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Create unlimited professional-looking invoice in seconds with our Shopify Invoice Generator.

Are you looking for a free, simple, and automatic invoice generator that can help you create unlimited invoices without any charge required or setup experience? If this is exactly what you are waiting for, you have come to the right place! 
We, NestScale team, are super thrilled to introduce a free online Shopify invoice generator that automates all the creation steps and ensures a cost-effective and more accurate process. Create professional-looking invoices in an instant, things become even easier for your business!

What is a Shopify invoice generator? 

Shopify invoice generator by NestScale is a free tool that helps all merchants generate great-looking invoices and download PDF versions in an instant. We also give you great control to create unique invoices tailored to your brand’s voice and aesthetic.

How to use Shopify invoice generator by NestScale? (step-by-step)

Method 1: Use a Shopify theme finder

Use our free tool to effortlessly create and download professional invoices for your customers. It’s very simple, just follow these instructions, and you can quickly generate sales invoices.

  • Step 1: Upload your company logo to make customizable invoices
  • Step 2: Add invoice information with invoice code, type, date and currency
  • Step 3: Enter your company’s information, including the business name, email, address, city, state/province, country and zip code
  • Step 4: Complete your customer’s information, including the business name, email, address, city, state/province, country and zip code
  • Step 5: Add each line item with a description, price, quantity and amount. If you have more than one line item to include on your invoice, simply click “Add new item”
  • Step 6: Fill in all the price information, along with the subtotal, tax, discount, shipping, amount paid, and total price

Once you have completed all the above steps, click “Download now” to get your free invoice. Just come back anytime if you want to freely generate new invoices. 

8 Must-have elements for Shopify free invoice generator templates

Creating professional-looking invoices right out of the gate requires some essential elements. So what needs to be included? What does a Shopify invoice look like? Here is a handy checklist before generating your business invoices.

Invoice heading

Make sure your invoice reflects your brand identity with your own logo. It will make your invoice look even more professional and give your customers a sense of confidence when making payments.

Company name and contact information

You should clearly display your business information to make things easier for your customers in case they have questions.

Customer name and contact information

Apart from your business information, every invoice should include customer details (name, phone number, physical address).

Invoice number

Having a unique number for each invoice helps you differentiate between multiple customers or multiple invoices of the same customer. It’s a better way for your customers and your team to stay organized and avoid payment mistakes.

Invoice date

Similar to the invoice number, adding the invoice date is especially necessary to encourage your customers to complete payment within this period of time.

Line item

Each line item on a business invoice should display the products or services provided name, along with a description and of course the quantity and the price. Your customers definitely want to know how many goods they are going to pay for and the price applied to them. 

Subtotal and applicable taxes

Don’t forget to calculate the subtotal for every item added to your business invoice and any taxes or amount paid included.

Notes and payment terms

This is the last important element for your business invoice. You can add your payment terms or some additional notes for your customers or simply say thank you to your customers for supporting your brand. 

How does Shopify invoice generator make things easier for businesses?

Have you ever wondered how an online invoice generator can simplify your billing process? Here are some amazing benefits of using NestScale invoice generator for your brand!

Freely generate unlimited professional PDF invoices

We help you to create multiple invoices without any setup experience or any charge required. There is no cost to pay for generating new invoices or editing any invoices you have created.

Customization is also a key benefit that we bring to you! You can easily add your company information to present a professional image of your brand.

Another benefit you should notice is the ability to create PDF invoices. It’s really helpful in case you need to print invoices or give your customer a physical copy.

Save time and money with error-free

An online invoice maker is a great way to streamline your accounting processes and reduce the time you need to create and manage invoices. With our tool, you have chances to easily maintain invoice accuracy and efficiency. Human error such as misspellings or miscalculations is no longer a serious problem for every Shopify store. 

Make your business growth paperless

Using an online invoice generator is the greatest idea ever to go paperless. From creating and editing to sending your invoices electronically and in one place, this free tool from NestScale allows you to save money on paper and lower your business’s environmental impact.

Let us be your go-to free Shopify invoice maker! 

An online invoice generator makes your life easier when it comes to billing and collecting money with high efficiency. Accurately create professional invoices within minutes, so why wait any longer? Don’t hesitate to give our free online a try, from saving time and money to preventing any common accounting errors, you will get all the things!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is yes. You can generate and send a Shopify invoice as an e-commerce business. However, it will take time and the invoice process is probably complicated. That’s why we created a Shopify invoice generator to simplify your work and maintain the results. 

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