear headlines, which are easy to read. This boosts customer understanding and conversion rates. By doing so, they encourage potential buyers to take the next step in their purchasing journey.
  • Alignment with CTA button: Their ad headline and CTA are closely aligned, ensuring consistency in messaging. This alignment boosts ad campaign effectiveness by streamlining the user experience and guiding customers to the desired action.
  • Emotional appeal: Brain Sensei employs the use of ellipsis to evoke emotions and curiosity in their audience. Hence, they entice customers to learn more about their offerings and engage with their ad content on a deeper level. This emotional connection can lead to stronger brand affinity and increased conversion rates.

Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand from the United States, offering a range of high-performance, ethical, and inclusive makeup products. Their Facebook Ad is specifically designed to promote a single product. Consequently, every element of the ad, including the creative, headline, and description, is centered on highlighting the strengths of that product.

What makes it successful?

  • Product focus: Thrive Causemetics reinforces what they are selling by repeating it in their headline. This repetition serves as a mental highlighter for customers, reinforcing the brand’s offerings and prompting further consideration of their products.
  • Highlighting product benefits: Recognizing the importance of emphasizing the main benefit of their mascara product, Thrive Causemetics places the key features of the mascara at the forefront of their headline. This strategic placement ensures that the most compelling aspect of the product immediately comes to customers. As a result, makes it easier for them to grasp the value proposition and drive sales.

Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday Lawn Care is a subscription service in the United States that makes lawn care easy for homeowners. They provide eco-friendly solutions customized to your location and climate, delivered right to your doorstep.

To appeal to their Facebook audience, they use a straightforward approach in their ads, featuring a before-and-after picture of their service, which effectively communicates the value of their offering. As a result, the ad headline complements the visual elements, enhancing the overall persuasiveness of the advertisement.

What makes it successful?

  • Emotional appeal: Their ad headline employs rhyming, creating a poetic feel that resonates with customers’ emotions. This creative approach enhances engagement by evoking a sense of connection and empathy with the audience. Thus, this action makes the ad more memorable and impactful.
  • Brand name reinforcement: The brand’s name, “Sunday,” features multiple times throughout the ad creative, particularly in the headline. By repetition, Sunday effectively reinforces brand awareness, ensuring that their name remains top-of-mind for customers and increasing recognition and recall.
  • Unique length: While many businesses opt for shorter headlines, Sunday distinguishes itself by choosing a longer, more expressive headline. Despite its unconventional length, the ad headline yields positive results. We can see it demonstrates the effectiveness of standing out from the crowd and making a memorable impression on the audience.

Video ads 

In the upcoming part, we will uncover the secrets of creating attention-grabbing Facebook video ad headlines by looking at examples from big companies like Supergoop, Hulu, and Netflix. We’ll learn valuable tips from these successful brands on how to make their Facebook ad headline ideas connect with people and get their interest.


Video ad headline example from Supergoop

Supergoop is renowned for its skincare products and sunscreens, including SPF-infused items. They launch a Facebook ad campaign to promote its latest sunscreen product. 

What makes it successful?

  • Conciseness: Supergoop crafts a succinct headline that effectively communicates the main message they want to convey. Despite its brevity, the headline manages to capture the essence of their new sunscreen product. Moreover, it ensures clarity and straightforwardness in their messaging.
  • Action-oriented: By maintaining conciseness, Supergoop’s headline encourages immediate action from customers. This emotional appeal prompts potential buyers to take decisive steps toward making a purchase. They also leverage the ad’s emotional touchpoints to drive conversions effectively.


Video ad headline example from Hulu

Hulu has carved a unique niche in the streaming landscape. Renowned for its extensive content library, spanning everything from classic sitcoms to the latest hit shows, it caters to a diverse audience with varying tastes and preferences.

What makes it successful?

  • Customer benefit highlighting: Hulu understands the power of incentivizing potential customers by offering a free trial upon sign-up. By emphasizing this benefit in their headline, they create a sense of value for viewers, enticing them to click on the Facebook ad and take advantage of the offer. 
  • Alignment with CTA button: Recognizing the importance of alignment between the headline and the CTA button, Hulu ensures that its headline seamlessly complements the CTA button placement in its Facebook ad. This strategic alignment enhances the user experience and increases the likelihood of conversions by streamlining the process for viewers to take action


Video ad headline example from Netflix

Netflix, renowned for its subscription streaming service offering a vast array of on-demand and live content, albeit with limited availability, has recently ventured into advertising on social media platforms like Facebook. One primary objective behind this endeavor could be to effectively showcase and market new content to its audience.

What makes it successful?

  • Curiosity building: Netflix employs a clever tactic by strategically using the word “Baki” in its ad headline, aiming to arouse curiosity and intrigue among viewers. By doing so, Netflix effectively encourages viewers to watch the ad to discover more about the mysterious “Baki,” thereby capturing their attention and driving engagement with the content.
  • Product focus: By prominently featuring the upcoming series “Baki” in the headline, Netflix effectively highlights the product they are promoting. By associating the series name directly with the ad headline, Netflix capitalizes on the natural tendency of customers to remember and recall familiar products, further enhancing the ad’s effectiveness in driving interest and viewership.

Collection ads

Collection ads function like a slideshow, showcasing products, and their features. The position of the collection ad headline is different from the two types of ads above. The headline typically appears at the top of the Facebook Collection Ad, directly above the collection of images or videos. Let’s examine how Shein, Ralph Christian Watches, and Russell Brunson craft their headline names to engage customers and prolong their interaction with their ads.


Adidas, a premier global brand renowned for its athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories, strategically leverages Facebook Collection Ads to promote its Z.N.E. Travel Hoodie. 

What makes it successful?

  • Product presentation: The primary focus of this Facebook ad campaign is to showcase the latest Adidas products, particularly the Z.N.E. Travel Hoodie. To ensure clarity and directness, Adidas opts for a short and concise headline that effectively communicates the product being advertised. 
  • Emphasis on shortness and conciseness: By keeping the headline short and to the point, Adidas effectively complements the visual elements of the ad while providing additional context about the featured product. This approach prevents overwhelming viewers with excessive information, allowing them to focus on the key highlights of the Z.N.E. Travel Hoodie and increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Tieks by Gavrieli 

Tieks by Gavrieli, a luxury footwear brand renowned for its women’s ballet flats, recently launched a Facebook collection ad campaign to showcase fan-favorite Tieks styles. 

What makes it successful?

  • Product focus: The headline of Tieks’ Facebook ad campaign is product-focused, clearly communicating the specific items that they’re advertising. By highlighting the Tieks styles featured in the ad, the headline enables users to quickly determine whether the content aligns with their preferences and interests. 
  • Utilization of user-generated content (UGC): Tieks by Gavrieli leverages UGC as a central component of their Facebook ad campaign. Incorporating authentic testimonials and imagery from satisfied customers, rather than relying solely on branded content, establishes credibility and fosters trust among potential customers. 


collection ad headline example from Zales

Zales, a renowned jewelry retailer, offers an extensive range of jewelry from various brands and designers. However, they recently embarked on a niche-focused ad campaign targeting Disney’s live-action engagement rings.

What makes it successful?

  • Highlight product feature: Zales effectively utilizes their ad headline to highlight a unique and compelling product feature, such as their Aladdin-inspired engagement rings. As a result, Zales captures the attention of their target audience and sets their products apart from competitors. 
  • Maintain conciseness and focus: Zales keeps their ad headline short and focused, ensuring that it grabs attention and delivers the intended message efficiently. Short headlines are easier to read and comprehend, particularly on platforms like Facebook where users scroll rapidly through their feeds. 

In the final section, we’ll explore how Shein, Ralph Christian Watches, and Russell Brunson set their carousel ad headlines apart from the rest, taking advantage of the extended character limit available for carousel ads.


carousel ad headline example from Shein

Shein’s strategic marketing approach, particularly through Facebook ads, has been pivotal in solidifying its position in the fast-fashion industry. By utilizing Facebook’s vast reach, precise targeting capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, Shein has successfully engaged its target audience, enhanced brand recognition, and propelled sales. 

What makes it successful?

  • Emphasis on shortness and conciseness: Shein employs succinct and to-the-point ad headlines in its Facebook advertising campaigns, ensuring that its marketing messages effectively come to Facebook users. Thus, this succinctness allows Shein to rapidly grab attention and efficiently deliver crucial information, thereby enhancing the probability of user interaction and conversion.
  • Highlighting customers’ benefits: Shein utilizes the carousel ad format to showcase multiple benefits that customers can enjoy by purchasing their products. Hence, this approach helps to create a sense of value and excitement among viewers, potentially boosting their enthusiasm to make a purchase. 

Ralph Christian Watches 

Ralph Christian Watches, a premium luxury watchmaker, excels in creating high-end timepieces at affordable prices, primarily targeting a male demographic. To introduce a new product, the company initiated a carousel Facebook ad campaign designed to seize the interest of prospective customers. In addition, this campaign leverages the power of visual storytelling and dynamic content to showcase the unique features of the product, aiming to generate awareness, engagement, and ultimately, drive conversions.

What makes it successful?

  • Repeating product name: Throughout the ad creatives, Ralph Christian Watches strategically repeats the name of the new product. By consistently featuring the product name across multiple ad slides, the company reinforces its presence in the minds of potential customers, making it more likely for them to remember and recognize the brand.
  • Emphasizing product features: To highlight the key features of their new product, Ralph Christian Watches places a strong focus on product information within the headline. By prominently showcasing the product’s features in the headline, the company aims to grab the attention of viewers and pique their interest in learning more about the offering. 

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels, is widely recognized as an entrepreneur who has authored numerous books aimed at assisting tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in effectively disseminating their message to the marketplace.

What makes it successful?

  • Qualifying their product: Russell Brunson’s ad headline includes product numbers, a strategy aimed at making the ad more relevant to users who are actively searching for that specific product. By including product numbers, the ad becomes more targeted and is likely to attract users with higher buying intent. 
  • Highlighting specific features: The inclusion of product numbers in the ad headline may correspond to specific features or variations of the product. By highlighting these features directly in the headline, Russell Brunson aims to capture the attention of users who are specifically interested in those particular variations or attributes of the product. 

Ready to level up your Facebook Ads?

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Facebook ad headlines that have driven success for various brands, it’s your turn to create a compelling headline that captures your audience’s attention. Remember, it’s crucial to monitor your ad performance closely, as different creative combinations can yield varied results.

This is where NestAds can be your valuable ally. NestAds is a powerful tool designed to track the customer journey and the performance of your creatives, providing detailed reports on ad effectiveness. Don’t let guesswork hold back your Facebook advertising campaigns. Give NestAds a try today and unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts on Facebook!



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